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2575Re: Studies in the text of Acts (was: Languages for specific biblical books in TC)

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  • Robert B. Waltz
    May 1, 1997
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      On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Matthew Johnson <mejohnsn@...> wrote, in part:

      [I'm going to ignore the question of the relationship between D and d,
      even though it seems obvious to me that the two are closely related --
      perhaps not translated from each other, but clearly assimilated --
      to get to the question I know more about.]

      >PS: Is anybody on this list working on a similarly detailed work on
      >minuscule 1739?

      What are you hoping for? We obviously can't compare its Greek and
      Latin sides. :-)

      But are you interested in a study of 1739, or of 1739 and its relatives?
      Birdsall's dissertation was a fairly comprehensive look at 1739, 0121,
      6, 424**, and 1908 in Paul. You should also study Zuntz on 1739.

      Gamble had something to say about it in Romans, but I don't agree
      with his conclusions (he completely ignored the relatives of 1739,
      which to my mind invalidates his conclusions).

      French scholars (Duplacy, Amphoux) have done extensive work on the
      Catholic Epistles, including studying Family 1739.

      The groups who are working on the text of Acts have also reached
      some conclusions, but I don't know what they are except that they
      have established the existence of a Family 1739 there also.

      Finally, I have been working on 1739, off and on, for about five
      years now. At the moment I amlooking at 1739's closest relatives in
      Paul (0243 and 1881, neither of which was known to Birdsall).
      It will be a while before I get all this material into shape, but
      you can see an outline of the information at my web site (URL
      below). I won't claim it's all you'll want, but it's what I could
      put together in a few hours. Look in the section on the minuscules,
      then go to the entry on 1739 and family 1739.


      Robert B. Waltz

      Want more loudmouthed opinions about textual criticism?
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