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4465Re: tc-list "not" in Isaiah 9:3

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  • scanlin@compuserve.com
    Sep 2, 1998
      The lo [with aleph] we lo [with waw] ketiv-qere variant is a famous
      Masoretic phenomenon which occurs 17 times in the Hebrew Bible, including
      Isa 9.2. (See Weil: MM 1795 for the list.) Bruno Ognibeni, in Tradizioni
      orali di letture e testo ebraico della Bibbia: studio de diciassette ketiv
      l' / qere lw (Fribourg, 1989) says that in every instance the context may
      be considered ambiguous. (For convenience, see the short review of
      Ognibeni in CBQ 53(1991):681-2.) O.'s textual analysis of Isa 9.2 is on
      pp. 95-99.

      Harold P. Scanlin
      United Bible Societies
      1865 Broadway
      New York, NY 10023
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