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4771Re: tc-list Recovering the Invisible? (Imaging techniques)

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  • William L. Petersen
    Oct 7, 1998
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      It might be worth point out that the Eastman Kodak company used to have a
      series of professional "handbooks" on infrared photography and UV
      photography. They were available at a nominal price (each was 30 pp. or
      so), and were done with a commercial goal in view: to encourage the sale
      of IR film and UV etc. filters.

      Twenty-five years ago, when I wrote to the FBI about advanced photography
      techniques for detecting faint MS writing, they directed me to Kodak...so
      if it's good enough for them...

      Digitizing (and chromatic and "angle" recording of images, which are then
      "digitally" reassembled) have surpassed--to the best of my knowledge--the
      traditional photographic techniques. Some of this has been done with parts
      of the Dead Sea materials.

      --Petersen, Penn State Univ.
      Cheers! --Bill.

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