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4136Re: tc-list P52 a Western Text

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  • Jim West
    Jun 6, 1998
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      At 03:09 PM 6/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
      > All,
      > Reagarding P52:
      > [snipped]

      > Now this shows that the oldest text of the N.T. dated from 100 C.E. belongs
      > to the Western text family.

      I disagree. I think this merely demonstrates that at this point the western
      textual tradition has actually retained a better (alexandrian) reading.
      What your example shows is not that the western text is superior; only that
      it, too, can get it right every now and again.

      >James Trimm


      Jim West, ThD

      Adjunct Professor of Bible
      Quartz Hill School of Theology