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6635Re: tc-list Burgon on 1Tim 3:16

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  • Mark Proctor
    Aug 1, 1999
      I don't believe that Erasmus had a Greek text for the final two chaps of
      Revelation. He had latin texts for these two chapters, but no Greek mss.
      What he did to remedy this problem was translate the Latin into Greek,
      thereby producing completely unique Gk readings for the final two chaps of
      the NT.

      Mark Proctor
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      > Robert, Denny Diehl here
      > >Think of it! The Textus Receptus, from which the King James Version
      > >is translated, which contains readings not found in *any* Greek
      > >manuscript.
      > >
      > >All I will say on the subject.
      > If you wouldn't mind saying a little more on the subject, besides
      > the Comma Johannine, would you mind listing those readings
      > which are not found in any Greek manuscript?
      > Thanks!
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