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Shore Leave/ Life Goes On

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  • eternalwytch1
    ON *Workman and shop owners swarmed the promenade, looking like brightly coloured ants. Nat and her daughter were in Nat s shop, working to bring
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      *Workman and shop owners swarmed the promenade, looking like brightly
      coloured ants. Nat and her daughter were in Nat's shop, working to bring
      it back to life. Sadness came from them in waves, yet they worked on,
      refusing to dishonour Bakari by giving up. His other children were on
      the way, putting their lives on hold to help their mother put the pieces
      of her life together and to grieve as a family. K'ruska stalked the
      base, as did security. She was determined to make this base safe and to
      keep herself busy as possible to avoid dealing with what made her mighty
      hearts ache.

      As CO she had no choice but to stop by the Cardassian embassy to pay a
      visit to Ravik and see if he needed anything. She cast a glance to Tevar
      and only training kept her heart from her eyes.*

      K'ruska: How goes the repairs Ambassador? Is there anything I can do?

      *Outside the Embassy, Quella Elosan walked, her powerful mind intrigued
      by all she was feeling from those around her. She had followed the
      Klingon fusion, tantalized by the turmoil raging inside the tall female.
      Quella was a logical child, her emotions controlled and only displayed
      around the four beings she loved, her parents, her sister Wenonah and
      her beloved Uncle Rugali/Sabris. The emotions from the Klingon fusion
      were so raw, so... interesting.*

      Quella: (And they have become such powerful warriors with so little

      Ravik: *still a little weak from the numerous surgeries he had
      undergone* It goes slowly. But I can hardly ask for you to give us more
      engineers. You have a base to take care of first. We should have new
      crew in soon. Ko... *a breath and a slightly exasperated look* Tevar is
      looking over their records. It seems suddenly a good many young men and
      women want to be here.

      K'ruska: I am giving all the Ambassadors all the crew I can spare. (Look
      at me! Please Tevar... give me some sign I matter to you!)

      *Outside Quella 'listened', enthralled by the desperation she heard from
      the Klingon fusion. In her robes designed to show her full heritage, she
      looked like a doll, all brocade and velvets. No one paid her any
      attention as she eavesdropped*

      Quella: (Tevar, he is confused, longing for this Maleah, yet he has
      relations with K'ruska, most puzzling.)

      Ravik: We will manage, Commander. It is far more important that this
      base be whole again.

      *Tevar stood beside him. His eyes had been on K'ruska boots, but had
      slowly roamed up he body until he was looking at her face. He could
      almost smell the ache on her skin.*

      Tevar: (I am sorry I've done this to you.... But there is no turning
      back now. You will accept this hurt and I will continue to use you to
      keep myself from going insane.)

      K'ruska: *Forcing a smile* We have plenty of engineers, Civ. Corps have
      sent in their best to help the Fleet engineers out. *Her eyes met
      Tevar's and in the dark depths, for a split second, her love showed like
      a super nova* (Nothing can keep me from being at your beck and call)

      Quella: (He admits his illogic, yet repeats the actions anyway. How...
      odd. Are such simple urges that difficult to control? And this Maleah,
      she is not here, yet he longs for her, having her by proxy through
      K'ruska. And she allows this.)

      Ravik: Then get your base complete first, Commander. *He smiled.* We
      won't suffer, I assure you. We've grown accustomed to handling business
      from our quarters.

      Tevar: *adjusting the jacket he wore; the robes he'd once worn were
      gone. Now he wore clothes that would be considered fashionable on
      Cardassia* I assure you, K'ruska, the Embassy will keep a bit longer. It
      at least isn't a gaping hole into space at this point. *a slight twitch
      of his lip, the edge of a grin or smile*

      K'ruska: (And my hopes of being near him a bit more are dashed like a
      targ on the rocks of J'the sea.) I will leave you to your work then.
      *she inclined her head and left, back tight and steps stilted*

      Quella: (This love, it is most confusing. Mother and Father handle it
      much better than this.)

      Tevar: *a look to Tokor as he followed* Commander.... *They were outside
      the office now and he kept his voice low* It's lunch time... Tokor will
      be joining Mira.... *a breath* Join me?

      *Quella raised an eyebrow at the flare of happiness that burned within
      the hulking Klingon*

      K'ruska: (Oh Kahless... he needs me, thank you!) Yes, I will. *A real

      Tevar: *a smile* Since I have done the asking you choose the place.
      Anywhere you prefer.

      K'ruska: *Voice soft* I have some of that Cardassian meat you like, we
      could eat in my quarters.

      Quella: (She hopes for sexual relations with him, despite his lack of
      feeling for her....)

      Tevar: *nodding and offering his arm* Shall we, then? (If it must be,
      then I will at least not make her look like a fool.)

      *K'ruska took his arm, feeling feminine, something she seldom got to
      enjoy. Quella followed them, making sure she was less than noticeable to
      the people they passed.*

      K'ruska: *Shivering* Yes... I'm... starving. (Starving for you Tevar)

      Tevar: *forcing himself to keep his control as he caught the almost
      musky scent of desire on her* (Food first.... She must eat.) *He scowled
      slightly. He'd been feeling something... a crawling in his skull. He
      glanced backward and all around looking for the source of it.*

      K'ruska: *Scowling* Is something wrong?

      *Quella focused on telling Tevar he saw nothing heard nothing. She
      wanted to see this play out, see how all the idiocy ended*

      Tevar: *the scowl deepening* Yes. *He closed his eyes for a moment,
      concentrating. He'd been trained as all Cardassians were from birth to
      resist telepathic invasion and other forms of mind control. His
      advantage was that his unique nature made him particularly resistant. He
      could feel the source like a blip on radar and managed to make eye
      contact with her despite her best effort to hide* (It is considered an
      act of rape to enter someone's mind without their permission, little

      Quella: *Mental voice cold* =I am learning about the lives of nons. I
      find your lack of logic interesting.= *Mental smile* =You cannot stop me
      from listening.=

      K'ruska: *Sighing and tapping her badge* Elosan? Would you come claim
      your child? My... lunch is waiting and it seems she is causing problems.

      Tevar: *mental voice equally cold* (You are invading my privacy, child.
      Do not force me to press charges. They'll lock you down with an

      Elosan: *voice edged* I will take care of it, Commander. My apologies.
      *He had been on his way to round up Quella for her own lunch and stepped
      into the bustling throng of the Promenade from a side corridor with a
      deep scowl on his face. It took him no time to locate Quella and she was
      so absorbed that she scarcely noticed him. A firm hand on her shoulder
      stopped her in her tracks.* =What do you think you are doing?=

      Quella: *Jumping* =Father! I was educating myself on the inner workings
      of nons. They are most illogical creatures!=

      K'ruska: If you have her in hand Commander, I would like to see to my
      meal. (Oh PLEASE have her in hand!)

      Elosan: *looking most displeased* It will be taken care of, Commander. I
      apologize for her behavior. *once they moved on, his face went steely
      dark and he gave Quella a look that would have melted solid metal* =I
      did not raise a mental rapist. You are to be punished. I have taught you
      far more respect than that. Obviously you need those lessons
      reinforced.= *he turned her toward the corridor he'd come firm with a
      hard hand on her shoulder.*

      Quella: =Why must we not use our gifts?!= *she pulled free, looking
      defiant* =They refuse to answer simple questions, being rude and patting
      me on the head as if I were a mere child! Is it my fault my body has yet
      to catch up with my mental capacity? How else am I to learn?= *Her dark
      eyes were black with anger and she felt humiliated by being retrieved
      like an errant pet*

      Elosan: *the lie was apparent to him* =First of all, you did not ask nor
      did anyone 'pat you on the head'. Second, the thoughts of others are
      their own private concern.= *He guided her into a lift and gave it
      direction to take them to their deck.* =If you cannot behave yourself, I
      will arrange for you to go into day care. Like it or not, you ARE a

      Quella: *Arms crossed over her chest* = I hunger for knowledge, yet I am
      forced to go without... very well. I will leave the fragile creatures
      alone... totally. I would rather be reduced to the mental ability of a
      gnat than suffer being treated like an infant.=

      <<K'ruska's quarters>>

      *She sighed with relief once they were inside the warm, humid confines
      of her quarters*

      K'ruska: Please, sit down and I'll get our food. (You are the only food
      I need)

      Tevar: *removing the jacket he wore and settling himself at the table*
      Commander Elosan looked most displeased.

      K'ruska: Quella is a strange child. Talking to her I feel like a bug
      being examined. *Sets hot fish juice out for them along with warmed meat
      and roasted vegetables*

      Tevar: Her mind is very active. *He watched her move intently*

      K'ruska: *Face darkening under his gaze* Yes it is. (I love you... how I
      wish I were more than a convience to you.) *She sat across from him,
      eyes finally meeting his, and her whole being shining in them*

      Tevar: *watching her intently for several moments* I do hope he will be
      able to make her see why what she was doing was wrong. The last thing we
      need on the station is a rogue telepathic child.

      K'ruska: *Sipping the hot brew after adding the Klingon version of hot
      sauce* Is there something wrong? You keep staring at me, not that I
      mind, but you normally don't.

      Tevar: *a sigh* I am simply trying to puzzle my through the situation we
      have found ourselves in.

      K'ruska: There is not reason to. I love you, you don't love me and we
      enjoy sex and talking. Simple. *She looked at him and touched his hand*
      Don't waste energy over thinking things.

      Tevar: *looking into her eyes* Once I would have thought nothing of
      this, used you with no regret or guilt. But I am not that man any

      K'ruska: You can't use the willing Tevar. I knew going in that you
      didn't love me, I accept that. *She nudged his plate* Eat, you know you
      are still recovering.

      Tevar: *taking a mouthful of meat, chewing and swallowing* Actually, I
      am done healing from the physical wounds I received. I am more concerned
      with Tokor tiring himself at this point. They rebuilt so much of him. He
      should be resting, not at the embassy overworking himself. But he
      refused to go home and let me handle things.

      K'ruska: Drop a word in Mira's ear. He'll listen to her. *She ate
      without tasting, her senses overwhelmed with his scent, the sound of his
      voice* (what have I become?)

      Tevar: *a grin* I think even she will have problems keeping him down.

      K'ruska: Maybe, but my creds are on Mira. *smiles and leans back, too
      wired to truly be hungry*

      Tevar: *an odd look* Eat. You have too many responsibilities now to be
      skipping meals.

      K'ruska: *a strange look in her eyes* You're right. *She finishes her
      meal, feeding the wrong appetite* (It almost sounds like he cares, but
      it must be wishful thinking on my part)

      Tevar: *eating his own meal* If nothing else, you are my friend... one
      of very few I have. That does hold some concern and affection of its
      own. *He looked into her eyes, the sentiment sincere.*

      K'ruska: (Friends... with benefits. A port in the storm until he finds
      his Maleah or some petite thing to enjoin with and raise a family.)
      Thanks Tevar. *She reclaimated her plate and glass, needing the
      momentary distraction.*

      Tevar: (And still I wound her....) *he sighed and drank his fish juice*

      K'ruska: *she turned and looked at him, then moved to kiss him tenderly*
      Please, don't look sad for me. *Her lips barely touched his as she
      spoke, one hand caressing his neck ridges*

      Tevar: *shivering* You don't play fair... you know exactly where to
      touch.... *He kissed her deeply.*

      K'ruska: *Pulling him to his feet, the hunger growing with each touch*
      No, I don't. (All's fair in love and war... this is neither) *she led
      him to her bed, her uniform seeming to melt from her body*

      Tevar: Then I will just have to learn to play unfair, too. *He teased
      and caressed, still fully dressed.*

      K'ruska: *Voice a deep growl* Tevar... please. Let me feel your skin
      next to mine. *She worked to disrobe him, eager to feel his warmth
      against her*

      *In what seemed the blink of an eye, they were both naked and joined
      together in what could only be described as writhing passion.*

      *She knew what this was, knew he only bedded her out of need. But it was
      better than nothing. She clung to him, moaning out endearments in
      Russian, Klingon and Cardassian*

      *If he could not give her what she needed emotionally, he could at the
      very least make certain that he did more than just fulfill his own
      needs. He made sure that she was satisfied several times before finally
      letting himself tumble over that blissful edge with her. When he did, he
      called out her name as her teeth clamped onto a neck ridge. He held her
      tightly as they writhed together.*

      Tevar: (By Damar! If I must be in this situation... at least she is
      skilled....) *he almost immediately kicked himself for thinking such a

      *His weight on top of her was as welcomed as a warm blanket on a cold
      night. She was grateful for this time, for him remembering to call out
      her name as he reached his peak. She smoothed his damp hair and marveled
      at the feel of him in her arms*

      K'ruska: *As she trailed a big hand down his spine* Lunch with exercise
      after, I like it.

      Tevar: *a soft chuckle as he caught his breath* Though it does rather
      defeat the purpose, does it not?

      K'ruska: *eyes closed as she kissed his temple* It just makes sure
      you're hungry for the next meal.

      Tevar: *resting his face against her neck* I suppose it does. (Why can I
      not control this?)

      K'ruska: Speaking of, would you have dinner with me? *A beat* And stay
      the night?

      Tevar: *a moment* So long as neither of us is late for work tomorrow.

      K'ruska: I would never embarrass you like that. *Kisses him and smiles*
      We need to shower. (He said YES!)

      Tevar: (What are you doing you fool?? You will only get her hopes up!)
      *But he couldn't take it back now. That would crush her.* (No... you
      have made the bed and now you must lie in it as the humans like to
      say....) *He let none of those thoughts show, but rather admired her for
      a moment as she moved toward the 'fresher* (She is a gorgeous woman...
      but she deserves better than this.)


      *Back in uniform, hair tightly braided, K'ruska looked every inch the CO
      as they walked down the corridor. When they stopped where they had to
      part ways she smiled*

      K'ruska: I hope the rest of the day goes smoothly for you Tevar. (And
      quickly....) I look forward to our dinner tonight. (And sleeping with
      him next to me)

      Tevar: *smiling* I wish you the same, though I know smooth days are a
      rarity for the CO. *He leaned in and kissed her cheek.* I'll see you

      K'ruska: *Startled by the public display, but oddly pleased, kissed him
      back, lips soft on his cheek* Until tonight. *She walked away, feeling
      better for some reason* (He kissed me... in public)

      Tevar:: *chiding himself as he walked away* (You truly are an idiot....
      Agreeing to stay the night... kissing her in public.... The womanizer
      you once were is far from dead, Sorak. Much as you hate to admit it,
      circumstances and events have not changed you enough to kill him off.)

      *Other eyes watched and recorded the event. Soon enough Tevar would have
      more than one problem on his mind*


      Cmdr K'ruska
      "Fool I may be, but a fool that loves, is better than the fool that

      Quella Elosan
      "I will learn...."

      Tevar Sorak
      Ambassadorial Aide

      with a cameo by
      Cmdr. Tenar Elosan
      Chief Science Officer
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