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  • Linda Haviland
    Hi everyone. I am trying to connect my mother s family to answer where they originated from and what happened to some of them. Here s what I have. If you can
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2009
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      Hi everyone. I am trying to connect my mother's family to answer
      where they originated from and what happened to some of them. Here's
      what I have. If you can connect, please let me know, or steer me
      toward some help? Thanks very much...

      I have been able to trace back GEORGE TAYLOR AND MARY TAYLOR, who
      were born in the Derbyshire and Yorkshire areas of England around
      1828-1830, their fathers being THOMAS TAYLOR for GEORGE and JOHN
      TAYLOR for Mary. They married in this area around 1850 (I can look
      up specifics if needed). When they came to the U.S.A. between 1865
      and 1870, they settled in the area of the New Haven County in
      Connecticut, their son JOHN marrying JOSEPHINE DOTY there in 1880.
      The Censuses for 1870 also list daughters EMILY, CHARLOTTE AND
      SARAH. EMILY married ?James MARTINDALE, and CHARLOTTE, I think it
      was, married a WALTERS.

      In 1883, 1884 and 1886 John and his wife Josephine's children were
      born in Belleville, New Jersey. My grandfather was the first,
      married EXINA JOYAL, settling in Bristol, Connecticut. It appears
      that Jenny married THOMAS R. WALLACE, and they were living in
      Hartford, Connecticut when Jenny's Mom, JOSEPHINE DOTY TAYLOR, died
      there, but after that it appears that Jenny was widowed, and also
      that George Walter died young, both of them buried with Josephine in
      New Haven, Connecticut. I cannot find where/when John died or what
      happened to Jenny after 1907, when her mother died. Nobody's been
      able to confirm what happened to George Walter, my mother, the
      youngest/last surviving of Grant/Fred's kids vaguely remembering
      stories of him dying young. She remembers her father talking of
      having to go live with "Walters cousins" at a young age, and she and
      my aunts told stories of a "Taylor boarding-house fire" in New Haven
      that killed both John and Josephine, but this proved to be untrue
      with research, although there could've been some catastrophe that
      killed John while they lived in Belleville, New Jersey. John was
      assigned a draft-card for World War I, but being in his 30s,
      apparently never served.

      I have all the Doty information tracing Josephine's family back to
      the Mayflower. Her mother was Jane Brower and there's a connection
      to the Montross/Montrose family so her marriage and a little
      information is listed in a Taylor book involving the Mills family,
      too, but otherwize I'm stuck, looking for anyone who can connect
      with this family. Again, thanks very much for any help...Linda H.
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