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  • tc-list-owner
    Aug 31, 1998
      General Information about the List
      tc-list: a discussion list of biblical textual criticism

      This list is loosely associated with the new electronic journal _TC:
      A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism_, and it is intended for a
      discussion of any matters relating to biblical textual criticism, broadly
      defined. The rationale for the creation of the TC journal is given below.
      It is hoped that subscribers to the tc-list will reflect on and respond to
      material from articles in TC, will deal with issues that arise in the
      context of text-critical study in the community of biblical scholars at
      large, and will use the list to suggest new ideas and methodologies.
      Notes on any aspect of the textual criticism of the Jewish and Christian
      scriptures (including extracanonical and related literature) are welcome,
      and threads that transcend the traditional boundary between textual
      criticism of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament textual
      criticism are especially encouraged. We would also like to see threads
      that discuss the relationship between textual criticism and other

      This list is an unmoderated list, and anyone who is a subscriber to the
      list may contribute. Conventional netiquette should be followed by all
      contributors to the list. The following points in particular should be
      kept in mind. (1) Discussion of topics other than textual criticism (or
      other topics likely to be of interest to members of the list) should be
      avoided. (2) Scholarly discussion can at times be somewhat heated, but
      civility should always prevail. (3) Contributors to the list should
      always sign their messages with their names (not just e-mail addresses).
      Additional information, such as institutional affiliation, might also be
      of interest to others on the list. (4) When responding to a message on
      the list, quote only that portion of the message that you are responding
      to, or enough of the message to remind readers of the context of the
      discussion. In many cases it is not necessary to quote the entire message.

      Archives of tc-list are automatically maintained, and they may be
      accessed by sending a message like the following to

      get tc-list tc-list.yymm

      where yy is a 2-digit year and mm is a 2-digit month (e.g., tc-list.9604
      for April 1996). The first month archived is November 1995 (tc-list.9511).

      List archives may also be accessed on the Web at
      TC messages since 28 Feb 1997 are also archived by Reference.COM at

      Subscribing, Unsubscribing, and Sending Messages to the List
      To subscribe or unsubscribe, send the appropriate message to
      majordomo@... (_not_ to the list itself):

      subscribe tc-list [your e-mail address]
      unsubscribe tc-list [your e-mail address]

      The e-mail address is optional, since subscription will default to the
      address you are sending from.

      You may also subscribe to this list in digest form (i.e., messages
      bundled and sent out a few times per week) by sending this message to

      subscribe tc-list-digest [your e-mail address]

      If you subscribe to the digest, be sure to unsubscribe from the list so
      you won't receive everything twice.

      To send a message to the list for all to read, send your message to
      tc-list@.... Don't send to tc-list-digest, even if
      you're subscribed to the digest. Just send to tc-list.

      If you do not want to receive messages for a while (e.g., you're going on
      vacation or will be away from your computer for an extended time), please
      unsubscribe from the list. There is no "vacation" command on this list.
      When you want to start receiving messages again, simply subscribe to the
      list again.

      TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
      One of the benefits of increasingly widespread Internet access is the
      ease with which scholars in a particular field can communicate with one
      another. Although the sciences have dominated the electronic journal
      field up until this point, several journals in the humanities are now
      available online. TC follows in the (brief) tradition of the Journal of
      Buddhist Ethics, the International Journal of Tantric Studies, and the
      Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies. As far as we are aware, TC is the
      first Web journal in the area of biblical studies.

      Why "biblical" textual criticism (rather than t-c of the NT or the Hebrew
      Bible/OT)? It is time for textual critics in the two camps to communicate
      more with one another. Textual critics in one field can only benefit by
      hearing what those in the other field have to say. The journal will
      accept papers dealing with any aspect of textual criticism of the
      OT/Hebrew Bible or NT, and it especially encourages "crossover"
      papers that deal with both areas. Papers dealing either with specific
      cruxes or with larger issues (methodology, use of versional evidence,
      etc.) are welcome. Brief notes or full-length articles are equally

      Why an electronic journal? The fact of the matter is that printing a
      journal costs a lot of money (especially with recent increases in paper
      prices). In addition, it is debatable whether the field of textual
      criticism could generate a large enough base to support a paper journal.
      There are technical difficulties with displaying non-Latin characters that
      will have to be addressed, but some of these difficulties have already
      been overcome. With an electronic journal, scholars and students around
      the world can have free access to one or another form of the journal,
      either via the World Wide Web, FTP, or e-mail.

      TC is now in its second year of operation, and we are looking for
      articles. Please submit your articles in electronic form to:

      Jimmy Adair
      Scholars Press
      P.O. Box 15399
      Atlanta, GA 30333-0399

      You are also welcome to send articles via e-mail to
      jadair@..., or you may upload your articles directly to
      our FTP site at ftp://shemesh.scholar.emory.edu/uploads/TC.

      TC has a home page on TELA, the Scholars Press World Wide Web site
      (http://purl.org/TC), and interested parties
      can look at this page for announcements. We look forward to your
      participation in TC and tc-list!

      The list-owner of tc-list is Jimmy Adair (jadair@...).
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