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193Re: Codices for Teaching

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  • rachel@ms1.hinet.net
    Aug 8, 2001
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      In <Pine.SUN.3.91.960304181236.15023B-100000@...>,
      on 03/04/96 at 06:15 PM,
      Maurice Robinson <mrobinsn@...> said:

      Although I am not in any class right now
      I would very enthusiastically recommend that you start
      with Maurice Robinson's paper and the monograph by
      Weiss concerning his Profile Method and then work with
      Sturz's book and lastly go to Aland's book or others...
      Why? First Robinson's and Weiss are much more READABLE! They
      contain VERY MUCH useful information for any beginner to advanced
      student.... Their tone and attitude is very very refreshing....
      They both have very important concepts to introduce to the rest of
      the textual criticism field IMHO ;)
      Thirdly --- since Robinson surely cannot toot his own horn I will
      promptly did it for him <wide & big grin>
      Seriously I was just in the beginning stages of reading Aland's book
      and trying to digest all of it and other material and personally I
      was swamped... Also why try to be on the leading edge of this
      exciting field since everywhere else you are going to hear the same
      thing repeated....
      In fact, I think that more work should be done in the Profile Method
      area. If I ever can learn enough I will try to integrate some of
      this with Chinese ..... <unbelievable goal...... ; - O

      >On Mon, 4 Mar 1996 KHGrenier@... wrote:

      >> 1. I am looking for a good quality large photograph of a passage fro
      >> Book of John from a codex for use in class. I need one I can copy fr
      >> handout for students to work on. Does anyone have a good suggestion
      >> to obtain this?

      >Pages from the Codex Sinaiticus from the Kirsopp Lake publication in
      >1911 or thereabouts could be freely used, since that work is now
      >totally in the public domain.

      >The early (ca.1898) black and white photgraphic edition of Vaticanus
      >also would be public domain and could readily be used for this

      >> 2. I am also interested in people's opinions on the best text and re
      >> books available on NT textual criticism. I would appreciate any comm

      >I still prefer Metzger's Text of the NT and Greenlee's Intro to NT
      >Textual Criticism for those on the beginning level.

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