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Tatar-Bashkir Daily Report -- 30 September 2003

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  • Uli Schamiloglu
    This article below appears on the web site of Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) http://www.rferl.org and has been sent to you by Uli Schamiloglu.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2003
      This article below appears on the web site of Radio Free Europe/
      Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) http://www.rferl.org and has been sent
      to you by Uli Schamiloglu.

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      Tatar-Bashkir Daily Report


      RFE/RL Tatar-Bashkir Service

      Tatar-Bashkir Report Archive

      30 September 2003


      Bodies Of Kidnapped KamAZ Officials Found, One Prisoner

      The bodies of three of the kidnapped KamAZ officials have
      been found, the head of the Chally Interior Ministry
      Feizulla Khosniev and Sergei Brynza, a deputy prosecutor,
      told a press conference in Chally on 29 September (see
      "RFE/RL Tatar-Bashkir Report," 4 and 6 June, 18 and 21
      July, and 7 and 25 August 2003). The bodies of KamAZ
      Deputy General Manager and Metallurgy Plant General
      Director Viktor Faber and Metallurgy Plant Economic
      Department Head Natalya Starodubtseva, who were kidnapped
      in May, as well as the general director of the Chally
      Avtomaster company, Yevgenii Kornev, who was kidnapped
      more than a year ago, were found on 28 September in

      A Chally businessman, founder of the Alisa company and
      director of the Bulai chocolate factory Bulat Bayazitov,
      who was kidnapped in July, was released on 27 September,
      Khosniev said. Bayazitov, imprisoned in the dark and with
      little food and water, was hospitalized. During the
      operation to release Bayazitov, seven suspects were
      detained. A cache of arms was also found, including
      machine guns, explosives, and the uniforms of various
      law-enforcement bodies. Implicated in the crimes are some
      30 members of the "Tahirjanov" organized crime group,
      named after its leader Eduard Tahirjanov.

      The same day, Tatar Interior Minister Esget Seferov
      issued a statement saying that Faber and Starodubtseva
      were probably killed early on in their ordeal after
      criminals received a large sum of money. On 27 May, Faber
      reportedly ordered the transfer of 10 million rubles
      ($326,583) to the Moscow-based Sodbiznesbank. Three bank
      employees were detained during the investigation. Seferov
      said that the suspects in the case were linked to some
      law-enforcement bodies and senior officials, some of them
      outside Tatarstan.

      ..As Chally Prosecutor Implicated In Case

      The Chally-based newspaper "Chelny LTD" published on 24
      September a photo allegedly of Chally Prosecutor Ildus
      Nefiqov relaxing in a bathhouse with organized crime boss
      Eduard Tahirjanov. Artur Semigullin, editor in chief of
      "Chally LTD," told "Vechernyaya Kazan" on 26 September
      that the photograph was given to the newspaper by
      relatives of alleged members of Tahirjanov's group,
      currently in custody.

      Bulgaria To Purchase Tatar-Produced Tu-214 Jets

      An agreement on the delivery of four Tatar-produced
      Tu-214 jets to Bulgaria was signed on 29 September in
      Plovdiv, Bulgaria by visiting Tatar Prime Minister Rustam
      Minnikhanov and Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and
      Economy Minister Lidiya Shuleva, the Tatar government
      press service reported the same day. A Tatar government
      delegation, including representatives of the
      Tatneftekhiminvest petrochemical holding, the Kazan
      Gorbunov Aircraft Plant, and the Tatkhimfarmpreparaty
      pharmacological plant, was taking part in an
      international trade fair in Plovdiv. Minnikhanov and
      Shuleva met to discuss bilateral trade and further
      cooperation between Bulgaria and Tatarstan.

      Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova


      Rakhimov Replaces Head Of Presidential

      Bashkir President Murtaza Rakhimov has appointed Radii
      Khabirov, former director of the Law Institute at the
      Bashkir State University, as head of his presidential
      staff, an RFE/RL Ufa correspondent reported on 29
      September. Khabirov replaced Ildar Gimaev, who was
      appointed head of the social and economic policy
      department within the presidential staff. Most likely,
      however, Gimaev will retire due to poor health.

      Meanwhile, Bashkir.ru, a website maintained by the
      supporters of Sergei Veremeenko, former head of
      Mezhprombank and advisor to the Unified Russia party,
      said the same day that "according to one version of
      current developments, Gimaev was punished for failing to
      fulfill the tasks set by President Rakhimov." Bashkir.ru
      also reported that there have been rumors that Gimaev was
      a contender for the post of prime minister.

      Russian Prosecutors Confirm Corruption In Bashkir
      Interior Ministry

      According to the "Versiya" weekly on 29 September,
      Russian Deputy Prosecutor-General Sergei Gerasimov has
      published a report into alleged corruption in the Bashkir
      Interior Ministry. A complaint about possible corruption
      was initially filed by Aleksandr Torshin, deputy chairman
      of the Russian Federation Council, and Mikhail
      Grishankov, deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma
      committee on security. The report says that high-ranking
      officials within the ministry had "illegally cooperated"
      with a charitable foundation established by the notorious
      mob leader Erast Fomichev. As a result of the report,
      Interior Minister Refeil Divaev has received an official
      warning, while his first deputy Nikolai Patrikeev was
      dismissed. The prosecutor's report also cited numerous
      cases of violence, forgery, and other crimes by Bashkir

      Opposition Forces Protest Against Changing Local Council
      Election Date

      Activists from the opposition Rus movement and the
      Bashkir branch of the Yabloko party have filed more than
      20 legal suits against the decision to move local council
      elections from December to March 2004 to coincide with
      Russian presidential elections, RosBalt reported on 29
      September. On 27 September, Gennadii Shabaev, a Bashkir
      State Assembly deputy representing Yabloko, appealed to a
      court in Ufa claiming that the decision to move the
      elections was illegal under federal law. Shabaev demanded
      that the vote for local councils be held together with
      Russian State Duma and Bashkir presidential elections in

      Police Arrest Car Bomb Suspect

      Investigators have arrested the owner of a vehicle wired
      with explosives, which was defused in downtown Ufa on 27
      September, RIA-Novosti reported yesterday (see "RFE/RL
      Tatar-Bashkir Report," 29 September 2003). The
      34-year-old suspect, who was detained on 28 September,
      has reportedly said that he had sold the car to
      unidentified individuals without arranging a sales
      contract. According to law-enforcement officials, the
      bomb was made from a land mine and a grenade. The mine
      was the same used by terrorists on 9 May 2002, when 45
      people were killed during a Victory Day parade in

      Compiled by Iskender Nurmi

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