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Deception/ Trying to be a Daddy....

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  • eternalwytch
    ON *Lera was quiet as they got Christopher to eat, then lie down for a nap. She was hurt, disappointed and yes... angry. As soon as
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      <<Dakota quarters; base>>

      *Lera was quiet as they got Christopher to eat, then lie down for a nap.
      She was hurt, disappointed and yes... angry. As soon as the kids were
      settled she looked to Gary*

      Lera: Why didn't you tell me?

      *Gary had Wenonah on his mind most of the evening. He was happy to have
      found her but it saddened him as to her reaction to him.*

      Dakota: About what dear?

      Lera: *Crossing her arms and scowling* About sleeping with Selia! you could
      have warned me! Instead of letting her slam me in the face with it!

      Dakota: I am sorry about that honey. I am not very proud of that fact. I
      was lonely and easily persuaded I guess. Plus it was before I really knew
      what she was like.

      Lera: *Sighing* She is just so... nasty. She acts like everyone around
      her is there just to annoy her.... *She blushed* And the fact that she is
      drop dead beautiful doesn't make me feel any better....

      Dakota: *Putting his arm around her* Trust me, I am not kissing up when I
      say that she couldn't hold a candle to you.

      Lera: *Leaning against him and looking sheepish* I'm being silly aren't I?
      *She snuggled closer* I guess she just intimidates me a little.

      Dakota: She intimidates everyone including me. Not to mention she has this
      interesting way of baiting people as well.

      Lera: What are we going to do about Wenonah? She doesn't even remember you

      Dakota: I don't know. *looks away in thought* But I have to try to get
      through to her somehow. Having her hating me is worse then not being able
      to find her.

      Lera: Why didn't your mother tell us where she was? She had to have known
      we were looking for her....

      Dakota: I don't understand that either. I thought the whole point of coming
      to the Liberty that day was to get me to go where my daughter went. But
      then again I will never understand my mother.

      *From above them*

      Kilissa: You never asked....

      Dakota: *Rolling eyes* What is that supposed to mean mother?

      Kilissa: *Settling down into a high-backed chair, sipping a cup of tea* You
      never asked where she was....

      Dakota: I didn't think I had to. You were supposed to take us to where she
      was.... REMEMBER!!!!!

      Kilissa: I did... but they moved on.... And don't shout dear... you'll wake
      my grandbabies.... *She smiled sweetly and produced a teapot to refresh her
      cup with*

      Dakota: You knew we were looking for her from day one. And to find out you
      have been visiting Wenonah and still didn't tell me? I didn't think I had
      to ask Mother.

      Lera: He cried at night worrying about her and yet you said nothing! Why
      Kilissa? Why be so cruel? *She looked like she wanted to throttle her

      Kilissa: If the question is unasked I cannot answer it....

      Dakota: *Standing* Oh stop the mystic bull Mother. It doesn't work on me.
      Selia thought I stayed behind that day and didn't care about Wenonah. Then
      Sabris adopted her as if I wasn't even alive. *pause* You knew all this and
      didn't say anything. *Shakes his head* I figured.... I don't know... that
      you cared enough to tell me you knew where she was.

      Kilissa: *Looking hurt* I love you... but I have rules that even I have to
      follow at times.... *She touched the choker around her neck, a look of pain
      crossing her beautiful face* I waited for you to ask... but you never did.
      *She opened her hand and a vid chip floated to Gary* Here... all her
      firsts.... *She sighed and vanished*

      Dakota: Mother! Don't go... I... didn't mean to....*Looking at the vid
      chip* Dammit!!

      Lera: *Looking surprised* I think we actually hurt her.... *She sighed* Do
      you want me to put the vid in?

      *Gary did not mean to hurt his mother. In fact he didn't know he could....
      He looked at the vid chip in his hand for moment and then handed it to Lera.*

      Dakota: Yes, Would you please?


      *Kilissa reappeared and went right to Ian. She didn't have to speak... he
      just opened his arms and held her close as she cried softly. He smoothed
      her hair and let her huddle against him.*

      Kilissa: =Why does it always have to hurt Ian?=

      Ian: =Shhh... just calm down love....=

      <<Dakota quarters>>

      *Lera put the vid in and sat back down. The first scene was Wen trying baby
      food for the first time. Sabris was offering her carrots and she spit it
      back at him, giggling as it dripped down his face*

      *Gary watched the vid in stone silence and without expression. Seeing his
      daughter on the screen and the care that Sabris was using with her was
      something Gary wouldn't have believed out of him.*

      *The vid changed to Wen attempting to walk on her own for the first time.
      Sabris was standing in front of her ready to catch her if she fell. Gary
      continued his quiet emotionless expression*

      *Selia could be heard encouraging Wen. With a laugh Wen crossed the room
      into Sabris' arms, babbling Da-da over and over.*

      *Gary closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them again he was
      still expressionless but Lera noticed a tear forming in each eye as he
      continued to watch.*

      Dakota: *shakng his head* She truly loves him.

      *Lera held him as the vid played on. It showed Sabris teaching her to
      dance... teaching her martial arts. It switched to Selia showing her how to
      tie her shoes, smiling at her daughter with love. Wen looked to the camera
      and blew a kiss and smiled happily as she snuggled in her mother's arms*

      Dakota: Maybe it is wrong for me to come into her life now. To her Sabris
      is her father. *Motioning to the screen* I can't compete with all of
      that.... I was never there for her.

      Lera: She deserves to know you sweetheart... you are a wondeful father!

      *The vid played on, showing Wen resting her cheek against Selia's gravid
      belly then suddenly giggling when it rippled*

      Wenonah: Daddy! Sable moved!! I felt her! *She rubbed the spot with a
      chubby hand, singing the hoofa mouse song softly, making Selia smile*

      *The vid changed again to a first Gary knew pleased his mother and probably
      Selia as well. Wen was sitting at a table with food in front of her. Sabris
      was encouraging her to smile for the vid but Wen had other things on her
      mind. A glass of milk sat on the counter out of her reach. She looked at
      it intently and put her hand out toward the glass "I'm thirsty" she said in
      the vid. Almost as soon as she said it the glass lifted off of the counter
      and glided into her hands*

      Lera: *Eyes wide* Amazing!

      *Sabris could be heard telling her that kind of thing was for practice
      sessions only... not the dinner table. Wen pouted then smiled, a smile
      directed to the most important man in her young life.*

      Wenonah: Sorry Daddy... *A bigger smile* I love you....

      *The vid ended and the screen went blank. Gary sat there continuing to
      stare at the screen*

      Dakota: *finally speaking* I guess there is no way I could take her away
      from that now can I? *coming to a realisation* She doesn't hate me
      exactly.... She hates what I represent.

      Lera: You are her father Gary... are you going to just let her go on like
      this? She has a right to know you and you have the right to know her.... We
      need to talk to them and set up visitation.

      Dakota: Yes. Yes we do. *Turns to Lera* But even if Selia and Sabris
      cooperate with visitation. Wenonah may be rough to handle. We are a threat
      to everything she has known and loved. *Looking into her eyes* Are you sure
      you are prepared for that?

      Lera: *Kissing him* She is part of you... and she has a sister and brother
      that need to know her... so yes. I am ready for whatever she can dish out.
      *She smiled gently*

      Dakota: *Starts to smile a little* Thank you honey. What did I ever do to
      deserve you?

      Lera: *Blushing* You smiled at me....

      Dakota: Is that all? *Glad to lighten the mood* Gee and I thought it was
      my charm and good looks.

      *Lera swatted him playfully and gasped when he pulled her close for a deep
      kiss. She melted into it and when they came up for air she smiled*

      Lera: I think it is time for mommy and daddy to take a 'nap' too....

      Dakota: I am not sure how much sleep we will get but it might be fun
      getting there. *Smiling*

      *Lera led him to their room, closing the door behind them*


      Lt. Lera Dakota (PNPC)
      "Gary needs his first born in his life...."

      Kilissa Wexford (PNPC)
      Eternal Grandmother
      "Why must my eldest always misunderstand me?"

      Lt. Cmdr. Gary Dakota
      U.S.S. Celestial
      "Wenonah is going to be an uphill battle"
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