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Deception/ Rescuers

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  • Aazari
    *Dariel and his team of nine others appeared in a corridor near a materials storage area. What little bit of scanning they had time for had
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      <<Taurus Base>>

      *Dariel and his team of nine others appeared in a corridor near a materials
      storage area. What little bit of scanning they had time for had indicated
      that there was a high concentration of life signs nearby. Right away they
      were accosted by a group of six Cardassians. They made quick work of them
      since they had been given the advantage of surprise.*

      Gev: *pausing with a slight scowl* Major... I sense children. *He closed his
      eyes, listening to what only he could hear.* This way.... *He opened his
      eyes and began moving quickly, the rest right behind.*

      *When they arrived at the cramped cargo bay where a group of mostly children
      with just a few elderly people were being held, they found four guards. Gev
      used his mental abilities to make them turn toward an imagined sound away
      from their avenue of approach. They crept forward, dispatching the
      Cardassians quickly. It took little time to open the doors with a small
      packet of explosives and the men shoving the doors apart. The children
      within the dimly lit hold were crying, terrified. Dariel turned to Gev.*

      Dariel: *handing a beacon to him* Stay with them. Get a count and have them
      beamed out. Catch up with us once they're safe.

      Gev: Yes, sir. *He turned to the children, reassuring them that they would
      soon be safe.*

      *K'ruska and Brenda were skulking through the tubes when Brenda came to a
      halt, making K'ruska nearly crash into her.*

      K'ruska: *voice hissing* What in the name of Kahless!?

      Brenda: Shh!! I hear... *She scurried forward and hissed out* I hear Jar

      Dariel: Kapras, have you been able to find the Cardassian embassy staff?

      Hajar: *studying the readings on his scanner* I'm getting interference. *He
      made some adjustments.* It's difficult to tell with so many Cardassians
      loose on the station, but I believe they are being held on the
      administration decks. We need to go up.

      PFC Weatherly: Easier said than done.... *As they approached the nearby
      cargo lift, the doors opened to reveal a dozen Cardassian shock troops.*

      *The firefight that broke out was rapid and chaotic, ending with twelve
      Cardassians out of comission. Hajar paused to check the reading again as
      they loaded onto the lift.*

      Hajar: I'm still getting interference, but it is dissipating. The Ambassador
      and his aide are definitely in the administration area. The others... I
      can't be sure.

      *Dariel consulted the plans command had given them on his heads up.*

      Dariel: This lift won't get us all the way there. Stay sharp.

      Weatherly: Major....

      *Dariel looked up as a Jeffries tube hatch halfway down the corridor slammed

      Hawkings: Ease off!! The bitch brigade has arrived!

      K'Ruska: *Looking aggrieved* Stand down! I am Commander K'ruska *a beat*
      acting CO of Taurus base. (Forgive me Admiral)

      Dariel: I can see that. We were assigned to find and retrieve the Cardassian
      embassy staff on this run. Safety in numbers, Commander?

      K'ruska: *Shoving Brenda into the lift* Let's do this. And may Kahless be
      with us all....

      Brenda: I'll settle for any warrior goddess if you don't mind. *She seemed
      to be truly enjoying herself*

      Dariel: *giving her a look* Keep it reigned in, Lieutenant. You're with my
      crew, you follow my commands. Understood?

      *As the doors were about to close, Gev rounded the corner and charged for
      the lift.*

      Gev: = I hope you have your destination set, Major. I am being followed.=

      *Just then, another group of Cardassians rounded the corner behind him and
      he dove for the floor, twisting in mid-air so that he landed on his back,
      sliding toward the lift as he leveled three Cardassians with his rifle.*

      Hajar: *firing as he helped Gev to his feet* Nice maneuver....

      Gev: Thank you.

      Weatherly: No time for chit-chat. *He punched the buttons and the doors
      closed. He breathed a sigh of relief.*

      Dariel: Don't get too relaxed, David. We don't have the element of surprise
      anymore, so expect an all-out fight from here on in.

      Hajar: I still say we should worry about the civillians first and the staff
      later. *He scowled*

      K'ruska: *voice a commanding bark* We will get the Cardassian Ambassador,
      his significant other and his aide first! Do you have any idea what they are
      probably already doing to the one man that is everything these Pa'toks are

      K'ruska: I have an idea where the Ambassador might be. *She yanked a PADD
      from her pocket and pulled up a map of the base. She tapped a section*
      Here... close by the Command offices. It's large, secure and sound proofed
      for security reasons.

      Hajar: *peering at the map* It's difficult to tell with the intereference,
      but it does look like that general area.

      Weatherly: *tensing* Approaching the last deck we can reach from here.

      Brenda: *snorting* Stand aside little man... let a real warrior handle this.

      K'ruska: *Casually back handing Brenda* Stop barking like a dog.... *She
      looked to Dariel* Are you ready to kick ass Major?

      Dariel: Of course. We are Marines afterall. *He gave her what was almost a
      wolfish grin.*

      Hajar: And they're waiting for us.... *His scanner showed several life signs
      on the other side of the doors.*

      Dariel: Don't open those doors until I give the word, David.

      Weatherly: Yes, sir.... *His finger hovered over the door release.*

      K'ruska: Lock and load. *She set her phaser to kill and gave Dariel a look*
      This bunch is being run by a leftover from the Order... it's a case of kill
      or be killed.

      Dariel: Command told us. *a beat* =I admit I agree with Kapras. We should be
      getting the civilians out first. But orders are orders. He'd better be worth
      the deaths of those who don't make it because we delayed their rescue.=
      David... on three.

      Weatherly: Yes, sir.

      *The time Dariel waited seemed an eternity. By the time he finally gave the
      order, the Cardassians had moved forward to try and pry the doors open. They
      were surprised when they suddenly opened on their own and a spray of pulse
      rifle fire greeted their front line.*

      *K'ruska fired nearly non-stop as she used her bulk to clear the way. Her
      eyes burned with an anger that was more at her own failure to save Mergatu
      than at the enemy. Brenda fought like a demon, determined to out do the

      <<A few decks above>>

      *They had put him in a dark, cramped room, not much more than a storage
      closet, really. The stench of his own blood and bile was choking what little
      breath he could take.*

      Korik: *breath rattling in his chest* (Not long now... it will be over.
      They've come too late.) *In the dark, he could feel the ruin of his right
      brow ridge brushing his cheek, feel the blood soaked into the remains of the
      clothing he wore.* (Lungs filling... heart straining. Not long now. Let this
      agony end....) *He had managed to get himself into an upright position,
      hoping that someone might get to him before he drowned in his own blood. He
      was only dimly aware of the sounds of combat filtering through from
      somewhere.* (Maleah... I am sorry I couldn't get back to you. I do love
      you... more than you will ever know. But perhaps it is better this way.
      Better that you be happy and free.)

      *He stared blankly into the dark praying that the pain would fade and he
      would feel what life he had left slipping away. They had brutalized his
      already ravaged body almost beyond recognition. now he looked more like a
      slaughterhouse prize than a sentient being.*

      <<Corridors a few decks down>>

      Dariel: Let's move out! *He stepped over the bodies of the ones who had been
      waiting for them, leading them onward toward the next lift.*

      *K'ruska muttered to herself in Russian and Klingon. She had to find them,
      had to save them. Korik may not see her the way she saw him... but she would
      not allow the mysterious Cardassian to die*

      *Three firefights later and they were into the administrative area. There
      were far more Cardassians here and they fought much harder than the others.
      They knew that they could die in battle of face their mistress and be
      punished for their failure.*

      Hajar: *pausing in an alcove to check his readings* Major, I have a lock on
      the Ambassador! Two corridors up, take a left, halfway down the hall on the
      right. *a beat* If you want him alive, you had better get there quickly. His
      life signs are weak.

      K'ruska: What about a Trill/Bajoran hybrid and another Cardassion!! *She
      spun and fired, growling loudly*


      Inquisitor: *shoving her lover to the door* Get these animals off my base!!!

      Rumik: It will be done. *He paused, feeling adventurous. He snagged her and
      pulled he in to kiss her deeply.* Anything to make you smile.... *His face
      bore a draconian smile as he strapped on his weapons belt.*

      <<Admin corridors>>

      Hajar: I'm not reading a hybrid, but I do see another set of weak Cardassian
      life signs beyond the location of the first... two corridors up.

      Dariel: Gev, take the Commander, Hawkings and Weatherly to check that second
      set. *He assigned four men to act as cover and the rest were to go with him
      to free the Ambassador.*

      *K'ruska took lead as they fought their way to Korik. She ignored her own
      hurts, feeling only battle lust and the need to save someone she was
      attatched to for unknown reasons.*

      *The battle sounds had come closer. If he was lucky, maybe the sadistic
      bastard who had directed his torture would come back and finish him. he
      could barely breathe at all now and he could feel his body shutting down.
      The stench of his own waste being expelled in preparation for death joined
      the heavy odor in the tiny room.*

      Korik: (Please... so much pain... worse than what put me here in the first

      *K'ruska was the first in the cramped room. What she saw made her liver turn
      over in her chest. She knelt down and with amazingly gentle hands touched
      Korik's face*

      K'ruska: Today is not a good day to die jIH bang. *she put her badge on him*
      Beam him from this place!!

      Gev: *belaying her order and gently switching her badge for one of the
      tracking beacons he carried* You'll need that, Commander.

      Korik: *one dulling silver-grey eye barely opening* Don't... *he coughed,
      choking on blood* Waste time. Tokor... have to find... more important. *He
      began to convulse as Gev gave the order to beam him out.*

      K'ruska: (Live Korik.... If only to keep avoiding me) *pinning her badge
      back on* Let's go... we have to find Mira Parr.

      Weatherly: *scanning* I've got traces of partially Trill DNA in the next
      room over, but it's hours old.

      <<Ravik's Cell>>

      *Tokor lay in a heap on the floor, barely breathing. The leg which had been
      crippled by the Dominion was now a mangled ruin created by his own people.
      There was a thick pool of blood under his beaten body and he could feel
      quite clearly that his leg was now nothing more than tangled flesh with
      bone jutting from it here and there. The rest of him was a mass of
      contusions and cuts.*

      Ravik: (I pray they did not do this to you, Mira. I pray they did not do
      worse.... Forgive me for bringing you to this. But I could not give her what
      she wanted.) *He was just about to close his eyes when there was suddenly
      bright light. He tried to shield his eyes, but found his arm refused to
      move.* (Have they broken them? Or is my spine shattered?) *Perhaps he wasn't
      really feeling his leg. Perhaps he had just seen it and imagined he felt

      Medic: *kneeling beside him on the blood slicked floor* Major, I'll need to
      stabilize him before we can transport him. He's in bad shape.

      Ravik: *managing to focus his eyes on Dariel* Fleet Marine... Betazoid. Is
      it over? Mira... Latya... Korik... are they...? *He began to cough, pain
      making him groan.*

      Dariel: Lie still, Ambassador. We'll have you out of here shortly. *He
      looked to the medic who was quickly sealing the spurting arteries in the
      Cardassian's mangled leg and tagging him with drugs. The medic nodded and
      the Major put a beacon on him, ordering the beam-out. He paused, listening
      to comm traffic.* Damn! We need to move! The Cardies are trying to block
      transport off this tin can!


      *Mira was pinned to a wall, body bare of all but the bloody marks her
      captures had left on her. The only thing keeping her sane was thinking of
      staying alive for Tokor*

      *Gev led the way as they picked off any Cardassians who crossed their path.
      When Weatherly confirmed that they had found the Trill hybrid, they shot the
      locking mechanism on the door and shoved it open.*

      *When Mira saw it was Fleet she began to weep softly*

      Mira: Thank the Prophets....

      Gev: *helping Weatherly release the bands holding her* Actually, you can
      thank the Ferasan who made it possible for us to get to you.*He reached into
      a belt and pulled a thermal blanket from its packet to cover her.*

      Weatherly: *listening to the coms* We're trapped, sir. Dauntless says they
      can't beam us out. We're to get to rescued captives to shuttle bay three and
      leave a squad to protect them while they send back-up.

      *But by the time they got there, back-up was already waiting in the form of
      a ship with Ferasan markings which had a rather young looking cat-man
      waiting for them just inside the hatchway.*

      Malfas: Your chariot awaits... so to speak.

      *Just beyond the foce field holding in the atmosphere they could see a Fleet
      fighter holding off several Hideki class ships. It, too bore Ferasan
      markings inthe pilot's crest on the nose of the craft.*


      Aazari as
      Mjr. Dariel Maruk
      and team and Tokor Ravik

      Tanth as
      Korik Jakir
      Card. Amb. Aide

      Wind as
      Acting CO
      Taurus base
      Lt. Brenda Hawkings
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