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2933Errata: was Re: *Romanos* and the TR? (Was: Erasmus)

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  • Matthew Johnson
    Jul 13, 1997
      Perhaps if had remembered the saying of Augustus "Festina lente",
      this would not be necessary: but I have two corrections to my own post.

      1) Of course, the History of the Byzantine Empire was written by
      Vasiliev, not Rostovsev.

      2) the much more appropriate citation from AMphoux is p 115 " all that is
      certain is that this type of text [the syro-byzantine] spread very
      rapidly throughout the Greek-speaking world when John Chrysostom and
      other Syrians had occupied the patriarchal see at Constantinople"

      My previous comments concern why I find Amphoux's assertion here so
      credible. His history of the text-type is quite consistent with the
      mentality I find in the Fathers and in the Orthodox today.

      Finally, I might also mention that vonSoden devotes many pages to Joh
      Chrysostom and his influence on the Syro-Byzantine text-type. To be
      sure, his history is not up to date, but has anyone else yet tried to
      write as complete a history of the type as he did?

      Matthew Johnson
      Waiting for the blessed hope and the appearance of the glory of our
      great God and Saviour Jesus Christ (Ti 2:13).
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