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Menagerie/Meetings and Troubles (ATTN: Ambassadors)

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  • Admiral Bakari Mergatu
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2002

      <<CO's Office>>

      *After a long conversation with Rainier, Bakari made his way to his
      office. Walking in he noticed Lt. Donovon at her desk.*

      Mergatu: I bet you have been busy in my absence.

      Donovon: *Smirking* You could say that. This place has been hopping
      like an Andorian on a hot roof.

      Mergatu: *Chuckling* Now there is an analysis that I won't get from
      my department heads. Speaking of that. What has the mood been amongst
      the general population to all of this?

      Donovon: Cardies... pissed, Bajorans, pissed, both mad at the other,
      all mad at Mrs. Parr. The rest are just scared....

      Mergatu: I think it's time to bring those involved together for a
      little chit chat don't you?

      Donovon: You want to bring the Cardies, the Bajorans and the Klingons
      into a meeting? *She shook her head* No offense boss... but you are

      Mergatu: No offense taken....That's why I have had you as an aid for
      such a long time. You speak your peace. But this meeting has got to
      be done before this goes too far. From what Mr. Rainier has told me.
      It sounds like these attacks have been orchestrated by only a few.

      Donovon: I agree... the worst has been the attack on Mrs Parr and the
      kidnapping Of Mr. Nash and his son. The Bajorans are screaming loud
      about that... seems the Ta'arhawk is on the war path....

      Mergatu: Can't say that I blame her. And it's a good sign that the
      Klingons are aiding in the search.

      Donovon: *Snickering* Including our oversexed XO.

      Mergatu: Yeah well I will need to deal with that at a later date. For
      now I would like for you to contact each of the embassy's and inform
      them I would like to meet with each Ambassador and an aid of their
      choosing at 1500 hours. You will join me in the meeting of course.

      Donovon: Already sending the message... and after the meeting... I am
      going home... eat, shower, pounce my husband to be and pass out

      Mergatu: Tell the Ambasadors that the meeting will be in the Novv
      Parr Arborhetum. And as far as your off duty time goes....That was
      more information then I needed to know. *Chuckles*

      Donovon: Good! That way you will know not to call me.... *She handed
      him his coffee and grinned*

      Mergatu: *Takes the coffee and heads towards his office and grins*
      Point well taken Lieutenant.

      *She got the messages out, scowling as she heard yelling outside the
      office. She stepped out and saw a large mixed group of Cardies and
      Bajorans, all yelling for Mergatu*

      Donovon: Pipe down! The Admiral is dealing with the current events as
      fast as he can!

      Bajoran: Not fast enough! The spoonheads are still here!

      *That started a fight and as security arrived an errant punch caught
      Donovon right in the face*

      *Bakari heard the noise and walked out of the office just as security
      was arriving and just in time to see Donovon hit the deck from the

      Mergatu: ENOUGH!!!! Security! Lock them all up until they cool off!
      *Leans down to Donovon* Are you ok Joann?

      Donovon: *Blood running from her nose* Do I lok like id? Busted my

      Mergatu: *Tapping Com badge* I need a doctor at my office right away!

      Cara: +Is it an emergency?+

      Mergatu: Busted nose and lots of blood. What do you think doctor?

      Cara: +That is not an emergency. I will send a nurse down to fix the
      busted nose Admiral. But we are busy here and I cannot afford to send
      a doctor for a boo-boo!+

      Mergatu: Who is this?

      Cara: +Lt. Cmdr Cara Khayne... CMO+

      Mergatu: *Keeping his temper in check* This is Admiral Bakari
      Mergatu...Your Commanding officer. My personal aide has been injured
      and I would like her to be seen by a doctor.

      Cara: +I tell you what Admiral... you come do the C-Section I am late
      in prepping for and I'll regen her nose....+

      Mergatu: *Anger apparent in his voice* Are you telling me that on a
      station this size that you are the only doctor?


      Dakota: *Standing nearby* And I thought I was the only doctor that
      pissed off Admirals. *Snickers*

      Cara: +No I am not... but we are up to our assets in people right
      now... so no offense sir... but bugger off!+ *She winked at Gary with
      a wicked grin*

      *While they were arguing, a nurse slipped in, regened Joann's nose,
      gave her something for the pain and slipped back out. Joann sat in
      her chair and listened to the banter cheerfully*

      Mergatu: Look doctor! I am generally pretty easy to get along with
      but insubordination only goes with me so far. Now if you are going to
      work for me we are going to have to come to an understanding about
      things.....Now I demand!.....*Notices Joann sitting and grinning at
      him with her nose repaired* Never mind doctor.....we will talk later.

      Cara: +Yes we will.... You are due for your physical in two days....
      Khayne out!+


      Admiral Bakari Mergatu
      Commanding Officer
      Taurus Base
      "I am really starting to dislike female doctors"


      LT. Cmdr. Cara Khayne
      "Terrific! Another egomanical Admiral!"
      also posting as Lt. Joann Donovon
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