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1897New ENTTC articles

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  • Robert B. Waltz
    Mar 3, 1997
      What follows is blatant slef-promotion. If this list weren't so quiet,
      I wouldn't do it, but we're hardly overburdening your mailboxes. :-)

      I doubt the experienced textual critics on this list will care, but
      I've updated my articles at the Encyclopedia of NT Textual Criticism
      site. Specifically, I have now included detailed descriptions of all
      the minuscules "cited constantly" in NA26 and NA27 for the Pauline
      and Catholic Epistles. In the case of many of these manuscripts
      (630, 1505, 1506, 1881, 2464, 2495, etc.), this is the only
      serious assessment of these available other than the Alands' very
      basic "Category" ratings.

      The articles aren't all that I had hoped; I often was not able to
      compile a decent bibliography, and in many cases I had only the
      information provided in the Nestle citations to work with. But
      I have spent years working over those collations; I thought less
      experienced people might like the benefit of that experience.

      I also tried to make the results reasonably unbiased -- e.g. I
      would describe a manuscript as "more Alexandrian" or "more
      Byzantine" rather than "better" or "worse."

      Also, I included some additional links which I hope will make
      things easier to use.

      I remind people that Rich Elliott (REElliott@...) is the
      editor of the ENTTC, and that questions should be addressed to
      him. (I should also note that he has *not* vetted these articles. :-)

      But if anyone wants to post an article to the online site, feel
      free to contact me. Maybe it will force me to change my sarcastic
      signature. :-)

      The URL is given below.


      Robert B. Waltz

      Want more loudmouthed opinions about textual criticism?
      Try my web page: http://www.skypoint.com/~waltzmn
      (A very rough draft of part of the Encyclopedia of NT Textual Criticism)
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