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385Fw: [tauopathies] Urgently info request about akathisia

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  • MustafaSelen Sönmez
    Sep 29, 2015

      On Tuesday, September 29, 2015 3:18 PM, "MustafaSelen Sönmez snmez.mustafa@... [tauopathies]" <tauopathies@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Dear Group member's 

      I need some advice about halodeperial induced akathisia.

      My mother suffered frontotemporal dementia illness. She's 71 years old. She has some hallusulations and psycosis due to the FTD. 

      Approx 3 months ago she became very aggressive and she suffered insomnia. 

      The doctor's gave her risperidone, ketiapin (seraquel) , xanax, diazem, ativan (lorezepam).

      But these drug's are not tu be successful for controlling aggressive behaviour. and insomnia. 

      Doctor's gave her 2 x 5 mg halodoperial (norodol) tablet for controlling her behaviour. 

      After taking halodoperial 4 week; she catched halodoperial induced akathisia and dystonia on neck muscle. 

      Her akathisia very violent. She walks in the house continually approx 18 hours in a day.

      She never sit. She never rest. She always walk. 

      She also eat meals during the walking movement. 

      When the sleeping (night time) time come; we give her imovane (zopiclone), melatonin and 150 mg seraquel mixture; also this drugs can help her only 6 hours sleeping time in one day. 

      Fronto temporal dementia and dystonia is not so important; but akatisia and her restlesness walking is very critic. 

      Dear member's 

      How can we stop akathisia syndrome ?

      She walks about 40 kilometres per day. 

      The neurologist doctor gave her amantadine (PK-MERZ) pills, tetrabenazine (xenazine pills) and also propranolol (dideral) pills against akathisia. 

      But these drugs couldn't control her akathisia. She never sit a chair during the all day time. 

      Is there anyone who knows akathisia drug? 

      Could you please advice a drug for controlling akathisia. 

      She became anorexic ; because of akathisia. 

      Anyone eat anything due to the walking consistently 

      Best regards. 
      Mustafa Sönmez (her son) 

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