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6683Re: tc-list Burgon on 1Tim 3:16

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  • U.B.Schmid
    Aug 3, 1999
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      Mr. Helge Evensen wrote:
      > Robert B. Waltz wrote:
      > >
      > > I'm not going to get into a long discussion here, but I have to add one
      > > comment:
      > >
      > > On 8/1/99, Mr. Helge Evensen wrote, in part:
      > >
      > > >Think of it! 98% of the Greek MSS!!! That *is* strong evidence!
      > >
      > > Think of it! 0% of manuscripts from before the fifth century!
      > > An amazing panoply of non-evidence.
      > OK, then, let's shift evidence and look at patristic and versional
      > evidence. :-)
      > Besides, Byz/TR *readings* are found in P66. In fact, almost all of the
      > Byz readings in that MS is *also* TR-readings! Think of it! :-)

      I would be greatful to see evidence not rhetorics, i.e. P66 has nothing to do
      with the Pastoral Epistles. Moreover, where is the specific patristic and/or
      versional evidence for 1 Tim 3,16 that you are invoking?

      > >
      > > Think of it! The Textus Receptus, from which the King James Version
      > > is translated, which contains readings not found in *any* Greek
      > > manuscript.
      > Yeah, think of that! And do not forget all of the ancient MSS which
      > scholars *trust* in, which contain multitudes of "singular" readings!
      > (Is my TC-memory failing me, or is "singular reading" an expression used
      > to indicate a reading not found in *any* (other) Greek
      > manuscript?) The TR is nothing more than a complete NT MSS in PRINTED
      > form!

      Scholars usually don't *trust* in "multitudes of 'singular' readings". Moreover,
      viewing the TR as just another NT Ms means:
      a) it certainly doesn't represent the majority of witnesses at every single
      place of variation;
      b) it contains errors as every single NT Ms I know of does;
      b) if "error free" is required, as people defending the TR sometimes claim, the
      TR is way beyond *real* Mss' human proportions.

      Dr. Ulrich Schmid
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