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Shoreleave/How do you define logic?

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  • admiral_mergatu
    ON *T Selva paced, shaking her head and growling softly. Her mind was a storm of emotions, all dark... violent* Surlan: *Appearing from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002
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      <<Taurus base sickbay>>

      *T'Selva paced, shaking her head and growling softly. Her mind was a
      storm of emotions, all dark... violent*

      Surlan: *Appearing from almost nowhere* The darkness of those
      emotions will consume you if you are not vigilent.

      T'Selva: *Glaring at him* What do you know of it? You are still

      Surlan: As are you....And you might be surprised at the things I know.

      T'Selva: I BURN! The anger is as the heat of the Forge...
      consuming... never-ending!

      Surlan: You experience nothing different then those of your
      ancestors. But you have an advantage over them. You have and will
      again be able to control it.

      T'Selva: *Clenching her fist, nails diging into the palms of her
      hands. Blood drips onto the floor in bright green splatters* Will I
      Master? And if I do... will it mean anything?

      Surlan: It will mean nothing to no one but you. *Stepping closer*
      However, The act you are currently participating in is of no use to
      anyone and quite illogical.

      T'Selva: *Looking at the blood* Pain is all I can feel....

      Surlan: Pain is a relative term. Even pain can be controled. Pain
      also comes in many forms. What if I were to tell you that your human
      mate has already begun to look for companionship elsewhere?

      T'Selva: Simon would not do that.....

      Surlan: *Raising an eyebrow* You are sure of this?

      T'Selva: *Eyes refusing to meet his* No.... *She cursed the tears
      that welled up and wiped them away angrily*

      Surlan: Your tears show emotional pain and hurt but not anger. I am
      curious as to why?

      T'Selva: I cherish Simon... he is the Master of my heart....

      Surlan: Fascinating, You would still feel this way if I told you I
      saw him in an embrace with another female?

      T'Selva: *Launching herself at the force field* NOOOOOOOO!!!

      Surlan: Ah! Now we have anger and jealousy. How does your heart feel
      about it's Master now?

      T'Selva: I still cherish him!! He is a human... they seek solace in
      odd ways!!

      Surlan: Indeed? You show an understanding of the motives of humans
      and you do not seek revenge for such an act?

      T'Selva: It is my fault.... I have failed him as a wife....

      Surlan: Your mate is not cheating on you. The embrace I spoke of was
      merely a hug from an old friend...Lucy Hudson I believe is her name
      so it was quite innocent. By your reactions however you have shown to
      me that there is much hope for you after all T'Selva. I am impressed
      with the logic that still remains within you.

      T'Selva: *Sinking to her knees* Logic? I hurt... I fear...

      Surlan: ....and without control these are all logical emotions.

      *Surlan watches for the reaction to his statement which is illogical
      for a Vulcan to express.*

      T'Selva: *eyes closed* That statement was illogical.

      Surlan: Illogical for a human or a Vulcan?

      T'Selva: A Vulcan...

      *Surlan nods and walks over and shuts off the forcefield and walks up
      to T'Selva.*

      Surlan: Again, Logical.....Are you Vulcan or are you human?

      T'Selva: *Slowly standing.* I... I am Vulcan.

      Surlan: *Placing his and in hers* And even though emotions are a part
      of Vulcans they are......?

      T'Selva: Logical

      Surlan: The fact that they are not controlled and supressed makes

      T'Selva: Illogical..

      Surlan: And the Ambassadors reaction to your marriage to a human
      is.....? *She turns to look at him and before she can

      T'Selva: Yes.....

      Surlan: How do you feel?

      T'Selva: *Raising an eyebrow* With my fingers.

      Surlan: *Nods* Welcome back. My duty here is complete. *Raises
      greeting* Live Long and Prosper T'Selva.

      T'Selva: *Returning the gesture* Peace and Long Life Master Surlan.

      *As Surlan turns to leave Greers enters the room shocked to see the
      forcefield down.*

      Surlan: *To Greers* She is well and free to go.

      *Surlan continues to walk on without waiting for a response.*


      Admiral Mergatu posting as:

      Master Surlan
      Vulcan Kholinar Master


      Lt. T'Selva
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