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Deception/Loss of Control

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  • Kitanal Kestrae
    Zari: *glancing at the chrono in the side room as she stepped in* (Twenty minutes....twenty minutes....) *She was hoping no further crises
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
      << sickbay >>

      Zari: *glancing at the chrono in the side room as she
      stepped in* (Twenty minutes....twenty minutes....)
      *She was hoping no further crises erupted. She could
      already see herself arguing with Nick later about
      letting Hawkings out.* (She's a danger to every man
      on this ship and I'm not going to believe that girl
      will do anything about it unless I hear proof of it.)

      *Rubbing at her head, she picked up the nearby
      tricorder and ran a careful scan on the Bajoran's
      limbs. The body was still accepting the foot
      replacement and tolerating the extensive healing on
      the rest. She picked up a nearby hypo and injected
      another two cc's of the painkiller. Tricorder
      readings were showing a little more brain activity
      than the last time--which meant she might come out of
      the coma soon. A final scan confirmed the painkiller
      was doing its work. She lowered the tricorder and was
      surprised to find herself the object of a suspicious,
      golden-eyed stare.*

      Zari: *unconsciously raising an eyebrow* Welcome
      back to the real universe. How do you feel?

      Kitanal: (Who the hell is this Trill?) Where am
      I....who are you?

      Zari: You're on the Dauntless--and I'm Doctor
      Brannon, ACMO.

      Kitanal: The base....?

      Zari: The Marines are getting rid of the Cardassians
      as we speak. It will be some time before you can
      return to the base.

      Kitanal: *slightly sarcastic* I don't suppose you
      took any prisoners.

      Zari: I'm a doctor, not security. You'd have to ask
      Commander Fostas that. Not that she would allow you
      to get your hands on them anyway.

      Kitanal: *eyes narrowing* I'd have the right....

      Zari: I don't think so. If the Bajoran Militia took
      prisoners, that would be different. But we don't
      allow everyone free access to what they want just
      because of personal grudges.

      Kitanal: *her voice rising* "Personal grudges"?!
      They tortured my husband! AND our son! And--

      Zari: *dryly* And you--you're welcome by the way,
      for the hours Willow and I spent putting you back
      together again.

      Kitanal: You-- *the words hit her and she managed to
      elbow herself to a sitting position, enough to look at
      her hands and feet. They were whole. She let out an
      inward sigh of relief, then threw another glare at the
      pregnant Trill.* I don't know what it takes to get a
      release, but I want one.

      Zari: And exactly where do you think you're going??

      Kitanal: Terra. You obviously have a man-- *she
      gestured at Zari's stomach* --so picture him in the
      clutches of an incompetent counselor like mine is. I
      intend to get to him before the bitch does any more

      Zari: If this counselor is so incompetent, why did
      you release him into her care in the--

      Kitanal: I DIDN'T! What are you--daft?? You fucking
      Starfleet types just love taking over everyone else's
      lives at every turn--that counselor is no different!
      *Despite the twinges of pain starting to radiate
      through her arms, she had enough strength to fling the
      blanket away and turn to slide down, only to find her
      footing immediately giving out on her.* The hell!?

      Zari: *growling in annoyance as she approached the
      stubborn Bajoran* You're in no condition to be up!
      *She yanked Kitanal to her feet and started guiding
      her back onto the biobed.* If you don't stay there,
      I'll-- *A surprise blow to the ribs cut her off,
      making her lose her balance. She crashed to the
      floor, flat on her back. She tried getting up, only
      to find she could hardly move. An unbidden wail of
      shock followed the realization. She didn't even hear
      the door slide open.*

      Holt: *seeing Kitanal bracing herself on the bed*
      What are you doing up?!

      Kitanal: Getting OUT of here. Now get out of my way!
      *her eyes narrowed at the young man.*

      Holt: *a strangled moan of pain catching his
      attention to see Zari sprawled on the floor* What the
      hell did you do to her?? *he advanced on Kitanal.*

      Kitanal: I pushed her hands off me and that's it--not
      my fault she's clumsy. *snagging the tricorder Zari
      had used she flung it at Holt's head with almost
      deadly accuracy. He ducked just in time.* I will NOT
      be kept locked in here!! Now get out of my way unless
      you want to join the Trill!!

      Holt: *under his breath* Shit! *he quickly slapped
      his badge* Holt to Haas--whichever one of you! We
      have another Hawkings on our hands....

      *BJ came stumbling out of Nick's office and into the
      side room, cursing a blue streak. When she saw the
      chaos, she fixed a steely glare on Kitanal.*

      BJ: Git yer ASS back inta th' bed 'fore Ah break all
      them bones we done fixed! *Her tone was commanding,
      her stance even more so*

      Kitanal: *armed with the spare tricorder Willow had
      left behind, she met BJ's glower with one of her own*
      And who the fuck are you? The Trill's other pet??

      BJ: *stomping forward and knocking the tricorder to
      the floor* M' name is LT. COMMANDER BJ Haas! An Ah got
      patients an' babies tryin' to sleep an' git well!
      *Shoves Kitanal onto the bed* An yer bein' a pain in
      m' ass! An by th' way...the woman ye knocked down is
      PREGNANT! *Taps badge* Security? Ta sickbay NOW!

      Kitanal: *slapping BJ's hands away* And I happen to
      have a HUSBAND I need to get to!! Starfleet's done
      enough damage to him and the hell if I'm going to let
      you all do any MORE!! *she was about to continue her
      tirade when the sound of the other woman's voice
      filtered through her blind rage* And you, being a
      Cajun, should comprehend THAT!! Family is first and

      BJ: Aw fuck this shit! *grabs the hypo of sedative she
      had in her pocket when she had fallen asleep and tags
      Kitanal in the arm with it* Ah'm Texan, ya fool! An'
      th' only place yer goin' is th' brig fer assault!

      Kitanal: The Trill should have let me OUT of here!
      I've got to get to-- *she wasn't able to continue
      before the sedative took hold and she collapsed in a

      Holt: God, I knew some Bajorans were berserkers--but
      /that/-- *he shook his head*

      Zari: *her voice a choked whisper* BJ--tell me--it's
      not--Aeneva....I can't-- *she barely saw the security
      team come in through her tears*

      BJ: *scanning her* Nahh...jus' yer back, baby. *Rolls
      her gently and hits two pressure points on her back*
      There. Y'll be fine. Holt? Git 'er inta 'er office and
      on 'er sofa. *looking to Wolfe and Devon* Take this'n
      ta th' brig. Ah'm filin' assault charges...one fer
      injurin' Brannon, another fer potential injury ta a

      Wolfe: *looking disgusted* Hitting a prego? Damn.

      Zari: *clutching at Holt as he managed to get her to
      her feet* Can--you call Mark when you're done? If
      he's not busy, I just--want to see him for a few

      BJ: Sure, hun. Holt--NOW! *Looks to where Wolfe and
      Devon have Kitanal cuffed foot and wrist* Iso-cell fer
      this'n. No visitors 'til a counselor sees her unless
      i's a medical officer clear by visual confirmation
      from th' CMO...understand?

      Devon: Understood, Doctor.

      Wolfe: *tapping her badge* Three for site to site
      transport...we're bringing in a prisoner.

      *Zari managed to whisper her thanks to BJ before Holt
      got her out of the room and across sickbay to her
      office. She ignored the few stares she got before the
      door closed behind them. Holt settled her on the
      couch and she murmured a thank you to him.*

      Holt: Did you want anything? Coffee...milk maybe?

      Zari: *a slight shake of her head* You can get back
      to work....

      Holt: I can wait until Mark comes up here. My
      break's due in five minutes anyway.

      << brig >>

      *Wolfe and Devon placed Kitanal in a cell and put up
      the forcefield. Devon looked to Wolfe and shook his

      Devon: And they say women are the gentler sex....

      Wolfe: *grinning* They lied.

      *BJ called Mark who raced up to sickbay. He was dirty,
      sported a nasty burn on one arm, but all he could
      think of was Zari. He barreled into her office, eyes
      blazing with concern and rage.*

      Mark: *gathering Zari into his arms and looking to
      Holt* Who hurt her?! *to Zari* Are both of you okay?

      *Zari couldn't speak, only started crying into his
      chest--a combination of the exhaustion, hormones and
      the fear that had consumed her for the few minutes
      between being knocked down and when BJ had reassured

      Holt: Doc Haas said it was her back. Pinched nerves,
      I believe. No harm to the kid. As for what
      happened--that Bajoran Oriane's been gushing about
      came out of her coma and went into berserker mode.
      Apparently when she couldn't get the release she
      wanted, she tossed her into the wall. Doc Haas had to
      body slam and sedate her to get her under control.
      Wolfe's team beamed her to the brig, so she'll be out
      of here at least.

      Mark: *voice hard as a ship's hull* I want to file as
      well. That bitch will do time for hurting my wife!
      *He rocked Zari gently.*

      Holt: Doc Haas beat you to that too--two charges, the
      other being for potential injury to the kid. Though I
      suppose this husband of hers, wherever he is, will
      likely put up a fuss--as will the other Bajoran staff
      from the base.

      *Zari remained silent, only moving enough to catch
      Mark's free hand and press it to the bulge, her own
      covering it. She was still trembling, even though
      some of the tension had drained away.*

      Mark: Good. Thanks for staying with her. *He looked
      to the door.* Would you mind? I want to have some
      time to calm her down alone. When the messhall is up
      and running, come by and I'll share some of the real
      coffee with you okay?

      Holt: It was no problem--and as for the coffee, just
      say when. *to Zari* Hope you feel better, Doc. *he
      gave the couple a smile and slipped out.*

      *Mark cuddled Zari in silence, just holding her until
      her shaking stopped. When the last of the outward
      tremors ebbed away, Zari sighed wearily. She managed
      to lift her head to look at him for a brief moment,
      before her strength gave out and she returned to
      leaning on him.*

      Mark: It's okay now, beautiful. I promise.

      Zari: I know....I just.... *she swallowed a lump in
      her throat* It happened so fast, and I panicked....

      Mark: But everything is okay. *He settled her onto the
      sofa and covered her up.* Sleep for awhile. I will be
      back in a few hours. I will try and bring you
      something special for dinner okay?

      Zari: Actually, Nick had me scheduled for a four-hour
      break soon--and I intended to go home. Will you walk
      me there before you have to go back?

      Mark: Of course, beautiful. *He helped her up and
      wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked.*

      Zari: *after making their way to the nearest lift in
      silence* Maybe I shouldn't feel bad for her--but she
      said she wanted out so she could get to her family....

      Mark: She had no right to attack you. All her acting
      like a bully got her was brig time. If she had acted
      like a civilized being, she might have gotten help.

      Zari: That's true. But as a doctor, I know that her
      outburst could have been caused by whatever the
      Cardassians did to her, in addition to their attempt
      at permanent crippling. Torture can affect people
      drastically. *they stepped into the lift when its
      doors opened for them.*

      Mark: There is still no excuse. I've heard stories
      from my Bajoran workers. This one is used to getting
      what she wants by brute force, no tact or sense in
      that one. She expects everyone to kiss her backside.

      Zari: Oriane has told me what she knows about
      her--mostly gushing, as Holt put it, but a lot of it
      seems to have basis in truth. Given the number of
      times she has evaded capture and protected those she
      cares about, I'd venture to say that it bothers her
      greatly that she has failed them and herself. And,
      for the record, I'm not excusing--just offering my
      professional point of view.

      Mark: All I know is she hurt you and could have killed
      our baby. I have no sympathy for bullies. *As they
      reached their door, he put his hands on her
      shoulders.* Promise me two things. One, stay away from
      her and two...sleep. I will check on you later.

      Zari: *a nod* I will. *There would be time to argue
      with him later on the number one. Kitanal's outburst
      or not, she was still Zari's patient and she would not
      be scared away by the Bajoran's fits of temper.*
      Promise /me/ something....get that burn on your arm
      healed as soon as you get back. *she leaned up to
      kiss him farewell.*

      Mark: *kissing her gently* I will. Now sleep. *He
      smiled before turning and heading back to the lift*

      *Zari watched him go, rubbing her eyes wearily. She
      then entered their quarters, tearing off her uniform
      as she went. Finding a rip in the seam of the jacket,
      she wondered where it had come from, then decided it
      didn't matter. She was going to bed as soon as a few
      other things were taken care of. Three minutes
      through the sonic, another three to throw her
      discarded clothing in to be reclaimated and replaced
      by a new uniform. The last thing she did was tug on a
      nightgown before sliding into the bed, calling for
      lights out. She had just enough energy to snag Mark's
      pillow and hug it against her before sleep claimed

      Lt. Kitanal Kestrae
      Bajoran Embassy XO, Taurus
      "I have better things to do than be laid up!"

      Lt. Cmdr. Zarianne Brannon
      "How many more patients are going to pick fights in
      order to escape?!"

      Lt. Cmdr. BJ Haas
      "Hawk, m' ass! Be a fuckin' plucked chicken if'n she
      ain' careful!"

      Mark Brannon
      "Touch my wife again, bitch, and I will show you what
      pissed off really means."

      Cameos by Ensigns Devon Hawkings, Mara Wolfe, and Holt

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