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6676Re: tc-list Burgon on 1Tim 3:16

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  • Mr. Helge Evensen
    Aug 3, 1999
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      Robert B. Waltz wrote:
      > I'm not going to get into a long discussion here, but I have to add one
      > comment:
      > On 8/1/99, Mr. Helge Evensen wrote, in part:
      > >Think of it! 98% of the Greek MSS!!! That *is* strong evidence!
      > Think of it! 0% of manuscripts from before the fifth century!
      > An amazing panoply of non-evidence.

      OK, then, let's shift evidence and look at patristic and versional
      evidence. :-)
      Besides, Byz/TR *readings* are found in P66. In fact, almost all of the
      Byz readings in that MS is *also* TR-readings! Think of it! :-)

      > Think of it! The Textus Receptus, from which the King James Version
      > is translated, which contains readings not found in *any* Greek
      > manuscript.

      Yeah, think of that! And do not forget all of the ancient MSS which
      scholars *trust* in, which contain multitudes of "singular" readings!
      (Is my TC-memory failing me, or is "singular reading" an expression used
      to indicate a reading not found in *any* (other) Greek
      manuscript?) The TR is nothing more than a complete NT MSS in PRINTED
      form! But I do not trust in only one TR edition but in a variety of TR's
      and other evidences besides these, as found in the text of the TBS 1976
      edition of the "TR". In turn, this is to trust in the decisions of the
      many competent scholars who produced the TEXT of the KJV!! I shall say
      nothing of my belief in providential preservation..... :-)

      > All I will say on the subject.

      No person discussing the text of the NT on a *TC-list* should be afraid
      of discussing the Byz/TR text since this text/these texts represent the
      MAJORITY of the available MSS! What kind of "TC" list would *that* be?
      BTW, I do not think that you are "afraid", though! :-)

      - Mr. Helge Evensen
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