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3877Re: tc-list Job 4:11 LXX

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  • Maurice A. O'Sullivan
    Apr 1, 1998
      At 11:10 28/03/98 -7000, you wrote:
      >I received the following question and have no idea what the answer
      >is. Does anyone have any insight as to why the translator apparently
      >coined this word? I haven't even been able to find it in LSJ.
      >> Do you have an explanation as to why, in Job 4:11, the LXX has a
      >>marginal rendering of "ant-lion" for the Hebrew word for "lion"?
      >All I can find out is that the word does indeed mean "ant-lion." The
      >question is, what's an "ant-lion" and why did LXX use that term here?

      There are three citations in Lampe [ 889a] for patristic use of
      including one from the commentary on Job 4:11 of Olympiodorus Alexandrinus.

      Also a ref. to Germanus I of Constantinople

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