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Shore leave/ T'Sel (ATTEN Idana)

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    ON *T Sel walked quietly down the still cluttered walkway and gracefully dodged an engineer, deep in conversation with another by comm. The base
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      *T'Sel walked quietly down the still cluttered walkway and gracefully
      dodged an engineer, deep in conversation with another by comm. The base
      was coming back, slowly but with surety. She and Elosan were working
      hard, but she had to take time from her beloved computers to see the
      CMO. Her pregnancy was progressing, but differently than with Quella.
      She felt nauseated much of the time and even deep meditation did little
      to ease it. It made work difficult and she wanted that to stop. Her work
      came second only to her family and that was just barely.

      She swallowed hard as she passed one of the few open restaurants. The
      smell made her light headed and only encouraged her stomach's rebellion.
      She walked a bit faster and took deep breaths once she passed the
      offending place.*

      T'Sel: (This is most inconvenient. I must find a solution!)


      *Cara was taking a much needed break. She had been on the go since early
      morning and it was rapidly approaching late afternoon. She had just
      finished a huge salad when she felt eyes on her. She looked up and her
      head nurse smiled at her regretfully.*

      Jennings: *His deep voice soft* Sorry doc... but Lt. Cmd. Elosan is
      here. She wants to talk to you. If you ask me, she looks a little
      greener than usual.

      Cara: *Reclaimating her dishes and washing her hands* Send her in. And
      Pat? Take a break, I heard your belly growl earlier and it sounded like
      a pride of lions. *She smiled at him*

      Jennings: *Laughing* Sorry Chief... I'll feed the pride now.

      Cara: (He's a nut... but a damned talented nut!)

      T'Sel: *Stepping in* Doctor.

      Cara: Have a seat T'Sel, what's the problem?

      T'Sel: Nausea. I have tried all the healing techniques I know and
      nothing seems to help. The medicines you gave me before ceased working.

      Cara: *Scowling as she moved to scan the lovely Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid*
      Why did you... never mind, you waited because duty comes first. *She
      scanned carefully and scowled deeper, scanning again.* You need trace
      minerals and plant stuffs from the Ullian homeworld. Something tells me
      replicated won't work. *Scans again* I don't these readings. In fact, I
      dislike them enough to be worried.

      T'Sel: What are they showing Doctor? *She was nonplussed, it was not in
      her nature to panic.*

      Cara: This is your first normal pregnancy. With Quella you had so much
      interference, that it never really was anything near normal. Seems the
      combination of Ullian, Vulcan and Betazoid is a bit hard on you and the
      baby. It doesn't help that you are a little young for all this. Have you
      been more tired than usual, feeling sleepy a lot, not really hungry when
      you should be?

      T'Sel: As a matter of fact, yes. It is a chore to even drink juice or
      water. And I am finding it... difficult to be not only as active as I
      need to be as ACSO, but as a wife and mother. I have managed, but would
      like a solution to this.

      Cara: Hmmmm. As of now, you are on light duty. Let others do the leg
      work, stick to sitting and when you're at home, rest all you need to.
      I'm going to look into something for you.

      T'Sel: Thank you Doctor. I am weary of being ill. *Strides out*

      *Cara made a call to a new shop keeper and left a message. Perhaps the
      Ullian shop owner had the items T'Sel needed.*


      Lt. Cmd. Cara Khayne

      Lt. Cmd. T'Sel Elosan
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