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1024TC intro course etc.

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  • Timothy John Finney
    Oct 1, 1996
      Concerning the request for texts for a TC intro. course,

      Leonard Greenspoon has already noted that my review of Elliott and Moir's
      introductory text should be available through the TC website soon. You
      may wish to consider this as it talks about a number of introductory
      texts (but not all).

      I heartily agree with Paul Lorenzen's e-mail about the hands on lesson in
      textual variation. There is nothing like giving a group of university
      students three verses of an English Bible and getting them to copy it. I
      have now settled on what you might call a geometric progression -- there
      is no rule about who copies from whom, only a requirement that everyone
      makes a copy if possible as the lesson proceeds. This provides a nice
      distracting atmosphere. I also take a bucket of sand, a lighter and a
      bucket of water. Someone's copy is buried, someone else's is drowned and
      another person's is burnt. Fortunately no one has cried yet. The copying
      spreads out like ripples from a stone thrown into a pond rather than in a
      straight line.

      The mistakes that are made are wonderful! I remember this one in




      Not only is this a useful exercise for students, it is very instructive
      for those considering the relative probablities of various kinds of scribal

      On a different matter, can anyone give me an authoritative reference that
      says when people first began to read silently? I heard or read somewhere
      that some ancient was astounded to see someone (I think the someone might
      have been Clement or Jerome) sitting in a room full of books but not
      making any sound as he read. If early copyists always read aloud as they
      copied, perhaps certain implications would follow for New Testament
      textual research?

      Best regards,

      Tim Finney

      Baptist Theological College
      and Murdoch University
      Perth, W. Australia
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