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Hurricane Katrina Relief Convoy - Will You Please Help?

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  • bill
    Hurricane Katrina Relief Convoy - Will You Please Help? Greetings: My Brother-in-Law, friends and I are mounting a Hurricane Katrina relief convoy to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2005
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      Hurricane Katrina Relief Convoy - Will You Please Help?


      My Brother-in-Law, friends and I are mounting a Hurricane Katrina
      relief "convoy" to Mississippi. Some contacts of theirs have
      relatives there and we are going to their area to specifically aid
      them with getting back on their feet and then branching out to help
      neighbors and others in need we come across.
      A lot of relief effort has been focused on the major metropolitan and
      large town areas. These folks are more remote and they are not
      getting any help.

      If anyone wants to forward this to friends and family, please do so.

      We intend to travel to Mississippi with trucks, vans and trailers
      with equipment and supplies to aid those in need. We will be in the
      devastated area for about 2 weeks. This is similar to the effort
      these folks completed for Hurricane Andrew. There are 90 thousand
      square miles of area affected by this disaster and they can use every
      little bit of help possible. Our independent relief effort will
      certainly directly help out those in need. We have no overhead and
      no one will be receiving a paycheck for this work.

      I am asking all my friends and neighbors to help us out with this
      effort. We have a list of specific supplies we need donated directly
      or money to purchase these supplies and equipment. If you are in the
      Atlanta area, we can pick up "stuff" over the next few days. Our
      departure target date is 8 or 9 September with a second team leaving
      about 1 week later. If you are farther away, you can send any
      monetary contributions you desire to:

      Bill Roberts
      4290 Dr. Bramblett Road
      Cumming, GA 30040

      We are not a for-profit organization but likewise we do not have non-
      profit status, so sorry, your donations will not be tax deductible if
      you care about that.

      Here is a list of specific items we need:

      Personal Care:
      New or used towels
      Dental care items (anyone know a dentist?)
      Feminine hygiene items
      Toilet Paper

      Baby items:
      Cases of formula
      Disposable diapers
      Baby food in jars
      Baby wipes

      Food – needs to be non-perishable with minimum cooking required
      Bottled water
      Powdered milk
      Canned goods, especially "meal in a can" type items
      Cases of Raman noodles
      Packaged dried fruits
      Canned beverages (no alcohol)
      Granola/energy bars
      Instant soups/potatoes

      Pet items:
      Pet foods
      Pet care items

      Trash bags
      Plastic utensils
      Paper plates
      Paper towels

      Boxes of nails (various sizes)
      Duct tape
      Plastic sheeting
      Rope / line
      Chain saw bar oil
      Two-cycle engine oil
      Batteries (all sizes)

      Equipment (won't be returned)
      Gas powered electrical generator
      Sealable barrels
      Clean-up tools, e.g. rakes, shovels, push brooms, etc.
      Large plastic or metal water containers
      Gasloine containers 5+ gallons
      Work gloves
      Large Plastic bins with covers

      Equipment (borrowed and will be returned)
      Chain Saw
      Small gas air compressor
      Gas powered electrical generator
      Come alongs
      FRS radios

      Basic Clothing (Adult and children sizes. Please no "Office" type

      Warmest Regards,

      Bill Roberts
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