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Shoreleave/ A face from the past ((ATTEN KORR!!!))

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  • eternalwytch
    ON *Tira looked stoic as they stepped onto the base. She kept a close eye on Kurista as Sam helped her with a tender arm about her waist.*
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      <<Taurus Base>>

      *Tira looked stoic as they stepped onto the base. She kept a close eye on
      Kurista as Sam helped her with a tender arm about her waist.*

      *Kurista leaned into Sam's body, craving the contact and the strength that
      seemed to radiate from him. It was good to be loved. She lifted her eyes to
      Tira, her other hand reaching out to twine with the Andorian's.*

      Kurista: Where will we be going? *She asked softly*

      Tira: I have arranged quarters for us. We will stay here for this
      shoreleave. *She growled at the ensign loading their bags onto a anti-grav
      unit when he looked too long at Kurista*

      Kurista: *stroking her thumb over the back of Tira's hand* Then lets go get
      settled in. *She gave her a smile. Tira was so beautiful when she was being

      Sam: Yeah... y' need t' rest baby. *He pulled her closer, ever watchful and

      *They were soon settled in and Tira changed into her favourite leather
      outfit, the one that barely concealed anything. She waited while Sam helped
      Kurista dress and then took the out onto the promenade, looking about for a
      suitable eatery*

      Kurista: *blushing a bit* I'm not completely helpless Sam. *She said kindly
      as they walked*

      Sam: *A sheepish grin* I can't help it.... I love y' baby....

      *Tira was silent. She saw herself and Ashley, walking, kissing. She heard
      Ashley's laugh as she wandered around the sweet shop, happily picking out
      her favourites. Her heart ached as she remembered them making sweet love
      all day long here, just enjoying being together. Her blue eyes dulled as
      her grief enveloped her like a storm over a mountain top, obscuring all else.*

      *Kurista's eyes stayed fixed on Tira's silent form just ahead of them. She
      kissed Sam and then moved forward, slipping her arm around Tira's waist,
      saying nothing but just surrounding her with her presence.*

      Tira: *Whispery voice hushed* I would enjoy some food from home.... I feel
      the need to have a part of Andor near me today.

      Kurista: Then that's what we'll have. *She replied quietly* You need
      something to make you smile again Tira.

      *Tira said nothing, just leaned in and kissed Kurista on the lips tenderly.
      As she straightened she sniffed the air, a look of hope and surprise coming
      over her lovely features.*

      Tira: (It cannot be....) *She pinpointed the scent and hurried them along,
      eyes suddenly alive*

      Kurista: What is it Tira? *She asked, truly curious*

      Tira: I smell Andorian noodles... spicy. Only one person uses the spices I

      Kurista: Korr? *She whispered the Andorian man's name...remembering*

      Tira: Yes....

      *As they stepped into the resturuant She looked around and motioned for
      Kurista and Sam to sit at the table the waiter had found for them. She
      headed to the counter, scanning for Korr's handsome face.*

      Sam: Mind tellin' me what she's so excited about? *He looked very confused*

      Kurista: Korr is...probably the only man Tira's ever had feelings for. *She
      whispered.* I'm just glad she's looking excited.

      Sam: A GUY? No shit? I never thought that one would wanna dick....

      Kurista: *smiles* Shhhh....she'll hear you. And I don't think its his dick
      she's interested in. She misses her people Sam...and Andorian men are...a
      breed of their own.

      Sam: *Snorting* Yeah... damn near slaves t' their women....

      Kurista: And that's bad how? *she arched an elegant eyebrow* Some women
      need that.

      Sam: *Shaking his head* Poor guy....

      Kurista: Cheer up, at least its not you. *She kissed his cheek*

      *Tira paused at the counter and asked the human behind to see the owner. He
      went into the back and she heard him talking to someone... then Korr walked
      out. Tira looked at him in silence for several long minutes, drinking in
      the sight of his handsome features. When she finally spoke in was in a soft
      whisper only another of her kind could hear, the soft syllables of their
      native language slipping from her lips*

      Tira: Korr... it has been too long. *The longing in her eyes was clear,
      painfully so.*

      Sam: I'm REAL glad! I like a little equality....

      Kurista: *laughing softly* I love you...you know that Sam.

      Sam: *Grinning and kissing her* Yeah... and I love you baby.... right down
      t' the last spot....


      Cmdr Tira Kafas
      "A face from home... a part of myself long missing."

      Ens. Kurista Nator
      'Love is in the Air'
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