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5807tc-list Uncial or Uncial?

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  • D.R. Edwards
    Apr 1, 1999
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      Greetings to all - I still hope you have occasional amateur hours.

      In reading Mack's "Who Wrote the New Testament," he discusses (p. 9, I
      believe) Thiede's views with regard to the Magdalen Fragments. According to
      Mack, one of the reasons Thiede dated the fragments so early is that they
      are written in uncial, which went out of style in the mid-first century CE.
      Mack counters with the statement that uncials could have been used as late
      as 85 CE, which is more-or-less the midpoint of dates that are commonly
      suggested for the composition of Matthew.

      My confusion stems from my idea that uncial script, properly speaking,
      consists of rounded letters and has some other orthographic characteristics
      that distinguish it from the earlier block script. I was also under the
      impression that this change to uncial script didn't occur until late in the
      2d century CE.

      Needless to say, I'm hopelessly confused. I'd be very grateful if someone
      could help me to better understand Mack's comments in the context of the

      D. Edwards
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