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Re: mounting ducks

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  • blade843sc
    Dear Pat, Thanks alot for that advice. That sounds like a great way to do it. I am a hands on type and like to ask questons as I get to them. I am a hunter
    Message 1 of 12 , Dec 13, 2004
      Dear Pat,
      Thanks alot for that advice. That sounds like a great way to do it.
      I am a hands on type and like to ask questons as I get to them. I am
      a hunter so I get plenty of blue wing and green wing teal, wood
      ducks, mallards, and an assortment of many others to practice with
      here in South Carolina. Ultimately I want to mount most of the
      species that we take in this area. If I make a little money with it
      down the road thats great but I figure the money I am going to save
      by not paying for these mounts will be the biggest savings. Also I
      think it will be a hobby that appeals to my meticulous nature and my
      near obsession with ducks. Thanks again.
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      > Howard,
      > I agree with Steph. I would not recommend a school. I looked into
      it at
      > the beginning and then decided against it and have never been
      sorry. To me
      > they teach you enough to be dangerous. If I were to do it over
      again I
      > would do what was recommended to me- take the money that you were
      going to
      > spend on the school, buy past issues of Breakthrough magazine, and
      the tapes
      > and how to from WASCO.
      > Then go to friends (if you are not a hunter) or take some vacation
      and go
      > out shooting, and practice on your own specimens. In the
      beginning, I
      > mounted a lot for friend for cost and experience. When you feel
      > comfortable, with the individual skills, make appointments with
      > - ones that are truly at the top (or close to it) of their category
      > spend time with them. Get involved with state taxidermy
      associations and go
      > to all of their seminars and meetings. Ask a lot of questions, I
      > believe how many hundreds of questions I asked. Then practice some
      > You can always take the skin off the manikin and redo what you
      did. Submit
      > something (or just take it) to your state taxidermy meetings and
      ask for
      > input on your mount. The new philosophy among most taxidermists is
      not to
      > hide our knowledge but to share it.
      > Hope this helps
      > Pat
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      > Howard, I can tell you nothing about the courses or schools since I
      > never been to one. I am sure the schools are great but you have to
      > travel and live somewhere else (there are very few of them) and
      they do
      > cost. Best to learn from a private teacher if you have one
      > available----better than a school anyway because you can get
      > attention as you would be asking lots of questions. Steph
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