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Shoreleave/ Family Reunion

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  • Aazari
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2001

      <<Korai's Quarters; right after the night with Korvash>>

      *Nariana sighed heavily as she reappeared. Nikiel was on the sofa with a
      rather crooked grin on his face.*

      Korai: This is... bad. Niki, he's in love with me.... I feel like a total
      tart.... *She moved to the sofa and sat... very carefully in his lap,
      resting her face against his neck.* Ugh! I feel bad about this....

      Nikiel: *Hugging her gently.* Why? He is a grown Klingon, he can handle a
      little unrequited love... as long as you both enjoy your little trysts then
      don't worry about it....

      Korai: *nuzzling his neck* That's easy for you to say. You're not the one
      who has to see that little lost puppy look in his eyes. It's bad enough
      getting that look from any other man, but from a Klingon?? It's
      extra-potent. *She snorted softly* Of all the Klingons who could have gotten
      the hots for me, it had to be one with a double romantic streak. *She pulled
      back and kissed his lips tenderly.* You know, we're probably going to have
      two whole weeks on the base.... Any ideas on how to spend them?

      Nikiel: *slipping a hand up to cup her breast.* Hmmmm... naked?

      Korai: *snickering* Sounds good to me.... But for now we need to get ready
      to get off this limping crate. I'm expecting the press to be waiting for us
      and Telsia would probably appreciate an escort onto the station.

      Nikiel: I'm sure she would... let's get dressed... she will likely be
      contacting you soon. *He kissed her softly* My little wild woman....

      Korai: *deepening the kiss for a moment and then tickling his ribs* Maybe
      I'll just have to see what happens when I bite and scratch you.... *She slid
      from his lap and pulled him up.* But first, let's get off the ship. We'll go
      in uniform until we get Telsia safe in her quarters. And then, you can help
      me pick out something to wear for dinner. I'm thinking a candle-light dinner
      in the fanciest restaurant... maybe a little dancing... and then we'll do a
      little more dancing... under the covers. *She smiled up at him, trailing her
      fingers over his chest.*

      Nikiel: *Grinning* Mmmmm the horizontal mambo.... My favorite dance....

      Korai: *laughing as she headed into the bedroom* I think it won't be long
      before it's my favorite dance, too. Afterall, I am married to the sexiest
      ACOS in the whole universe.

      <<Docking Ring Reception Area>>

      *Talbin fidgeted beside Telsia, straightening his tunic. Nariana and Nikiel
      had gone down the gangway first to see what they would be contending with.
      The scowl on Nariana's face as they returned spoke volumes.*

      Korai: As I suspected... a media circus. But it looks like the Admiral has
      them pushed back enough that they won't be an immediate annoyance.

      Talbin: *shuddering* I don't like reporters.... They ask too many questions.
      *The hand holding Telsia's tightened reflexively.*

      Telsia: *Smiling at him reassuringly* Let them ask. No one says we have to
      answer. They will get what is released to them.... *She straightened her
      jacket.* Shall we?

      Korai: *glancing at Telsia* =There's something else you should know. They've
      let the crew families come into the reception area.... I saw what I assume
      is Talbin's mother, father and little sister by the way they were thinking
      of him. The mother's... less than pleased.=

      Telsia: *Shielding her thoughts behind other thoughts, thoughts of fielding
      unwanted questions.* =Wonderful... and how less than pleased is she?=

      Korai: *Walking ahead of them with Nikiel bringing up the rear* =Perturbed
      enough to make a hell of a scene and not care who may see or hear....=

      Telsia: *sighing mentally* =Be ready to shield him from her if need be. I
      will not have her cause him to have an attack in public.= *She looked to
      Talbin and smiled, squeezing his hand gently*

      *He took a deep breath as they entered the reception area. An exultant
      squeal immediately got his attention.*

      Ariel: TAAAAAAL! *His sister ran up to him and snagged him in a hug
      exuberant enough to pull him from Telsia.* I've missed you SO much! *She
      practically danced him around in her excitement.*

      Korai: (Perky little thing, isn't she?) *She had to stifle a snicker at the
      embarassed look on Talbin's face.*

      Talbin: *placing his hands on Ariel's bouncing shoulders* Ariel, calm

      Telsia: *Smiling* =She is glad to see her handsome older brother....= *She
      had stepped forward and watched the excited Ariel almost dance out of her
      skin with happiness.*

      Ariel: *Her attention attracted by Telsia's movement, her eyes widened.*
      Oh... you're... she's... this is SO STELLAR! *She suddenly regained her
      composure and stood at attention.* Captain, it's a pleasure to finally meet
      you. *Though she'd put on a stoic face, her dark eyes were alight with glee
      as she held her hand out to Telsia.*

      Telsia: *Shaking her head and pulling the younger woman into a hug* Nice to
      meet you in person Ariel.

      Ariel: *stiffening for a moment* (She's HUGGING me?? This is weird.... But
      stellar....) Did you really mean what you said about requesting me?

      *But before Telsia could answer, a rather dour looking woman stepped up,
      trailed by a rather uncomfortably apologetic looking man who bore a striking
      resemblance to Talbin. Obviously he'd gotten the man's eye color if not his
      hair color.*

      Mari: *sternly* That is enough, Ariel. Contain yourself.

      Ariel: Mother, don't be such a wet chuka.... I'm happy and I'm expressing
      it. You should try it some time.

      Gerod: Ariel.... *He gave her an almost pleading look* =Don't give her more

      Ariel: =Daddy, she's being ugly just to be ugly. Look at Tal. He's obviously
      happy with her....=

      Telsia: *Nodding to Mari* Mrs Sorien. *She looked to Talbin* We should go
      get settled... Imzadi.

      Talbin: (Oh no...) *He chewed at his lip as his mother's reaction to the use
      of that word made her face quite angrily red.*

      Mari: * a short mirthless bark of a laugh* And just how many other men have
      you called that this week? I've read of your reputation... "Captain" and
      frankly it disgusts me that you would take advantage of a young man who is

      Talbin: Mother.... *His voice was almost choked.* Please....

      *Nariana didn't miss Talbin's reaction and the slight tremor starting in his
      hands. She stepped between them, clearing her throat.*

      Korai: I think you need to go, Mrs. Sorien. Talbin and the Captain have
      better things to do than stand here and be berated by a woman who obviously
      has something the size of a targ shoved up her....

      Nikiel: =NARI!=

      Korai: =What? It's true....=

      Mari: And just who do you think you are to speak to me in such a way?!

      Korai: I just happen to be the Chief of Security and the Captain's security
      escort. Now, you can move along and contact Talbin later IF he wants to talk
      to you OR I can take you to the brig for harassment.

      Telsia: *She was outwardly calm, but inwardly....* =I will NOT tolerate you
      mistreating Talbin or my crew. We have things to do, none of which involves
      you. Now stand aside....=

      Mari: =You have the nerve to accuse ME of mistreating my son?? YOU are the
      one taking advantage of him! I have a right to see him and you can't
      obstruct that, Captain or not!=

      Telsia: *Eyes blazing as she let loose a focused extension of the phantom
      touches, delivering a light shove* =I said STEP ASIDE!=

      *Mari was startled by the phantom touch and backpedalled, her eyes wide.
      Talbin was leaning against Telsia as if he might pass out and Ariel was on
      the other side of him holding his hand.*

      Ariel: =I TOLD her not to start anything, but she wouldn't listen. I'm
      sorry, Tal....= *She cast a curious glance at Telsia, whose eyes were alight
      with rage.*

      Talbin: =Please, Telsia... don't make any more of a scene....= *His eyes
      were on the reporters being held at bay by a security team.=

      Mergatu: *voice booming* Is there a problem here, Captain?

      Gerod: =Mari... I think we should go....=

      Talbin: = Father... I don't want you and Ariel to go..... I've missed you

      Telsia: *Smiling tightly at the Admiral.* Not now.... *She stepped forward
      and hugged Mergatu* We were just heading to our suite... perhaps you can
      part the seas for us?

      Mergatu: *Grinning* Of course.... *He simply cast a hard look over the crowd
      and they miraculously parted. He smiled and patted her hand* Path

      Ariel: Captain, would it be okay if my father and I went with you? It's been
      so long since we've seen Talbin....

      Telsia: Of course it is alright... you and your father are always welcome.
      *She took Talbin's hand in hers and smiled up at him* =It will be okay

      *He merely nodded, much of his attention taken up by the meditations running
      through his head.*

      Korai: YOU *she looked at Mari* on the other hand are NOT welcome, so don't
      come sniffing around.

      *She led the way toward the aisle that had been made in the crowd. As they
      entered it, the reporters were already shouting questions at all of them,
      even Talbin. Talbin seemed to flinch at each flash of a camera and hid his
      face against Telsia's hair as they passed.*

      Ariel: =Easy, big brother....= *She squeezed his hand* =We're almost past

      *Telsia fielded the questions with fairly good humor. She had dealt with the
      press before. As they passed she gave them simple answer and charming
      remarks designed to throw them off the scent.*

      Reporter: Mr. Sorien, is it true you're the Captain's lover and compete for
      her with the Chief of Security?

      Korai: *shooting the reporter a look, but addressing her comments to the
      whole mob of them.* The private lives of our crew are just that... PRIVATE.
      If you want the real story in full detail, you can wait until command gives
      its press release on the first contact with this species and the mission in
      general. If it's dirt you're after, beam down to the planet's surface and
      grab a handful....


      To Be Continued....

      Lt. J/G Nariana Korai
      "Okay, who put the Targ up HER butt?"

      Talbin Sorien
      "Is there some way my family can disown my mother...?"

      Capt. Telsia Donan
      "Mother-in-Laws... who needs 'em??"

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