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Re: [tatar-l] Russian Orthodox Church says we are not Gengiz Khan's Tatars......

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  • M DK
    ... the name of the organization is misleading then ... Call it a Club of Pa ra ma ts Eaters, Inc. ... :)) No offence meant... From: Saide Haci
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 1, 2005

      ... the name of the organization is misleading then ...  Call it a "Club of Pa'ra'ma'ts Eaters, Inc."... :)) No offence meant...

      >From: Saide Haci <bikem@...>
      >To: Jeff1Turk@..., mdk51@...
      >CC: SabirjanB@..., tatar-l@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [tatar-l] Russian Orthodox Church says we are not Gengiz Khan's Tatars......
      >Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 17:00:38 -0400
      >   The American Tatar Association, New York stands by it's statement.
      >   If, and any of the people involved have issues with each other, we suggest that they handle it between or among themselves.
      >   Thank you,
      >   Saide Haci
      >   The American Tatar Association, Inc.
      >   New York
      >     -----
      Original Message -----
      >     From: Jeff1Turk@...
      >     To: bikem@... ; mdk51@...
      >     Cc: SabirjanB@... ; tatar-l@yahoogroups.com
      >     Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 2:45 PM
      >     Subject: Re: [tatar-l] Russian Orthodox Church says we are not Gengiz Khan's Tatars......
      >     Dear,Saide Haci
      >     While reading my e-mails I saw your message posted in tatar-l
      >     I was little kind of suprized by it
      >     your message said:
      >     The American Tatar Association, as a practice, will not be participating in the Turkish Day Parade.  However, if any of the Tatars wish to
      participate, they are free to do so on their own.
      >     Thank you,
      >     Saide Haci
      >     American Tatar Association, Inc.
      >     New York
      >     I have to admit that I had a little hard time understanding your message
      >     As a practice ? What practice is that ?
      >     As a Ashamed ATA of NY? As the only isolated association of Turkic World in USA?
      >     As behind the closed door Tatars? As Mankurts?As multi-faced liers, seperators,back stabbers?
      >     As not a member to FTA (Federation of Turkish Associations)?
      >     If any of the Tatars wish to participate?
      >     I
      hope you meant the Proud Tatars  who are not ashamed to participate among
      >     wonderful mosaic of Turkic Nations and carry Tatarstan flag Proudly
      >     They are free to do so on their own?
      >     Since when any Tatar or Tatars should not feel free to do so on their own?
      >     are they suppose to ask permission from ATA of NY?
      >     As president, ATA of NY your message would have been more appreciated if you post a message like,How can we help and support those  proud Tatars and stand behind them.
      >     Insult to the injury  Your very highly educated, intelligent and honorable LLSB Rustem Borluca
      >     president for past 10 years and present vise president of ATA
      of NY the one you sent to Tatarstan to represent ATA of NY did a excellent job insulting the Idil-Ural Tatars of Usa group.He could not handle the fact that Idil-Ural group was lined up before his Crimean Turks Association which he was leading at the parade. Instead of suggesting let's walk side by side or let's walk together he was trying to pressure Idil-Ural group numerous times to walk behind the Crimean float.Once more he found out that The Proud Idil-Ural Tatars are not followers but Leaders.When finally he could not convinced the Idil-Ural group to walk behind the float
      >     he came with lies that he made a deal with Dr,Ata Erim  who is the president of FTA
      >     that Idil-Ural group should walk behind the float which Dr. Erim said it was not true
      >     And after all his tries did not worked
      he finally cut the front of the Idil-Ural group with the float and managed to get in front of the line.I sincerly believe that he should appoligize to all Tatars in the world for his actions and instulting the Tatarstan Flag
      >     PS: just in case any one missed to see The Idil-Ural Tatars of America was walking behind the Marching band that supplied to the parade by NYC administration not after any other group
      >     regards
      >     Sevket Haki

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