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[tatar-l] Fw: Tatar-Bashkurt Exhibition

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  • Iskender Agi
    ... From: Ziya Maski To: iskender@acm.org Date: Friday, August 27, 1999 5:33 AM Subject: Tatar-Bashkurt Exhibition ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 1999
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      From: Ziya Maski <maski@...>
      To: iskender@... <iskender@...>
      Date: Friday, August 27, 1999 5:33 AM
      Subject: Tatar-Bashkurt Exhibition

      >>Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 22:34:03
      >>To: Tatar group
      >>From: Ziya Maski <maski@...>
      >>Subject: Tatar-Bashkurt Exhibition
      >>Cc: MGaripov36@...
      >>Isenmisiz Milletdaslar
      >>Greetings Brethrens!
      >>We have much pleasure in advising that Tatar-Bashkurt Association of
      >Australia in conjunction with Migration Museum of South Australia have
      >organized a special exhibition, which will promote our culture, history and
      >settlement experiences in Australia.
      >>This exhibition will commence on 26 November 1999 and end 1st June 2000.
      >are extending an invitation to our fellow Tatars-Bashkurts everywhere to
      >come to the official opening of the exhibition at the Migration Museum of
      >South Australia on 26 November 1999 at 11.00am. Address of the Museum is 82
      >Kintore Avenue ADELAIDE SA 5000. Anyone interested in this exhibition may
      >contact us via our E/mail address:maski@... or telephone numbers
      >8 8349 4040/61 8 8262 4721 for more information.
      >>Please note that our Association is financially unable to cover the cost
      >travel and accommodation expenses. These need to be borne by the
      >concern. We can, however, assist those, who wish us to arrange suitable
      >hotel/motel accommodation.
      >>Saw bologuz
      >>Yours truly,
      >>Ziya Maski
      >>President-Tatar-Bashkurt Association of Australia Inc.
      >>13 Fairview Tce,CLEARVIEW SA 5085
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