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Deception/New offices in the walls...

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  • Pitsch, Carl Lloyd
    OOC: Always enjoy tags... ON: *She quickly crawled through various tubes, making as little noise as possible in case the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2003
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      OOC: Always enjoy tags...

      <<SB Taurus>>
      <Jeffrie tubes>

      *She quickly crawled through various tubes, making as little noise as
      possible in case the Cardassians she had seen were checking the tubes.
      After ten minutes, she reached a door marked "authorized personnel
      only--maintenance access." Ignoring the warning, she opened the hatch and
      slithered out--only to come nose to nose with Kor and his blade.*

      Kitanal: *arching a brow* You must be the other Klingon Ambassador.
      Should I assume yours and the admiral's presence means those Cardassians I
      saw do not belong here?

      Kor: *Looking at Admiral Mergatu.* Your base.

      Mergatu: No. They are not suppose to be here. Ambassador Kor suspected
      something was amiss here on Taurus. He came here seeking help in getting to
      the bottom of things. Apparently the bottom has just fallen through.

      Kitanal: I'd say it has. So what's the game plan?

      Kor: Admiral, if I may suggest. Cardassians most likely will eventually
      begin to purge the jeffery tubes. I would not put it past them to use
      chemical weapons to achieve this. I suggest finding a independent area of
      the base. One that even the Cardassians would not think of looking in.

      Mo'naS: *Coming up from the rear of the party... she addresses Kor* Admiral,
      the reception has been taken over. Our presence has been noted as missing
      from the party. They have not had the time to dispatch search teams yet.

      Kor: But it will be coming.

      Mergatu: Waste disposal tubes. They're not on the life support or on the
      security grid. They function independently, and only the collection areas
      are on the security grids for when the disposal craft arrive to take the
      waste away. Infact, the disposal tubes run through almost every section of
      the base. We could access one the disposal terminals to gain access to
      base's computers. Back door without raising any alarms.

      Kor: Then that is... *turns to Kitanal* ...the game plan?

      Mo'naS: I also suggest taking off your communication devices. *She pulls
      off Kitanal's and then Admiral Mergatu's off, handling them each a klingon
      one instead.* Use these... only in an emergency. Eventually they'll be
      tracking all communications. The Fek'Ihr has been notified. *She opens a
      access slowly ensuring the area is clear and tosses the starfleet
      communicators into the corridor.*

      Kor: Good then she is on her way here to assist.

      Mergatu: The Fek'Ihr. A klingon ship?

      Kor: *Grinning* A Klingon Battle Cruiser, Admiral. Running under cloak.

      Mergatu: Admiral. A way off the base then if they arrive in time. This way
      the disposal tubes.


      Ambassador Kor
      of house Martok

      and acting as

      Admiral Mergatu
      until eagle returns!!!
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