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Re: Deception/Stuck Behind a Desk (Attention All)

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  • Admiral Bakari Mergatu
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 2, 2003
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      <<Mergatu's Office>>

      Donovan: you'll love it! You can get REAL beef there! *She mock

      Nat: *grinning* So I have heard. *She looked to her husband* So
      handsome... what about it?

      Mergatu: *Sighing* I could sure use the break that is for sure.

      Nat: Then lets go.

      *Bakari drops the PADD's on the desk and stands up taking Nat by her

      Mergatu: I never could turn you down dear.

      *With that, Bakari and Nat leave with a smiling Donovan watching
      their departure.*


      *Rainier sat at his desk looking over his reports. This whole mess
      had been a security nightmare. He only hoped that things would now
      settle down. But he wasn't counting on it.*

      Patrick: *Entering* Anyone glad to see me?

      Rainier: *Looking up with a slight grin* Bout time you got back to
      work....How are you Lieutenant?

      Patrick: Much better sir.

      Rainier: Well you sure have made some powerful friends at the
      Klingon Embassy that is for sure.

      Patrick: I guess I have. They have treated me quite well since the

      Rainier: Trust me. You will be well honoured there.

      Patrick: *Almost blushing* I was just doing my job sir.

      <<In Space a safe distance from Taurus>>

      *A Cardassoian Galor Class Battlecruiser sits motionless in space.
      But the activity inside is anything but motionless.*

      Molar: (NPC) *At helm* The Federation Starbase is just ahead. We are
      still outside of their sensor range.

      Asha: Good, We wouldn't want to spoil our surprise now would we?

      *Asha glances over at Jalina who sits grining and staring at the


      Tags to anyone

      Admiral Bakari Mergatu
      Taurus Base

      Lt. James Patrick
      Security Officer
      Taurus Base

      Lt. Cmdr. Marcus Rainier (NPC)
      Taurus Base
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