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[tatar-l] Re: Fwd: Muwahhidun-what is/was Idil-Ural

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  • Renat Sapoukov
    Dear Irek, I feel a need to respond. ... I do both, but hate to speak Russian. The reason is obvious. ... That your apprentices do or do not do something does
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 1999
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      Dear Irek,
      I feel a need to respond.
      >Selam, Renat,
      >If you from Tatarstan then you should speak good Russian or Tatar.

      I do both, but hate to speak Russian. The reason is obvious.

      ><I felt state-level discrimination against Wahhabis even in
      >September 98.>
      >Of course, I agree.
      ><All my deeds while I was in Tatarstan (Russia) were in accordance with the
      >constitution, even Russian, not only Tatarstani.>
      >Then you are not a Wahhabi, because those of my former apprentices whom I
      >taught some 4-5 years ago the basic knowledge of Islam and who can be
      >considered now as Wahhabis do not recognize any constitution except Koran
      >and Hadith. They wear long beards, their wives close their faces, they
      >threw out all the photographs, all the chairs from their houses, they even
      >do not bury their parents considering them kafirs, etc.

      That your apprentices do or do not do something does not show that it is
      inherent to Muwahhidun. I am a Muwahhidin. However, I think that people
      should not be forced into a particular conviction (what Russia does more
      than Saudi Arabia). Reason? "La ikraha fiddiini." "There is no duress
      (compulsion) in religion". This is a well-known verse from Qur'an, surat-ul
      Baqara (forgive me not giving the number, if needed I will cite it later).
      Secondly, I do not see anything wrong in wearing beards. Many non-Muslims do
      it. As to throwing all photographs and chairs I have never heard it is
      practiced by Muwahhidun. Why should Muwahhidun throw chairs if, say, in
      Saudi Arabia, they use all modern conveniences including luxury cars? Most
      importantly, there is nothing in Qur'an or Hadith that prohibits photographs
      and chairs. Photographs should be covered with something only during daily
      prayers. If some of them do something excessive, I can only say that I don't
      understand it. As I said I am open-minded and if someone from a group that
      has a bearing to me does something unreasonable it does not mean I approve

      >Of course, our old Imams are not mostly Muslims. They can drink alcohol and
      >go to mechet to pray, they collect money to their own pocket. Of course,
      >they try to expel all young people who graduates from Madrasas because
      >these young people point to all of their sins and they menace to the
      >financial position of false Imams.

      If you thought that this is the persecution I referred to, it is not so.
      There are many ways to persecute, even when one does not scold with anybody.
      In fact, Russia could find a reason to persecute even angels if they could
      see and touch them.

      >Sau bulogoz,
      >Minem suzlereme achuogoz kilmesen,

      Esteghfirullah, achuwom kilmi. Doroson eytkende monon' kibik fikirleshulerde
      xeqiqet yata. Peygamberibiz de "Ommetim ichindegi ixtilaflar bir nighmettir"

      Xormetler bilen,

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