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Shore leave/ Cool lovin'.

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  • eternalwytch
    ON: *Kurista got off the transport and pulled the coat around her shoulders. She headed towards the little house she knew was theirs. Tira was
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      *Kurista got off the transport and pulled the coat around her shoulders. She
      headed towards the little house she knew was theirs. Tira was going to be a
      bit longer, having a few things to see to with the Brass and Telsia. She
      however, being a lowly Lt. junior grade, got out of such things. She rang
      the chime, the cold air making her cheeks rosy.*

      *Kel had heard her coming and rushed to put the finishing touches on the
      table before flinging the door open. He stood there and stared at her, blue
      eyes wide and antennae trembling*

      Kel: *Voice choked with tears* Aan pom [My angel]

      *Kurista smiled and hugged him, running a hand over his hair. She was...very
      very happy to be home.*

      Kurista: I have missed you.

      Kel: *He pulled her inside the tiny house and with tears falling, kissed her
      and caressed her face with his antennae* I have been so worried about you!
      *He sat her on the little sofa and held her tightly*

      Kurista: *kissing him gently* I'm all right, and I'm home now. *She stayed
      in his arms, feeling safe there.*

      Kel: Where is Tira? Korr will be waiting for her. *Korr had the hut next to
      his, where he waited and watched over the precious egg*

      Kurista: She'll be along later, just has a few last things to see to. She
      sent me on ahead. *She smiled. Her eyes caught the table and she looked at
      him.* That looks wonderful love.

      Kel: *Beaming happily* It's for you, but after you have a hot bath. *He
      helped her up and led her to the small 'Fresher* I have a robe out for you
      and heated towels ready. I just can't run the water...I tried. *He turned
      purple with shame* But the steam hurt me.

      Kurista: Kel... *She smiled softly* Don't hurt yourself now...I can run my
      own water. *She kissed his forehead* Thank you.

      Kel: *Antennae wiggling with joy at her understanding and from her touch* I
      would do anything for you my love, anything. *He watched her go into the
      'Fresher and with a smile went to make sure her meal was perfectly arranged*

      *Kurista took her time and got clean., She dried her hair and wrapped
      herself in a clean fluffy robe and came out, her feet in warmed slippers.*

      Kel: *touching her cheek* You look so tired and thin...I should have stayed
      and took care of you. *He sat her at the table and poured her a glass of
      dark purple wine he had made with local fruits and fast aged using tricks
      from his home world* *He was thin himself, more than normal. He had fretted
      and worried the whole time she had been off fighting*

      Kurista: You're looking thin yourself. *She tried the wine and smiled with
      pleasure* I want you to eat well too. *She kissed his cheek*

      Kel: *Smiling softly as he uncovered her plate* I will, now that my beloved
      one is safe. *He blushed* I have been helping...I go to the local hospital
      and help with patients, and I have been helping with children who are
      waiting for parents to come home from battle. *He looked at her as if she
      might not approve*

      Kurista: That's wonderful. *She smiled and tried her meal* This is delicious

      Kel: I made things I knew would be good for you. *He had cold noodles laced
      with fish, he took a bite, then he paused, and with a trembling hand reached
      over and touched her face* I prayed to Mother Egg to keep you and Tira safe.

      Kurista: *smiling* She heard you beloved. *She covered his hand with one of

      *The meal went quietly, Kel refraining from asking her anything about the
      war. When she was done he cleared things away and led her to bed. He put on
      a cooling unit and helped her into the warmed bed, holding her tightly
      against him*

      Kel: I know we had little time together before the war, but I have so missed
      feeling you next to me in the darkness.

      Kurista: As have I. *She curled happily in his arms* You spoil me Kel. *She
      said softly* And I do find myself loving it.

      Kel: *Whispering* It is my joy to look after you, to make you happy. *He
      kissed her gently, gasping softly as his penis crept from it's protective

      *Kurista smiled and returned the gentle kiss, sliding her hand down his

      Kel: *Moaning and quivering* Kurista...I need to be one with you...please. *
      he nearly begged as he hesitantly touched her breasts*

      Kurista: *smiling and nodding as she kissed along his shoulder* I want you
      too Kel.

      *He almost cried as he began to explore her body, long fingers touching and
      teasing, his antennae grazing her skin with loving touches*

      *Kurista arched under him, shifting and moaning as he teased her, body
      growing ready for him*

      Kel: *Lips grazing her jaw* I missed you, missed loving you, missed taking
      care of you. *He let out a low, shivering moan as he pressed into her*

      *Kurista gasped as he entered her, legs coming up to wrap around his slender
      hips. He was simply perfect, just the right size and shape inside her, and
      he moved in perfect rhythm with her body. She loved him...and whispered that
      as they made love.*

      Kel: Aat raal iit.... [I love you] *He forgot standard as he poured all
      the love he had into moving inside her, molding his lithe body to hers,
      soaking up her still awe inspiring warmth*

      *Kurista gasped under him rubbing her hips against his as he brought her to
      her peak with his devoted attention. She felt like she was flying.*

      *Kel moaned her name as he filled her with his cool release. He so wished he
      could give he an egg this way, but he knew he couldn't.*

      *Kurista sighed with contentment and held him close.*

      Kel: *His cool body shaking slightly* I dreamed of this every night, of
      being with you and hearing you make those sweet sounds. *he shifted
      carefully, shivering deliciously as his member rose back into it's pouch*
      Please tell me they will be giving you time to rest and recover now...I know
      you will be seeing a counselor, they left messages for you here. *He touched
      her cheek* People at the hospital told me how horrible it was....

      Kurista: I have some time. *She kissed him* I'll be fine, now that I'm home
      and I have my Kel to take care of me.

      Kel: *Looking pleased at her trust in him* I will take good care of you, I
      promise. *He covered her with the warming blanket and nestled close*
      Kurista...may I ask you something important?

      Kurista: Of course, you can always ask me anything Kel.

      Kel: *cheeks a soft purple* I...I want to make an egg with you. *He blurted
      it out fearfully*

      Kurista: *Smiling softly* We'd have to have help. *She said*

      Kel: *Looking stunned* I...I looked into it, the Natives say they can help
      us, even make it so you don't have to carry it unless you want to. I would
      gladly look after a real egg, it would bring immense purpose to my life! *He
      babbled out the words, his antennae wiggling excitedly*

      Kurista: *kissing his cheek* All right love...look into it and we'll talk
      more ok?

      Kel: *eyes bright with happiness* I have it all on a PADD...The time passed
      quicker for me when I researched it and talked to people about it.

      Kurista: *smiling* We'll talk about it in the morning then. *She kissed his

      Kel: *Cuddling her closer* Of course, I'm sorry, you're exhausted and I'm
      babbling like a Hagitian Ape. *He sounded very contrite*

      Kurista: Of course you don't....you're excited. Its ok.

      Kel: *Stroking her face* I've been so lonely without you...it was like it
      was before we met, when I had no one to love me. *He yawned and sighed

      *Kurista cuddled him close and held him whispering to him how much she loved
      him and that she was here now...and he would never be alone again.*

      *The next morning Kel was up early and happily making her a rich breakfast,
      looking comical in the heat proof apron and long gloves he wore. He found
      himself getting over heated and well...that started things...interesting
      things. He scowled as his manhood informed him he was more a lover than a

      Kel: *Looking at himself* Stop that! She's asleep!

      Kurista: *wrapped in her robe* Not anymore. *She smiled.* Morning love.

      Kel: *Almost jumping out of his skin* Beloved! I woke you! I'm sorry! *He
      smacked himself as he turned, muttering* See what you've done!

      Kurista: What are you doing? *She went over and kissed him, feeling the
      slightly higher temperature to his skin.* You're warm.

      Kel: *Almost moaning as just that simple touch made him ache* I've been
      baking...and it's gotten very...very war....*His voice trailed off as he
      began to sniff her neck*

      Kurista: *Head falling to the side as her hands undid his apron and started
      to pull off the gloves* Maybe you should take a break...*She whispered. She
      knew Andorians could get...aggressive when too warm. Even the males.*

      Kel: A break...yes...a break. *He nipped at her neck, feeling as if he was
      going to crawl right out of his skin if he didn't take her right then and

      *Kurista shivered a little at the nip and took a long deep breath, feeling
      the potential energy bubbling under his skin.*

      *Kel pulled her robe away and pinched her nipples, something he would have
      never done before. He was almost panting as his body temputure rose and his
      need grew. He kissed her almost roughly, moaning loudly*

      Kurista: *gasping into the kiss* Gods Kel.... *She ran her hands through his

      *He backed her up against the wall and after freeing himself, lifted her and
      plunged into her, his eyes a dark blue from the passion coursing through his
      veins. He was past thinking, all he knew was he needed his mate and
      propriety be damned*

      *Kurista cried out as he took her, none of his usual care of softness at
      all. He wanted her, and he was having her....NOW. It was...arousing to say
      the least.*

      *He didn't care if he bruised her, didn't care if the wall was hard against
      her delicate back. All he cared about was marking her, making her his*

      *Kurista cried out sharply as she came, feeling the bruises all ready
      starting up her back from the pounding it was taking.*

      *Kel moaned out her name as he filled her, sanity creeping in when the hand
      she had on his neck turned his cooling unit up two levels. He panted and
      then let out a terrified whimper*

      *Kurista kissed him instantly to reassure him.*

      Kurista: Mmmm nice way to wake up. *She whispered, being careful not to let
      on that she was sore*

      Kel: *Moving on shaky legs to place her gently on the sofa* I hurt you...I'm
      sorry...I was talking to you, then suddenly I couldn't think, I got lost,
      then I could think again and I had hurt you. *He tugged at his antennae in
      agitation. He was a gentle creature and the thought of harming anyone, much
      less his beloved wife was more than he could bear*

      Kurista: Shhhh, I'm ok. *She stroked his cheek* I'm not made of glass
      beloved and I enjoyed that too.

      Kel: *He looked at her back and went pale* Oh...ohhhhh!!! *He hastily moved
      to grab the little med kit he had and yanked out the regenerator* Your poor
      back.... *He began to heal her, and as her words slowly sank in past the
      panic he blinked* You...you're not angry?

      Kurista: No, I'm not. *She smiled at him softly* Its ok.

      Kel: *Looking ill with relief* Our women sometimes...well they make us go
      mad, then take us to them. The warrior males enjoy the act, but I was always
      afraid of it being done to me.

      Kurista: Its all right beloved. *She kissed him*

      Kel: *Blushing* It did feel...exciting. *He smiled shyly and moved to finish
      making her breakfast*

      Kurista: *smiling happily as she rested on the couch, gloriously nude.* Yes
      it did.

      Kel: *Carefully bringing her a mug of coffee, eying the scalding brew much
      like Tira did* I made it just as you like it.

      *Kel watched her and felt his world right itself again. He knew soon the
      whole family would gather for the hatching of Korr and Tira's egg and that
      they would be a unit once more.*


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