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Shoreleave/Commission Possibilites (attn Telsia &newlyweds)

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  • Kiana
    ooc - dear reader, this takes place whilst Gia is going self-destructive and the events thereafter. *on*
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2002
      ooc - dear reader, this takes place whilst Gia is
      going self-destructive and the events thereafter.


      << Taurus 'base, guest quarters >>

      Kaelistra: *staring at her canvas with a critical
      eye* Ru, come lookie this will ya??

      Ruby: *climbing to her feet and setting aside the
      padd she'd been busily typing at* What, Lis?

      Kaelistra: Well--does it LOOK right to you?? *She
      gestured at her work in progress.*

      *Ruby stood behind her sister and gave the painting a
      good look. Kaelistra had combined swirls of bright
      cobalt and muted sky, with dashes of snowy white on
      one side of the canvas, and put pale goldenrod and
      cream, with hints of aqua, on the other. As the
      colors progressed towards the middle, they began to
      meld, the blues and the golds, until they met in an
      intricate swirl forming in the very center of the

      Ruby: I think it looks great. This is certainly
      better than what some people call abstract art. *She
      looked at Kiana.* Moon, c'mere and back me up.

      *Kiana rose gracefully, setting aside her own padd
      with Ashley's proposed schedules on it, and also came
      to look. She nodded approvingly with a smile.*

      Kiana: It's beautiful, Lis.

      Kaelistra: *chewing her lip* But--will THEY like

      Ruby: I'm sure they will.

      Kaelistra: Should I add anything to it? Any more

      Ruby: Neh--just finish the big swirl in the center
      and that should do it.

      Kaelistra: Mm-kay.... *She grabbed one of her
      feathered brushes, drowned it in the bright cobalt,
      then painstakingly began the swirl where she'd left
      off.* So'd you hear all the gossip about Captain
      Donan this time?

      Ruby: No--what now? Can't they get off the poor
      woman's case?

      Kaelistra: Well babe, even you should admit marrying
      three others at once IS a little outlandish for a
      Fleet captain.

      Ruby: She what?!

      Kiana: *frowning in confusion* I thought she was
      marrying the bartender....

      Kaelistra: *relishing the chance to spill the tale*
      Him--and Korai AND her hubby too. So now they're a
      happy quad of four--or maybe not so happy....

      Ruby: *flopping down in her chair again* Was gonna
      say "is the talk about Korai and the bartender
      fighting over the captain B.S. or true?"

      Kaelistra: *shrugging* If the girls wanted each
      other that bad, the boys were part of the package, ne?
      Maybe eventually Korai and he will kiss and make up.
      *She snickered.*

      Kiana: *amused* This is looking like more and more
      intriguing. Ashley and Tira--and now a captain with
      three spouses. What next--an ambassadorial triangle?

      Kaelistra: Ya never know, babe. Ya never know....

      Ruby: *musing* If we wanted to give them a
      gift--what in the galaxy COULD we give them?

      Kiana: If either of you suggests me playing them a
      song, I'll break my flute over your heads. *she

      Kaelistra: *mulling as she dabbed more cream across
      one of the dried blue swirls* Wonder if they'd sit
      for a portrait....probably not though....

      Ruby: Hey, there's an idea! Plus wouldn't that be a
      boon to your break if they agreed--wedding portrait
      for Captain Donan and her spouses.

      Kaelistra: Why not--the worst they can do is laugh in
      my face, ya think? *She set her brushes aside and
      stood up.* I'll go for a little walk--and let this
      dry. Take another look--tell me if you think it needs
      anymore touches. If not, we can call Tira when I get

      << fifteen minutes later, outside Telsia's quarters >>

      *Kaelistra stood by the door and tapped the chime, her
      portfolio in hand. At the last minute, Kiana
      suggested taking it with her--in case one of them
      demanded proof she had true talent. She waited a long
      minute, then tapped the chime again. But no one
      showed at the door.*

      Kaelistra: (Well, they're either all out or--) *She
      snickered inwardly.* Okay, I'll leave a card and hope
      they don't miss it. *Thankful that Kiana had also
      reminded her to bring some cards in case this exact
      thing happened, she took one from her pocket, fished
      out a pen from her portfolio to scribble their
      quarters number and the comm code on the back, then
      knelt down to slip it beneath the door. She headed
      back to join her sisters, hoping this chance proved to
      be successful.*


      ooc - tag to you, Captain m'dear--when you and yours
      are done settling the disaster Gia's put herself in of
      course :-)

      Kiana Birmingham
      Day care center supervisor
      w PNPCs
      Ruby Shaw & Kaelistra Angelline

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