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Shoreleave/ Hard talk

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  • Tanth
    *Vince had taken the children with him, leaving Remy and Kestrae to do their talking. He thought about wandering the market and getting some
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2004

      *Vince had taken the children with him, leaving Remy and Kestrae to do their
      talking. He thought about wandering the market and getting some things for
      the family, but then he realized he and Remy had overlooked something.
      They'd been so caught up dealing with Ashren and Kestrae that they'd
      forgotten to say goodbye to Ria. It wasn't as if they'd never see her again,
      but still....*

      Vince: *looking down at Ashren walking hand n hand with him* Whah don' we go
      see Miss Ria, hmmm?

      Ashren: Ri-ri n' Nay-nay?

      Vince: Non, petite chere. Jus' Miss Ria.

      Ashren: *pouting for a moment* 'Kay.

      <<Nash Quarters>>

      *Tom was tired, but he knew they needed to talk. He'd bowed out long enough
      to clean up a little and then settled himself into a chair across from the
      sofa Kestrae occupied.*

      Nash: Dey tol' me y' were in de brig... didn' t'ink dey'd let me see ya much
      less have ya in de same place. *His tone made it difficult to tell if he
      thought this was a good thing or a bad thing. He looked extremely nervous
      and ran a hand through his warm brown hair. He took a deep breath.* Dere's
      somet'in' y' should knwo 'bout Tiala. Her mama... she was a prisoner, jus'
      lahke me. *He moved to his bags to get the PADD, handing it to her.* Dey
      kept 'er n' 'er man lahke pets. let 'em breed. He... dahed tryin' t' get 'em
      out. *a shaky breath* She was jus' doin' what she t'ought she had t' do t'
      keep dat baby alahve. She wasn' a collaborator, ange.

      *He waited for her to go through the files. Eventually she would see why the
      baby had bonded to him so readily. He bore an uncanny resemblance to the
      child's biological father. If he had been human, he and Tom could weel have
      been mistaken for brothers.*

      *Kitanal did a cursory glance over the information on the woman that, until
      now, all evidence made her fit a collaborator's profile.* (Nice that they
      only cough up this information AFTER the fact.) *Privately she wouldn't have
      put it past some ass in Starfleet--or that bitch of a counselor--to
      purposely withhold this. She continued to the next screen and was stunned by
      the image that stared back at her. Another blink made her process the name.*

      Kitanal: *her voice a puzzled murmur* Tolarin Rehn.... *the name sounded
      familiar for some unknown reason. She finally shook her head in confusion,
      unable to place it.* At least this makes more sense now than it did. *under
      her breath with a touch of sarcasm* Would have been nice to have known this
      in the first place.

      Tom: *softly* Ria didn' even know 'til Fleet Intelligence sent 'er de
      fahles.*The tone of his voice made it clear that he expected to be yelled

      Kitanal: While it's nice to know some facts, I still don't think it's a good
      idea to keep her. *she held up her hands before Tom could protest.* Hear me
      out? I want to tell you MY opinion--not have you believe whatever that bitch
      of a counselor filled your head with. First of all, yes, without this
      evidence, I had no choice but to think the woman was a collaborator. Many
      other Bajorans would have thought the same thing. What I couldn't get
      through to anyone was that I felt the baby needed her /own/ care because she
      obviously could not talk to the doctors and tell them what the spoonheads
      did to her. Second, I'll be blunt--I don't like the counselor's attitude.
      You know I'm not anti-Fleet, but she hasn't the slightest idea what she's
      doing. (I'm surprised you and the baby both still aren't at square one.)
      Which brings me to three--the baby herself. I don't know how I /can/ raise
      her, much less get to know her, without the counselor's interference. If she
      weren't around, I would certainly see it as a little easier. But she's
      already labeled me with her biases. Say the time comes when she's old enough
      to deliberately misbehave or test limits. One little swat on the rear or
      smack on the hand, and that woman will be trying to slap me with false child
      abuse charges, using past words of anger as "evidence". (And any other BS
      she can make up.)

      Tom: *looking upset* Don' talk 'bout Ria lahke dat. *He looked at her
      finally* Ah wanna keep 'er. Ah'm de only one she's okay wit' all de tahme.
      She's gettin' better. Kids bounce back a lot easier den adults do, but
      takin' 'er from me nah won' help 'er. It'll jus' cause more trauma. We're
      still gonna hafta be dealin' wit' Ria anyway. Ah have t' keep goin' t'
      counselin'. S' keepin' Tiala 'r not ain' gonna get 'er out o' our lahves.
      *He gave her a pleading look* C'n y' jus' trah? Dat's all Ah'm askin'. *His
      eyes said he expected her to get angry because he was supportive of Ria and
      wanted exactly what she didn't. There was fear there, volumes of it.*

      Kitanal: *a sigh of mild exasperation because he'd missed the last part* I
      repeat, Tom--/how/ am I supposed to try with that woman around?? She will
      use any excuse to accuse me of abusing the baby. I'll have to waste more
      time making sure she isn't spying than I will have getting to know the

      Tom: She ain't gonna accuse y' o' nothin' y' don' do, Ange.

      Kitanal: I'm sorry if I have to disagree with you, ashani. I may have to
      put up with her counseling you since Starfleet has decided they know best
      who is suitable to help you (which they DON'T), but if I'm to get to know
      the baby, that woman is to stay out of it. I don't have time to put up with
      her while trying to get to know a child that might end up staying here

      Tom: De baby's her patient, too. So she kahnda has t' be involved. *He took
      a shaky breath* Ah made a promise dat Ah'd take care o' dis baby.... Ah took
      responsibility f' 'er, Ange. *He wasn't looking at her, still expecting her
      to blow up.*

      Kitanal: *a mutter* We REALLY need to look into getting a different
      counselor....an unbiased one. *aloud* Tom, the problem is more the
      counselor than the baby. I'm not comfortable with keeping her but I can try
      for you. But with her interference-- *she tossed her hands in the air in

      Tom: Ah trust Ria. N' dis ain' no "trah" kahnda situation, cherie. Y' can'
      "trah" n' den decahde y' don' wan' Tiala here. Y' can' keep lookin' at 'er
      lahke she's somet'in' y' have t' get conf'table wit'. She ain' a piece o'
      furniture. She's jus' a baby who needs a home. N' Ah wanna give it t' 'er.
      Dis ain' about you, me or Ria... it's about dat lil' girl havin' a good home
      where she's loved. Ah already love 'er. Ah don' see whah it'd be so hard f'
      you to unless de Kestrae Ah t'ought Ah knew was a lah.... *There were tears
      in his eyes* (Oh please, ange... don' make me choose....)

      Kitanal: *her frustration rising* Using the word "try" doesn't mean I'm
      going to decide I don't want her--but what are you going to do if that woman
      /does/ try to twist some innocent situation into a false charge? She's
      already decided I'm some horrible person just because she's too incompetent
      to know how to treat an upset spouse who didn't have all the information.
      The accident with the Trill, I'm sure, has made her put more of her
      assumptions to that. *She wobbled to her feet awkwardly, even though she
      knew she shouldn't be on them, to pace.* Maybe if we can go to Bajor....or
      somewhere without that damned menace around, I can get to know the baby in

      Tom: We can't Ah have t' have Ria nearbah f' sessions. Y' jus' gonna have t'
      be resourceful, ange. *He blew out a huff of breath* Y' stubborn, cherie. Y'
      gonna hafta jus' learn t' drop th' axe y' feel y' hafta grahnd wit' 'er
      instead o' trahin' t' rn from de situation. *He looked like he still
      expected her to blow up, like he was walking through a mine field in clown

      Kitanal: *pacing and wincing with every few steps* I never had a problem
      with her until she started being a bitch. And I'll tell you this right
      now--she uses that child to pin any false charges on me, and I will talk to
      whoever I can to see her be permanently removed from Starfleet. I have a
      temper, yes. I have killed more spoonheads than I can count, yes. I DO NOT
      abuse children. And I will not have her putting that label on me.

      Tom: Cherie, sit down. Y' not s'posed t' be on y' feet. N' don' talk about
      Ria dat way. Y' got snippy wit' 'er n' expected 'er t' be nahce? Y' bot'
      need t' cool off. But i' ain' gonna happen less y' stop talkin' n' t'inkin'
      'bout 'er lahke dat. Telepath, remember? *he tapped his forehead* She c'n
      feel how y' t'ink 'bout 'er. N' Ah already tol' y' she ain' gonna fahle n'
      false charges.

      Kitanal: Ashani, she's a /counselor/. She should /know/ that the spouse of
      a tortured man is not going to be nice and calm. She could have picked that
      out of my head but she chose to be rude instead. To tell me I didn't have
      any say in what happened to /my/ family. If I'm to drop my opinion of her,
      she'd damn well better stop assuming she knows what kind of person I am. It
      goes both ways.

      Tom: *standing and nervously pushing her back onto the sofa* Y' both'll
      b'have. *He flopped back into his chair with a shaky sigh* Y' t'ink Ah need
      all dis fahghtin' goin' on?? *Slamming his fist into the table beside the
      chair* Ah -need- y' t' both git along, dammit! *He froze, panting and
      realizing he'd lost control. And then the anger was gone, replaced again
      with fear* Ah... Ah'm sorry. *He shrank in on himself.*

      Kitanal: *a little startled by his outburst, she blinked in surprised
      silence for several minutes* (I can tell him everything but the one thing I
      haven't told anyone.) *she remained quiet as that thought crawled to the
      fore of her mind.*

      Tom: *he sat quietly for some time, shivering occasionally as he breathed
      deep and got himself back under control* Ah'm keepin' 'er. Ah promised Ah'd
      take care of 'er n' Ah love 'er. Dis's somet'in' y' gonna have t' learn t'
      accept. Ah ain' askin' y' t' be friends wit' Ria, but y' better learn t' a'
      leas' tolerate 'er seein' as she's kahnda family nah. Ah don' wan' another
      counselor. Ah trust 'er. Daddy trusts 'er, too.

      Kitanal: If she wants a family, let her marry again, have her own children
      and run /their/ lives. She can "counsel" all she likes, but she has no
      business interfering otherwise. And we need to make sure the baby doesn't
      have family of her own on Bajor. /I/ will check myself, because I don't
      trust any check Starfleet's made. They don't know how to look into Bajoran
      records. If she is to become a daughter, we must make sure there is no
      chance some relative cannot pop up two years later and take her back to
      Bajor or wherever they live.

      Tom: *quietly* Bah all accounts, de mother n' father both los' deir whole
      family lahnes in de camps.... *But he knew she would check anyway being as
      stubborn as she was.*

      Kitanal: *softly* A lot of records are still very screwed up. During my
      time in the Military Academy, three cadets had long-lost relatives show up
      that, according to official records, were labeled as dead from the Recanthan
      camps. To be honest, I've wondered a couple times if my older sister might
      not appear. She's the only one that didn't die in front of me. I'm not
      saying there will be any family but if there is, the baby does have a right
      to know her roots.

      Tom: *sighing* Do what y' need t' do. *He rubbed at the bridge of his nose,
      trying to stave off the headache starting behind his eyes. He took a deep
      breath* Dere's somet'in' else... Ah know y' wanna git all cuddly wit' me,
      but.... *He blinked back tears* Ah don' t'ink Ah'm ready f' all dat yet.
      Still messed up in de head, but gettin' better....

      Kitanal: To have you near is all I want for the time being. And to make
      sure you understand that I don't think you cheated. You and Tolarin's woman
      were both used by the spoonheads. You're blameless. I don't see you
      blaming me if I were brainwashed and placed in the same position with
      Tolarin--or any man.

      Tom: *a shaky breath* Easier said d'n done when it comes t' f'givin'
      mahself, cherie.

      Kitanal: I just don't want you to stay pulled away forever out of self
      blame, ashani. That's all.

      Tom: *sighing heavily* Ah should hope it won' be permanent. Jus' may seem
      lahke forever gettin' through it. *a pause, eyes closed* Ah t'ink it'll
      start gettin' better faster when we c'n git home n' back in our own
      quarters. Ah'm home, but not. Ah t'ink Ah need t' trah n' git back t'
      normal... go t' work agin.

      Kitanal: *a nod* I don't know /when/ I'll be able to return to duty. All
      I know is my penalty until I'm fit for duty is all the paddwork. After
      that--who knows? *she shrugged slightly.*

      Tom: *a deep breath* Jus' -trah- t' git along wit' Ria, cherie? Not sayin'
      she gotta b'come y' best friend, but Ah don' wanna hafta be worryin' 'bout
      y' two takin' each other's ahs out whahle I'm trahin' t' deal wit' all o'
      dis. Don' t'ink of it as lettin' 'er win 'r nothin'... t'ink about it as
      doin' it f' me b'cause y' love me n' want dis t' go as quick n' easy as
      possible. She's helped me, ange. N' Ah t'ink dat'll continue. N' she's
      definitely helped Tiala, too. She c'n actually stand being wit' Daddy over
      nahght nah n' she was letting Ruth n' Nate hold 'er, too. Ah could hardly be
      outta her sahght at first 'r she'd scream. Nah she only crahs if Daddy 'r me
      'r outta sahght 'r earshot too long.

      Kitanal: As I've said, ashani, my problem with her is her lack of respect.
      She starts displaying some manners and I might change my opinion of her.
      She doesn't have to like /me/, but she needs to recognize that I'm your
      wife, not some secret agent of the spoonheads who wishes to harm you.

      Tom: *a sigh* Ah've already let 'er know Ah wan' y' two t' git along.

      Kitanal: Then we'll wait to see what happens. *she stretched her legs,
      wincing at the pain that shot through them.*

      Tom: *a concerned look* D' Ah need t' call medical n' git someone here t'
      look at y' legs, cherie? Y' don' look comf't'ble.

      Kitanal: *she was about to say no, but the distress in his eyes convinced
      her to nod instead.* Better safe than not, I guess. *she bit the inside of
      her cheek in order to shift and use the whole couch to support her legs
      rather than put anymore pressure on them.*

      *He got up and went to the comm to summon someone. He then sat down and let
      out a slow breath.*

      Tom: Y' gonna be up t' havin' de kids around?

      Kitanal: I only have to worry about Ashren, really. The baby is too young
      to misbehave deliberately or walk.

      Tom: *embarassed* Ashren's been a handful lately. Testin' limits Ria says.
      Bein' a hellion Ah say....

      Kitanal: *a shrug she used to cover up another wince* I'd say you're both
      correct. She's using the technical term, you're summing it up.

      Tom: *chuckling softly* Ruthie said she put 'im in de corner when 'e was
      gettin' too bad. Didn' lahke dat much. *He took a deep breath* S' c'n Ah let
      Daddy know it's safe t' come back nah? Mahght need 'im 'ere t' help wit' y'.
      *More than that, he wanted all of the family in one place. It made him less
      nervous that way.*

      Kitanal: *a faint smile* If you'll agree to sit by me so he knows we
      didn't blow up at each other.

      Tom: (Ah hope Ah c'n do dat f'a whahle anyway....) *The only ones who had
      managed to be close to him for any length of time were Ashren, Tiala and his
      younger cousins. Children were no threat.* Okay. *He keyed on the little
      wrist communicator he wore and let his father know he could come back and
      then very carefully sat so that Kestrae's legs were across his lap. It
      wasn't the most peaceful thing for him, but it wasn't too distressing

      *Kitanal let out a sigh of relief when he joined her. Putting her feet on
      his lap helped the pain a little. The doorchime made her blink in surprise.
      It had to be the medic--Vince would have just come right in.*

      Tom: Enter....

      Medic: *stepping inside, kit in hand, she took in the stretched out legs and
      the slightly pale color of Kestrae's lips* Having some pain, Lieutenant?

      Kitanal: You think I'd be used to it by now.... *she dug her nails into
      the cushion beneath to keep from yelping at the next flare of agony that

      Medic: *kneeling beside the sofa with a slight scowl* Looks like you're
      nerves are regenerating quickly... *her scowl deepened* and you've been on
      your feet. Dr. Ridgely suspected, by the way. He said to tell you to behave
      or he would personally come down, tie you to your bed and put a catheter and
      bag on you so you wouldn't -have- to get up. *She very carefully ran her
      hands over Kestrae's calves, face thoughtful as she evaluated* You've been
      cramping a bit, too. Backs of your calves feel like steel cords. *She began
      rummaging in her bag*

      Kitanal: *a grumble* Aside from various visits to the fresher, the only
      time I've been on them was for three minutes very recently. I'm not walking
      up and down the corridors.

      Medic: *injecting a few things carefully into both legs* Hmmm. I guess it's
      a good thing you start rehab tomorrow. They'll probably have you walk on
      anti-gravs at first to keep the pressure off the reknit bones. *She ran her
      hands over a foot* Though if I had to guess, I'd say a lot of the problem is
      actually more mental or emotional than physical. You're too tense. So...
      *she handed Tom a few vials and a hypospray* the blue one if she starts
      stressing. Yellow is for pain. The green is in case you start seeing any
      swelling or redness in the joints. *She gave him a PADD with the directions
      for dosing.* Most of all, Lieutenant, try to rest and relax. I know it's
      kind of hard to right now, but you need to if you want to heal properly and
      get on your feet again with any kind of speed.

      *Kitanal nodded, the pain having sapped what little energy she'd had.*

      *It was only a few minutes after the departure of the medic that Vince
      arrived with Tiala against his chest in a snuggy and Ashren clinging to his
      hand. Ashren was smiling brightly. Tiala was a little fussy, but not yet

      Ashren: Dada! Saw Ri-ri! See! *He held up a little model horse* Ga' me
      horsey! *He scrambled up to settle next to Tom on the sofa, making horse

      Vince: *carefully slipping Tiala from the snuggy and passing her to Tom* She
      been missin' y', chere.

      Tom: Poor, petite.... *He cradled the baby close, kissing her forehead and
      she settled with a happy coo.*

      Ashren: *smiling* Happy sissy. *He leaned in to kiss her cheek a little
      sloppily, making her squeal. He then beamed at Kestrae* My pretty sissy.

      Vince: *settling himself wearily into a chair across from them* Should be
      hungry soon, chere.

      *Tom nodded and flashed an uncertain smile at Kestrae.*

      Kitanal: *meeting his look before closing her eyes against the twitches in
      her legs* I'm sorry....but the pain I'm in has decided to steal any
      appetite. You all go ahead.

      Vince: Uh-uh, cherie. Not havin' some snot nosed medic accusin' me o'
      lettin' y' waste away. N' we don' hafta go nowhere, cherie. What kahnda
      Cajun would Ah be if Ah didn' stock up when Ah wen' home? Y' gotta eat jus'
      a lil s' y' body got fuel t' heal.

      Kitanal: *a mental groan* If I have to. *She knew this was one subject
      Vince would not back down on. He, like Lasraleen's aunt Daniere, was
      forever bugging her about being too thin.*

      *Vince grinned and headed into the kitchen to get lunch cooking. Tom
      carefully fished out Tiala's bottle and began feeding her, his eyes full of
      love for the child. He would glance at Kestrae on occasion, uncertainty in
      his eyes, and give her a hesitant smile. He hoped she would remember how
      wonderful it was when they had Ashren... the sweet joy of holding that tiny
      baby... and crave to do it again with Tiala. She was soon dozing, though,
      and he seemed to deflate with relief.*

      Tom: (Jus' bein' close t' 'er makes me nervous.... Hope Ah c'n do dis....)


      Tothram "Tom" Remy Nash
      Civ/Tech/ Shop Mgr.
      (also playing Tiala and Vince Nash)


      Lt. Kitanal Kestrae (Nash)
      Embassy Sec.
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