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Arrested!/ Two souls in agony

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  • eternalwytch1
    ON *Sam walked as if heading to his own execution. His head was down, steps shuffling. His shoulders were slumped and his normally lively brown
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      *Sam walked as if heading to his own execution. His head was down, steps
      shuffling. His shoulders were slumped and his normally lively brown eyes
      were the colour of muddy waters. He had made a decision...he was leaving the
      ship. He already had his stuff from the ship offloaded, now he had to get
      the things he had left behind in their...Kurista's room on the base. Telsia
      had generously given him back pay for the shows he had done and he had
      rented a room for him and his babies. He was drugged, had to be to face
      seeing Kurista again. He rang the chime and looked at his feet.*

      Sam: (Never again...I can't face a closed door again, or a casket. Just me
      and my babies from now on.)

      Kurista: *she'd dressed simply* Come in Sam. *She opened the door and stood
      to the side.*

      Sam: *Casting one achingly loving glance at her before looking away* I...I
      just came t' clear my stuff out. I'm staying here on the base from now on.
      (Oh baby -please- say it was all a bad idea, let me come home!)

      Kurista: *nodding* Did you find quarters all right? *She asked
      quietly...trying hard not to cry and beg him to forget it and come back.*

      Sam: (Oh baby...I hear it in your voice! Please make all this just a bad
      dream!) *He nodded, standing before her nervously, hands buried in his
      pockets, because if he took them out he would pull her to him and never let
      her go* Yeah...is it okay to get my stuff?

      Kurista: Of course, go right ahead. *She nodded and moved back, stepping
      over to get herself a mug of tea, leaving him to collect his things in

      *Sam collected his things quietly. On her bed he left a sweater he knew she
      loved, for it was worn and soft. Beside it he left a real paper letter. He
      had poured his heart out in it, swearing he would love her forever and he
      meant it. He thanked her for all the love she had given him and for the
      chance to give his love to her. When he signed it off the night before a
      tear had landed on it, leaving a faint stain by his name. He stepped out,
      pale and hurting so bad he prayed for death just to end it. He had his few
      belongings in a large bag.*

      Sam: I'll...be going now.

      Kurista: *nodding, she'd been crying as he'd packed his things but had wiped
      them away...eyes still red though.* Ok. Sam....try and take care of

      Sam: *Looking at her with his dulled eyes, tears slipping down his face* You
      too baby...I...I love you. *He turned and headed to the door before the sobs
      burst free*

      *His words had stabbed deep and she stumbled to the bedroom, seeing the
      sweater he had left her. She set the letter aside and hugged the sweater and
      sobbed into it, deep heart wrenching sobs that racked her body so hard they
      physically hurt.*

      *Sam sobbed all the way to the crowded little set of rooms he had gotten. He
      dropped his things and raced into the 'Fresher to vomit, ignoring the pink
      tinge to it. He had taken an old t-shirt that he had given her as a
      nightshirt, it smelled of her and he hugged it to him, rocking on the floor
      of the 'Fresher. He had no bed, sofa or anything else. He couldn't spare the
      creds for them. He had a bedroll and a pillow, all he needed.*

      *Kurista cried until she was exhausted and rocked herself slightly. She felt
      empty inside and it ate at her. She read the letter and it opened deeper
      wounds. She didn't deserve to have anyone after putting Sam through this
      hell and she cursed Shaharin's ghost for ever letting them meet. A part of
      her almost wished that the Cardassians had killed her...and made the end
      clean. She felt like her soul was dead...or near to it.*

      *Sam pulled out picture cubes and looked at happier times as he clutched the
      t-shirt. He touched the image of a smiling Kurista and fumbled for a bottle
      of Scotch. He drank deeply, then kissed the image, her name being whispered
      brokenly. He wept and drank, praying that the drugs and booze would kill him
      soon, for living was more than he could bear*

      *Kurista ran a bath, slipping into the hot water and closing her eyes. She
      had a single glass of Romulan ale, not trusting herself to have more than
      one right now. She focused on the meditation exercises that Vernec had
      taught Jerican after he'd lost Velaska. She had to center herself...or she
      would spiral out of control and spiral down hard. She could master her
      pain...she had to or it would destroy her.*

      *Sam had already tended his babies and now could sink into a haze of drugs
      and booze. He curled up into his bedroll, the only lights coming from the
      holocubes he had keyed on around him. He looked at images of happier times
      as he became more and more intoxicated.*

      *Kurista left a note for Tira and Korr that she'd been tired and gone to bed
      early...assuring them that she had all ready eaten and not to worry. In
      truth the thought of food turned her stomach and she was exhausted. She
      curled into bed and cried herself to sleep.*

      *Sam passed out, a bottle still clutched in his hand, Kurista's name on his
      lips. He lay there, surrounded by chaos, drugs doing damage, booze doing
      damage. But the bloodiest wound was the one left by being robbed of love for
      a second and last time.*


      Sam Feducci
      Bird Man
      "Death? Come for me soon, for this life is too hard to bear"

      Lt. Kurista Nator
      'Dying a piece at a time'

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