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Tatar-Bashkir Daily Report -- 1 October 2003

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  • Uli Schamiloglu
    This article below appears on the web site of Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) http://www.rferl.org and has been sent to you by Uli Schamiloglu.
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      This article below appears on the web site of Radio Free Europe/
      Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) http://www.rferl.org and has been sent
      to you by Uli Schamiloglu.

      RFE/RL publishes a series of reports covering
      Russia, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, and Central, Eastern,
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      Tatar-Bashkir Daily Report


      RFE/RL Tatar-Bashkir Service

      Tatar-Bashkir Report Archive

      1 October 2003


      Tatarstan To Double Oil Deliveries To Ukraine...

      Tatar Trade and Foreign Economic Cooperation Minister
      Khefiz Salikhov told a briefing in the Cabinet of
      Ministers on 30 September that deliveries of Tatar oil to
      Ukraine will be doubled from the current 4 million tons a
      year as a result of a visit by a Tatar government
      delegation to Kyiv last week, intertat.ru reported the
      same day. Salikhov said the two sides also agreed to
      develop joint projects on the assembly of small buses and
      KamAZ trucks in Ukraine. Following the visit, which was
      part of the Days of Tatarstan in Ukraine, deliveries of
      machinery from Vakuummash, Kazankompressormash, Kazan
      Medical Instrument Plant, the Alnas pump plant, and
      Tatelektromash will be increased. The bilateral trade
      turnover with Ukraine, Tatarstan's second-largest trade
      partner and leader among CIS countries, is $500 million.

      ..As Tatar-Ukrainian Venture Faces Obstacles To Exports

      The Ukrainian State Customs Service on 26 September
      issued a resolution to end the export of petroleum
      products, a move that will affect the Tatar-Ukrainian
      venture Ukrtatnafta, the owner of the country's biggest
      oil refinery, Kremenchug, "Vedomosti" reported on 30
      September. The decision followed a demand by the
      Ukrainian government that export contracts for oil and
      petroleum products must be registered in the Energy
      Ministry and the Economy Ministry.

      Ukrtatnafta Chairman Pavel Ovcharenko told the daily that
      the regulations on registration procedures have not been
      developed and plants have not had a chance to register
      their export contracts. Ukrtatnafta observers council
      Chairman and Tatar First Deputy Prime Minister Rawil
      Moratov called the move "an extremely unpleasant
      surprise." He said: "At least nine days will be necessary
      to register contracts. Subsequently, black oil and clear
      petroleum products will accumulate in reservoirs and no
      capacity will be left for new production. Thus, we cannot
      exclude the possibility of stopping the refinery."
      Moratov also said the situation could result in the
      stoppage of contracts, causing some $8 million in

      TAIF Wins Property Dispute With Tatneft

      The Tatar-American Investments and Finances group (TAIF)
      has won a lawsuit against Tatneft to take over one of the
      major plants of the Tuben Kama Oil Refinery (NNPZ),
      "Vedomosti" reported on 1 October. TAIF, which planned to
      increase its share in NNPZ capital by adding the plant to
      the refinery, was contesting its valuation by Arthur
      Andersen in 2001. The ELOU-AVT-7 plant, chief element of
      the NNPZ first line currently leased by the refinery, was
      valued at $36 million, while TAIF claimed its value at
      least five times that. TAIF General Director Albert
      Shihabetdinov told the daily that NNPZ is not efficient
      enough while its managers have changed the construction
      of ELOU-AVT-7 in violation of the lease agreement.

      In early September, TAIF appealed to the Tatar
      Arbitration Court to annul the lease agreement and demand
      that ELOU-AVT-7 be returned to TAIF. Shihabetdinov said
      TAIF is ready to negotiate the issue with Tatneft but
      demands that the oil company either re-estimate the
      plant's value or purchase it from TAIF. The daily cited
      an unnamed official from the Tatar government as saying
      the conflict with TAIF may create major problems for
      Tatneft, which had planned to construct in the next five
      years a $1.1 billion deep-oil-refining facility.

      Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova


      Rakhimov's Delay In Announcing Re-Election Bid Said To Be
      Just Politics

      Bashkir President Murtaza Rakhimov said on 26 September
      that he does not exclude the possibility of not running
      in the 7 December presidential elections "if really
      decent people, who will be able to be useful for the
      republic, worry for it, not seek to increase their
      wealth" enter the race, "Kommersant-Daily" reported on 29
      September. Rakhimov said that he was glad that former
      Mezhprombank head Sergei Veremeenko and former LUKoil
      Vice President Relif Safin joined the race, because "the
      more candidates there are, the more interesting the
      elections will be." The daily commented that "being a
      truly oriental-style politician, Rakhimov decided to
      delay his official announcement to take part in the
      elections as long as possible."

      "Kommersant-Daily" also cited Yabloko party members in
      Bashkortostan as not believing Rakhimov's uncertainty,
      suggesting that "he is using his traditional scenario,
      where Murtaza Gubaidullovich pretends to be tired and
      unwilling to take on another presidential term, but then
      the presidential administration arranges numerous
      ?letters from the working collectives published by the
      local press and talking Rakhimov into running in the

      Displaced Chief Of Presidential Staff Prefers To Stay On
      Rakhimov's Team

      Ildar Gimaev, the former chief of staff of Rakhimov's
      administration, received offers to run the campaign
      headquarters of other presidential candidates, a reliable
      source in the republican government told an RFE/RL Ufa
      correspondent on 30 September (see "RFE/RL Tatar-Bashkir
      Report," 30 September 2003). Gimaev, who was appointed
      head of the social and economic policies department of
      the presidential staff, rejected the offers to leave
      Rakhimov's team, the source said.

      However, the source also said that although Gimaev
      "referred to his poor health in his resignation
      application, he is said to have used this excuse only to
      avoid further pressure from Rakhimov, who sought to
      replace him before the presidential elections."

      Rakhimov Holds Strong Lead In Opinion Polls

      According to the Bashkir branch of the Regional Sociology
      Centers Association, President Rakhimov has an enormous
      lead in public opinion polls over the other presidential
      candidates, RosBalt reported on 30 September. The
      association's representative in Ufa, Timur Sablin, told
      the agency that "the presence of several opponents to
      Rakhimov splits the votes, thus granting more advantages
      to the president." Sablin said that if his opponents join
      forces, it could challenge Rakhimov's lead.

      Five Presidential Candidates For Now Registered

      Five candidates have so far applied to taking part in the
      7 December presidential elections, Bashkortostan's
      Central Election Commission announced on 30 September.
      The list of candidates now includes former LUKoil Vice
      President and current Russian Federation Council member
      representing Altai Republic Relif Safin, leader of the
      opposition Equality movement Aleksandr Arinin,
      Bashkortostan's Undertakers Union Chairman Nikolai
      Shvetsov, Ufimskoe Ltd. Director Tamindar Galimov, and
      the owner of a horse-breeding farm in the Iglin region,
      Khasan Idiatullin.

      The commission has not yet received applications from
      former Mezhprombank head Sergei Veremeenko and Resul
      Shugurov, a Communist Party leader in Bashkortostan, both
      of whom have declared their intention to run for Bashkir

      Compiled by Iskender Nurmi

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