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3128TC in Isaiah 53

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  • dwashbur@nyx.net
    Sep 3, 1997
      Here's a Hebrew TC question for us, though it's actually in 3 parts.
      I really don't like posting multiple-question stuff, so I'll start
      with what is actually a translational question and move from there
      into the TC part of it, if no one objects.

      Isaiah 53:8 has LFMOW in the last clause, in parallel with a bunch of
      singular verbs and pronouns in the rest of the verse. Some
      investigation revealed several places, such as Gen 9:25 and 26, where
      this word can appear to have a singular meaning even though
      "standard" grammars such as GKC list it as a plural. Recently, I
      also noticed that the Westminster BHS Morph database consistently
      lists it as L with a singular pronoun suffix. Conventional wisdom
      suggests that it is consistently a plural, and hence translate the
      last clause of v.8 as "the judgment of my people, to whom [plural]
      the stroke was due." I have doubts about the translation, and there
      is also a significant textual variant there. But before addressing
      my thoughts on the variant, I wonder if anybody on the list has more
      solid info on the singular/plural nature of the word as it stands in

      My thought is that it is sort of an elision or phonetic ellipsis,
      kind of like the English phoneme 'm. If one says "I'll go get 'm"
      context is necessary to know whether 'm is standing for "him" or
      "them." My initial reaction is that LFMOW is a similar phenomenon,
      but I have no idea how strongly this idea might be supported by other
      grammatical-transcriptional features of the actual text.

      In any case, does anyone have any thoughts on the meaning of LFMOW in
      this verse? Again, my hope is that we can kick that around a little
      and from there, address the textual variant.

      Dave Washburn
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