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  • ikechukwu
    ... wrote:hi ma interested in playing for your club and i know that if play in your club i will make an impact in the team. ... me,considering the fact that
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 28, 2005
      --- In taxidermists@yahoogroups.com, "nancy" <nancydoyles@h...>
      wrote:hi ma interested in playing for your club
      and i know that if play in your club i will make an impact in the
      > Dear,
      > I know you must be very surprised to be reading from
      me,considering the fact that you dont know the identity of the
      person writing you,but be rest assured that i am writing you with
      good intentions.
      > I am mrs nancy doyles,the president and owner of DOYLES FOOTBALL
      CLUB,a 3rd division clubside based in dublin,republic of ireland.I
      got your e-mail contact adress from an internet directory here in
      bangkok thailand,while browsing the web,searching for talented,fit
      and skilled young football stars to build my new team with.
      > DOYLES FOOTBALL CLUB is a clubside i inherited from my late
      husband,mr patrick doyles.The clubside was disbanded after my
      husband's untimely death 2 years ago,but was re-opened late last
      year to carry on with my late husbands dreams of taking the team to
      unimaginable heights.
      > For best results for the team,i hired the services of an
      experienced english coach that has been a former assistant coach in
      a premiership side in london,i also hired the services of many
      experienced english technical advisers and assistant coaches.I trust
      that with their services and that of talented young boys,the sky
      will be the limit for DOYLES F.C and our aim is to be at the top of
      the irish 3rd division league,and onward gradual progress to the 1st
      division and then finally to the premier league.This feats can't be
      achieved without the help and assistance of young football stars.
      > DOYLES FOOTBALL CLUBis a football club we want to build around
      young football stars because we want to start from the grass roots
      level.The team is currently in bangkok thailand on a 2 months
      training and trial tour of Thailand.
      > REASON FOR CONTACTING YOU:If you can play active football well,or
      if you can not play,but knows or have a brother or a friend that can
      play well,please contact me on mail by replying to the e-mail adress
      > BASIC REQUIREMENTS:each player must be 17 - 29 years old,each
      player must report at the teams hotel camp here in bangkok thailand
      for the screening and trial of the player.Interested players should
      reply to the adress below for more informations on the travel
      > So far we have gotten 14 players from africa,8 from south
      america,4 asians and 6 europeans,1 american has confirmed his flight
      ticket and will join the rest of the team next week.
      > The selected players will return to the teams base in dublin,and
      must sign a compulsory 1 year contract with the team for the kickoff
      of the ireland 3rd divison league,starting later this year.The
      dropped players will be compensated and they will return to their
      home country with their return tickets.
      > best regards and hoping to hear from you soonest.
      > nancy doyles.
      > for best correspondence,reply this mail only to:
      > __________________________________________________
    • remingtonforgold
      NAME: JAMES ADENUGA SEX: MALE AGE: 17 NATIONALTY: NIGERIA Good day,i am one of the numerous ambitious guys in africa,with the believe of hard
      Message 2 of 5 , Nov 15 3:57 AM
        SEX: MALE
        AGE: 17
        Good day,i am one of the numerous ambitious guys in africa,with the
        believe of hard work,deligence,dedication and determination.Please
        through this and i hope and pray the you would be of help.
        i am a young boy,with tremendous courage,skill,abilty,speed and
        in the game of soccer,but i am despiratlely in need of a club right
        and i would prefer any european club so as to develop my talent and
        improve myself.I am a student,but not financially bouyant thats why i
        want to use soccer to earn a means of livelyhood though it is a part
        my life and what really makes me who i am,so as to help my family
        do not want this talent of mine to be wasted,i know that i can match
        against some of the best young players right now,i have been so
        not to have any club to display what i can do.Mostly i do play as an
        offensive mid-fielder,but at times i play defensive,that right-full
        back,but few times i play on the offence,that is an attacker,really i
        must confess that i am at my best in mid-field mostly as a central
        mid-fielder but there is vertually any role that i can't play.please i
        plead with you to consider me,i will be of great help to any club you
        ign me
        to,and i would be grateful even if it is a division 2 or division 3
        because i would be ready to be committed to any club that i find
        so has to help the club to be promoted and to see myself improve
        the real action of tough training which i am ready to go through to
        myself as a real professional.But really i dont mind a top flight team
        a divsion 1 team.Please i am counting on you,please help me and you
        not regret helping me cos when i am in the lime light you would always
        referred to.I'll be extremely appreciative if you can be of help.Pls
        reply me as soon as possible
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