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  • Mike & Jeanne Arcieri
    Jul 5, 1998
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      Ronald Minton wrote:
      > I want to comment on the scholarship of DA Waite, who is a [many would say
      > "the"] leading KJV defender today. His misguided book is _Defending the
      > KJB_. This is in no way an attack on the man or the KJV. I just want to
      > show how those of his thinking are misled and misleading others. Dr. JD
      > Price was a help to me in some of this information.


      Refuting Waite's book would be a Master's thesis in itself. ;-) Waite (and practically all
      other KJV writers) is not searching for textual truth since he made up his mind long ago
      regarding the KJV. The book contains not only textual flaws, but logical fallacies as well as
      hermeneutical errors. The KJV-only agenda is clearly spelled out and the textual evidence must
      be made to conform to it. James Price has excellent material on this (even better than James
      White, in my opinion) and I find that he provides the most solid counter-arguments against this
      view. He especially has done a good job refuting Riplinger's delusions. When reading KJV
      material, I am reminded of a saying of Erasmus who, in responding to a published critique of
      his NT, said it was:

      'so illiterate that I could hardly endure to read it, so comical that I could not fail to'.

      Good ol' Erasmus... ;-)

      Mike A.
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