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4467Re: tc-list "not" in Isaiah 9:3

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  • Roderic L. Mullen
    Sep 2, 1998
      I wonder if this "lo" could be another example of the emphatic particle as
      suggested for Ex.3:3 by Brevard Childs on p.50 of his Commentary on Exodus.
      See also Kholer-Baumgartner (English ed.) vol.2, pp510-511. A translation
      could then read "you have made the nations populous indeed!" A difficulty
      here would be that "Lo" emphatic seems usually to precede the predicate.
      --Rod Mullen

      At 04:25 PM 9/1/98 -0700, you wrote:
      >Isaiah 9:2
      >As MT
      >"hirbitha hagoy lo' " = "you have made the nation populous no"
      >The Leningrad Codex B19a ( and I'm sure others ) has a side note to read the
      >text as "lo" instead of "lo' " that is lamed vav instead of lamed alef so
      >the translation should read something like " You have made the nation
      >populous for him" or "for it"
      >Mark Gipe
      >At 03:06 PM 9/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
      >>I do not have study materials with me, but I need the textual evidence for
      >>and against the word "not" in Isaiah 9:3, "not increased the joy." Any
      >>help is appreciated.
      >>Prof. Ron Minton
      >>rminton@... (417)833-9581
      >>5379 North Farm Road 179
      >>Springfield, MO 65803
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