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1349MP: Help Needed!

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  • Sally
    Mar 18, 2013
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      Greetings and Happy Spring (soon) to all!

      A tatter in my group has been working on the Motif Luncheon Set pattern given in Barbara Foster's Handy Hands newsletter Vol 18, #2 from Spring and Summer of 2010. Has anyone tried this pattern? My fellow tatter contacted me because he found a mistake and couldn't figure out where it was or how to fix it.

      The pattern in on page 7 of the newsletter (and probably the original publication as well). Column 2 begins "Row of Rings and Chains." The directions for the second ring of the Clover Leaf read: 2nd ring. - 6 ds., join to last p. of last ring, 6 ds., p. set. by 6 ds., 6 ds. Close. RW." This is where we have hit a road block!

      The ring should be: 6ds [+ to last p of prev ring] 6ds but then HOW MANY PICOTS separated by 6 double stitches does one make before creating the last picot which will serve as a join for the 3rd ring of the Clover Leaf?

      Can everyone follow this?

      If you have information that will help solve this riddle, please contact me on or off list

      Sally Biggers aka Phoebe Keys
      The Thread Bears
      Black Mountain, NC