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7553tc-list UBS4 John 4:1

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  • Pete Williams
    Dec 1, 1999
      [excuse if this is a duplicate posting -- I had problems with a previous

      Is the lower case phi in Pharisees in UBS4 of John 4:1 a typo? It is
      capital in NA27 and UBS3. Have a number of new typos been introduced in
      the change from UBS3 to UBS4 (which is meant to have an unchanged text)? I
      have been concerned about the typographical accuracy of UBS4 (e.g. heading
      p. 156, and verse number on John 1:25). Can anyone tell me about the
      typographical process of the production of UBS4?

      Thanks in advance,

      Pete Williams

      Dr Pete Williams, Research Fellow *
      Tyndale House, Cambridge, CB3 9BA *
      emoi gar to zen Christos *
      kai to apothanein kerdos - Phil 1.21 *
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