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1901Re: LXX

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  • Matthew Johnson
    Mar 3, 1997
      On Mon, 3 Mar 1997, Ronald L. Minton wrote:

      > However, I still have questions on the percentage of times the NT quotes
      > or refers to the Heb, LXX, Both, Neither. Can someone help me on this?
      > Thanks in advance.
      To which I reply:


      Very good question. However, this is a little harder to answer than one
      might hope, because over the centuries copyists have tended to harmonize
      the OT citations to the LXX. So to answer it properly, one would have to
      resort to a procedure something like the following:

      1) Look up all NT citations of OT in Nestle-Alans's 26th edition
      2) Look at all the variants listed in the critical apparatus for
      these citations.
      3) Try to guess from the style of the rest of the book in which
      the citation occurs, which, if any, of the variants is likely
      to be the NT author's own translation from the Hebrew.
      4) Submit your gesses to this newsgroup and see which ones still
      stand after we have all had a chance to throw rocks at it.

      Good luck finding an snswer.

      Matthew Johnson
      Waiting for the blessed hope and the appearance of the glory of our
      great God and Saviour Jesus Christ (Ti 2:13).

      > --
      > Prof. Ron Minton: rminton@... W (417)268-6053 H 833-9581
      > Baptist Bible Graduate School 628 E. Kearney St. Springfield, MO 65803
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