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4463Re: tc-list "not" in Isaiah 9:3

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  • Jack Kilmon
    Sep 2, 1998
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      Steven Carr wrote:

      > In message <35EC8FCA.70380CC@...>, Jack Kilmon
      > <jkilmon@...> writes
      > >The Great Isaiah Scroll 1QIsa shows lw) (lamed waw alef). I have
      > >cropped a JPG of the text and will be glad to attach it to a post
      > >if you, or Dr. Minton, is interested.
      > Is this DSS Isaiah Scroll very similar, or reasonably similar, or quite
      > different from the later MT text?

      1QIs(a) and 1QIs(b) were the first scrolls found in the caves by theBedouin
      shepherd boy in 1947. I saw this scroll for the first time
      in 1948 in Bill Albright's office at JHU. The B scroll is very similar
      to the MT with minor variations. The A Scroll is something else
      again. It uses "Qumranese" and language common to the time it was
      copied rather than when composed.

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