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    07.08.2004. New-York city Japanese Racial Movement Japanese language belongs to the Turanian (Ural-Altaic-Sumerian) family
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                    07.08.2004.                                    New-York city

      Japanese Racial Movement

        Japanese language belongs to the Turanian (Ural-Altaic-Sumerian) family of language. (Turanian is to Ural-Altaic-Sumerian). The ideology called Turanism or Turanianism is based upon the theory that such Turanian peoples as Hungarians, Finnish, Estonians, Japanese were derived from the Turanid race and therefore have a common blood. It is supported by the DNA analysis as well as the linguistic relationship among their languages. Thus, Turanism / Turanianism calls for the solidarity of the Turanians.

        In the 1920's, Turanist / Turanianist movement widely spread in Hungary and in Japan. Hungarian and Japanese Turanists ciaimed that the Hungarian and the Japanese were derived from the common racial ancestry and that the forefathers of the Japanese had originated in the Euro-Asian region and ressetled in the main island of Japan. Here in Japan, such Turanist organisations as Turanian National Alliance � Tsuran Minzoku Doumei (1921) � Turanian Society of Japan � Nippon Tsuran Kyoukaiearly (1930's) �, Japanese-Hungarian Cultural Association � Nikko Bunka Kyoukai (1938) � were founded. Also in Hungary, such Turanist organisations as Turanian Society (1910) and Turanian Alliance of Hungary (around 1920) was founded. The Turanian Society in Budapest often carried in its magazine "Turan" articles about the Japanese and sent a cultural mission to Japan in 1922. In Hungary of those days, it was claimed that Hungarian Royal Household should adopt a member of the Japanese Imerial Household. Finnish language is also partly related to the Mongolic languages, and DNA analysis showed that the Finns have some genetic ancestry from eastern Mongolia. Finland as well as Hungary was a member of the Axis and was on the same side as Germany, Italy and Japan during the Second World War.

      Sz�lasi Ferenc   The Arrow Cross Party / Hungarist Movement � Nyilaskeresztes Part / Hungarista Mozgalom �, Hungarian National-Socialist Party, had a pronounced theory of "Masterman" (Herrenmensch), like the NSDAP. Its founder and leader was a former major with the General Staff, Sz�lasi Ferenc (1897-1946), who became the head of state and Prime Minister in Hungary on 16th October 1944, after the Germans removed Horthy Mikl�s from office. In accordance with the origins of the Magyar people, Sz�lasi pursued pronounced pan-Turanian ideas, which received a great deal of support from Japan, and here Sz�lasi took advantage of playing the Japanese envoy in Budapest off. Sz�lasi named the Hungarian National-Socialism "Hungarism" (Hungarizmus), and tried to put Hungary back as a world power. Sz�lasi used the word "Asemitism" � which is created by himself � in place of "Antisemitism". Sz�lasi explained that Antisemitism was merely "hate against Jews", while his own "Asemitism" meant not only hate, but "total negation of Jews". Sz�lasi also created an concept of the world-system of the National-Socialism: "Conationalism". Conationalism is based upon a council of all the empires with National-Socialist regime, and its center should be in Berlin.

        We at the same time stand for the ideal of the Eurasian Imperium, which is based upon various writer and organisers of the 1800's of the White Russian �migr�s who were called Eurasianists and of the Geopolitical plan. They believed that Eastern Europe including Germany must work with Russia and Japan as the backbone of the New Imperium with Japan as the Power in the Geopolitical power in the pacific, and that Turanism / Turanianism is within Eurasianism. Among them was German Geopolitical scientist Prof. Karl Haushofer, who became Hitler's closest political advisor after his pupil Rudolf He� introduced him to Hitler.

      Japanese Fascists and World War 2

      Seigo Nakano   The first Fascist organisation in Japan was Japanese Fascist League � Nippon Fashisuto Remmei � which was founded in April 1933. Meanwhile, Seigo Nakano [Seigou Nakano], one of the Japanese greatest nationalist, founded another Japanese Fascist organisation "Tohokai" [Touhoukai: Eastern Society] in 1936 and won an election. He also had a talk with Mussolini in 1937 and Hitler in 1938. But he killed himself in Japanese "Seppuku (Harakiri)" style after he was released from a false charge of the revolution. Tohokai used to hold open-air marches but was banned after WW2. Its symbol was based on a letter meaning "East".

      Flag of the Tohokai Flag of the Tohokai Tohokai Tohokai

      Hiroshi Oshima   Gen. Dipl. Hiroshi Oshima [Hiroshi Ooshima] stayed in Germany a military attach� from 1934 and deepened the friendship with NSDAP. He contributed greatly to the conclusion of the Anti-Communist Treaty between Germany and Japan in 1936. He became Japanese Ambassador to Germany in 1938 and made efforts to establish the Axis Alliance. His nick name was "German Ambassador to Germany", and the USA described him as "more Nazi than the Nazis" or "more German than the Germans."

        Oshima was also a close personal friend of Adolf Hitler and was a frequent guest at Hitler's social and private gatherings. Hitler had an extremely high opinion of Oshima, saying, "Oshima has an excellent brain." Having complete trust in Oshima, Hitler confided to him in advance that he was going to attack the Soviet Union. Oshima presented Hitler a Japanese sword "Katana" for his birthday. Oshima stayed in Berlin with Hitler right up to the end. He was sentenced to death at the Tokyo Trial.

      Toshio Shiratori   Another Japanese diplomat Toshio Shiratori became Japanese Ambassador to Italy in 1938 and was deeply impressed by Italian Fascism. After Mussolini lost his post, Shiratori suggested him to escape to Japan. But Mussolini answered, "I want to die in Italy." Shiratori was also sentenced to death at the Tokyo Trial and excuted in 1949. He was also a leading member of the
                                      hormetle; ILHAM

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