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  • Mark Goodacre
    Oct 9, 1998
      On 7 Oct 98 at 21:44, Carlton Winbery wrote:

      > I wonder also if Luke 11:39 might have influenced a scribe or the tradition
      > behind both Luke and Matt (maybe Q?). In Luke there a different word for
      > plate, TOU PINAKOS. Perhaps someone will also straighten out the fact that in
      > Luke, they are commanded to give those dirty things inside the cup for alms.

      On the first point, the IQP's Critical Text of Q 11.39b reads THS PAROYIDOS
      with Matthew rather than TOU PINAKOS with Luke. I am interested by the
      suggestion that Q might have influenced a scribe of Matthew (if I read the
      words above correctly) -- on what grounds could one establish the likelihood of

      On the second point, it seems more likely that Luke 11.41 is referring to the
      inner Pharisee than to the inner cup. Turner suggests that one take TA ENONTA
      as an adverbial accusative, thus TA ENONTA DOTE ELEHMOSUNHN will mean something
      like "Give alms inwardly", a theme with a clearly Lukan character and
      paralleled not far away in 12.33-34. Thus we should probably see Luke 11.41as a
      Lukan redaction of the saying found in Q (so Tuckett and Kloppenborg) or
      Matthew (so Goulder).

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