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Tatar Villages - Nuclear Dumping Grounds

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  • SabirzyanB@aol.com
    Russia s nuclear past haunts Urals villages By Clara Ferreira-Marques MUSLYUMOVO, Russia, March 25 (Reuters) - Raya Khamatova s geese and cattle are scattered
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 25, 2003
      Russia's nuclear past haunts Urals villages

      By Clara Ferreira-Marques

      MUSLYUMOVO, Russia, March 25 (Reuters) - Raya Khamatova's geese and cattle are scattered along the banks of the Techa river, one of Russia's most lethal nuclear dumping grounds.

      In the hot months of the Urals summer her grandchildren pick berries and paddle in the crystal clear waters. The plains around them are among the most radioactive places on earth.

      From 1949 to 1956 the secret Mayak nuclear complex, 30 km (18 miles) from Khamatova's village of Muslyumovo, dumped 76 million cubic metres (2.68 billion cubic feet) of highly radioactive waste into the river.

      In 1957 an explosion at a Mayak reservoir, the worst Soviet nuclear disaster until a reactor at the Chernobyl plant blew up in 1986, showered radiation over the region on the threshold of Siberia.

      The last big accident registered at Mayak was in 1967, when the Karachai reservoir, used to store waste, partially evaporated after a dry, hot summer. Strong winds dispersed clouds of radioactive dust over a vast area.

      Today, radiation levels along the river banks are still far above natural levels. In parts, levels are more than 1,000 times above global safety limits.

      And there are no official plans to resettle Khamatova and her fellow villagers.

      The Soviet authorities took almost half a century to admit to the accidents and dumping at the secret complex, though scores of workers died of radiation exposure.

      Some villagers were exposed to radiation comparable to doses sustained by survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings in World War Two. No one was told of the danger to which they had been exposed.

      "We noticed the water we drank began to taste strange," said 66-year-old Khamatova over a cup of milky tea. Tonnes of chemical waste were thrown in the river along with nuclear waste.

      "But we thought there had been an accident upstream and that a car was leaking fuel into the river."

      Though forbidden from fishing and swimming in the river by the 1950s, most villagers did not learn of the disasters until Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev's policies of glasnost, or openness, in the late 1980s.


      Khamatova, who suffers from severe arthritis and shooting pains from the radioactive strontium-90 that has settled in her bones, receives a monthly compensation payment of 40 roubles (just over a dollar). She lives only metres (yards) from the Techa.

      Several villages along the river were resettled in the 1950s, but the mainly Tatar village of Muslyumovo was never moved. There are no official plans to resettle it.

      "They once spoke of building New Muslyumovo. But no one ever saw it," said Khamatova, who used to work in the village's general store. "We get used to living in a village. If they move us, there will be no gardens and how will we survive?"

      Many residents turned down an offer to move to a village of several five-storey blocks erected in the middle of nowhere further away from the Techa because they would lose the state benefits they receive.

      "People who get moved die anyway, alone," Khamatova said.

      Muslyumovo is well aware of the cost of radiation. The death rate is far higher than the birth rate in the village of 3,200. In 1950 to 1954, after the largest quantities of waste were dumped, more than half the children born to village families had developmental problems.

      The remains of many of those who did not survive are kept in the medical institute of the nearby city of Chelyabinsk, in large brown jars of formaldehyde.

      Officially, Mayak ceased to dump waste in the Techa after villagers began to fall ill. But some historians say it stopped after traces of the waste were found in the Atlantic Ocean -- literally leaking the whereabouts of the Soviet plutonium plant.


      Several km (miles) downstream from Muslyumovo was once the village of Kurmanovo. It was fully resettled further inland.

      But Novo (New) Kurmanovo, a village of neat wooden houses along a dirt track, is still haunted by the Techa fallout.

      Rafida Faizullina, who lived in Muslyumovo before Novo Kurmanovo, suffers from anaemia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

      Her son Ramsis, 18, was born with hydrocephalus -- an abnormal increase in the amount of fluid in the skull which leaves people with unusually large heads.

      "I lived here all my life and received huge doses of radiation. This is what I got in return," said Faizullina, gesturing at her son. "When I had him, they said it was because I had given birth late, at 37. But there are others like him."

      Ramsis studies psychology in Chelyabinsk, 70 km (45 miles) away. But he cannot manage the two hour journey into the city, some 1,400 km (870 miles) southeast of Moscow, every day. The fatigue makes his head spin.

      In 1993 the Russian government officially acknowledged the accidents at the plant, which produced plutonium for the Soviet Union's first atom bomb in 1949. It then admitted some 450,000 people had been affected by radiation.

      But activists say little is being done to prevent  similar disasters at Mayak. The plant has stocks which could produce a blast several times more serious than Chernobyl.

      Earlier this year the Russian nuclear safety body shut down Mayak's plutonium reprocessing plant. It was again granted a license only months later, on condition it limits its waste.

      Officials denied there was any risk that Mayak's main dumping ground, the Karachai reservoir, could overflow or permeate drinking water. The radioactivity levels of the reservoir are 10 times higher than those dispersed after the Chernobyl explosion.

      "There is no risk at all, not even theoretically," said Evgeny Ryzhkov, a spokesman for Mayak. "Our aim is to one day stop dumping waste into Karachai and to cover it, maybe plant grass."

      The problem, Ryzhkov said, is money. Russia's cash-starved nuclear lobby pushed deputies two years ago to allow imports of foreign spent nuclear fuel. The vast majority of the waste to be reprocessed will be stored at Mayak.

      Officials say the project will bring in much-needed cash.

      But, in Novo Kurmanovo, Ramsis and his mother are sceptical.

      "Money? Maybe," Faizullina said. "But they will get the money. And we will suffer the consequences."
    • Amil Nur
      Rexmet kursetuwegezge! http://www.intertat.ru/index.php?cat=lt&bigoffset=26µoffset=0&id=17911
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      • Claudia Kittel
        I was unable to access the pages from my private computer, but I am at work now, and I just saw the pictures of the deformed babies, and the child with no
        Message 3 of 3 , Mar 31, 2003

          I was unable to access the pages from my private computer, but I am at work now, and I just saw the pictures of the deformed babies, and the child with no arms, and I am just sickened at the thought of people having no recourse and having to live in an area like that with all the poverty, etc.

          I am wondering whether the population would benefit from some of the health products that we have available here in the United States.

          Maybe the people could even access them from one of the other countries.

          Just a thought.


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          Rexmet kursetuwegezge!




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          Utız el elek (1973) Vetnamnan so�gı Amerika soldatı �z ilen� kaytıp kitte

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          Voenkomat armiyag� invalidnı cib�rerg� �zer!
          Armiyad�ge t�rtipsezlekl�rne� başı kayda? Tatar tele d��l�t tele d�r�c�sen� k�t�rel�en� n�rs� koma�aulıy? Bıel m�kt�pl�rne t�mamlau�ı uku�ılarnı �ıgarılış imtixannarında nindi �zg�reşl�r k�t�? Gosman x�zr�t İsxakıy �a�gı şuamı? Şuşı h�m başka soraularga cavapnı respublikabız matbugatı bir�.
          Gal�md� d� tatar eze bar
          "Bezne� galimn�r, xalıkara t�rkiyat konferentsiyal�rend� katnaşıp, kızıklı-kızıklı dokladlar bel�n �ıgalar. Aerım alganda, �nkarada, Astanada, T�rkstanda, Bişk�kt� uzdırılgan konferentsiyal�rd� bezne� galimn�r tavışı laeklı ya�gırıy. Mirfatıyx Z�kiev, Fuat Ganiev - T�rk dil korımını� (T�rk tele c�mgıyate - F�nn�r akademiyasen� ti� oeşma) �it il �gzaları...", - di Nurm�x�mm�t Xisamov.

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          "Reyter" agentlıgı Uraldagı radiatsiyale tatar avıllarınnan yazma bir�

           "Reyter" agentlıgı Uraldagı radiatsiyale tatar avıllarınnan yazma bir�. "Riya Xamatovanı� kazları h�m m�gezle ere terlege Te�a elgası buenda y�ri. � bu elga - Rossiyad�ge i� ere �terge� �ıganaklarnı� berse. Uraldagı esse c�yl�rd� anı� onıkları monda cil�k cıya, �t� k�renm�le sularında koena. Alar tir�send�ge tugaylar - d�nyada bulgan i� radioaktiv urınnarnı� berse."
           Şul u�aydan k�pt�n t�gel Kazanda Golland fotor�ssamı Robert Knotnı� k�rg�zm�se uzgan ide. Ul şul avıllarda yaş���el�rne fotoga algan. Knot avıldaşlarnı� kil���kk� �met bel�n yaş�ven� gac�pl�ng�n.
           "Kayber urınnarda monda nurlanış 1000 tapkır k�br�k. Tik Xamatovlarnı h�m anı� avıldaşların r�smi yaktan k��erep utırtırga cıenu�ı k�renmi. Serle kompleksnı yabarga, b�xetsezlek o�rakların tanır ��en sovet xakimiyaten� gasır yarımga ti� vakıt kir�k bulgan. � bu arada eş�el�r k�pl�p nurlanıştan �l� torgan. Kayber yaktaşları Xirosima, Nagasaki tragediyase korbannarı kad�r nurlanış algan", - dip yaza şulay uk Klara Ferreira-Markves. "K�p�elek avıldaşlar b�lane 1980 ellar axırında kilg�n Mixail Gorba�evnı� x�b�rdarlık, a�ıklık s�yas�ten� kad�r belep beterm�g�n d�".
          "Mayak" berl�şm�se.
           Te�a elgası yanında yaş���e Riya Xamatovanı� ayak buınnarı �terep sızlıy. Anı� buınnarına nurlanışlı strontsiy-90 utırgan. Ul pensiyasen� "ber dollardan beraz gına artık �st�m� ala". Şul uk vakıtta avıldaşlar Reyter x�b�r�esen� k��erg� telm��l�ren d� belderg�nn�r: "Bak�asız kalsak, bez ni�ek tamak tuydırırbız?"
           "M�slim yanında elek Kurman avılı bulgan". "Elek şul avılda yaş�p, b�gen M�slimd� toru�ı R�fit F�yzullinda anemiya, daimi tal�ıgu sindromı. Anı� 18 yaşlek ulı R�mzis baş tartmasında sulı kap�ık bel�n tugan: hidrosefalis. Bu �ird�n keşel�rne� başı artık zuraya".
           1993 elda RF x�k�m�te �z gaeben tanıgan. Cirle "Mayak" kombinatında SSSRnı� beren�e atom bombası ��en 1949 elda plutoniy citeşterg�nn�r. Şul vakıttan birle 450000 keşeg� nurlanış el�k�n dip sanala. �il�be �lk�sene� M�slim avılı h�m tir�-yagında "Mayak" kombinatı 1948, 1951, 1958 ellarda tabigatk� k�pl�p radiatsiya �ıgargan bulgan.
           �n� Tatar "Karabolkası" avılında yaş���e 640 keşene� 500 e rak bel�n avırıy. D�res, kay�andır 4 me� keşe yaş�g�n bu avılnı kartadan 43 el elek �k sızıp taşlagan bulgannar. �mma bired� keşel�r k�n k�r�en d�vam it�.
           S�lam�tlek saklau ministrlıgı arxivlarına alar "xronik nurlanış t�esirend� kontserogen h�m genetik �zg�reşl�rne �yr�n� m�mkinlegen a�u�ı t�rkem" bularak terk�lep kalgannar. Yagni t�crib� astındagı k�sel�r kebek. Bu maksattan �lg�n keşel�rne d� tını�lıkta kaldırmagannar. "Tir�-yund� m�selmannar yaşi. Kor�n m�etl�rne tiz arada h�m yarmıy�a k�m�rg� kuşa. Tik keşe �l� x�b�ren işet�g� �k, nindider keşel�r kilep, alarnı alıp kitk�nn�r h�m berni�� k�nn�n gen� kaytargannar", - dip yazgan ide Grinpis x�r�k�te �ıganagı. M�etl�rne� organizmnarın tikşerg�nn�r.
           Şulay uk cirle xatın-kızlar da balanı "trillerdagı kebek" taba torgan bulgan. Alarnı maxsus bala tabu yortları gına kabul itk�n. B�bi tuuga, anı �nisen� k�rs�tmi��, k�rşe b�lm�g� ozata torgan bulgannar. Yagni garip balanı k�rm�senn�r ��en. �ti-�nil�r: "K�m�r ��en bulsa da biregez", - dip yalvargannar. Tik alar kulına garip balaların tottırmagannar. Tik ber akuşerka berni�� mutant embrionnı h�m garip b�bi m�etne spirtka salıp saklap kala algan. Anı ul Gorba�ev zamanında �it il keşel�ren� k�rs�tk�n. �lb�tt�, ul arada anı� eksponatların konfiskatsiyal�g�nn�r. Tik fotoları inde d�nyaga �ıgıp �lgerg�n.
           Tik zavodta �ernobıldan da kurkını� şartlau yasıy alırlık şarlatkı� matd�l�r kala bir� �le. Bired� radiatsiya b�gen d� �ernobılnekenn�n 10 tapkır k�ber�k dip raslıy "Reyter".
           Şul uk vakıtta Rossiya ci�el gen� �it ill�rne� atom-t�ş kaldıkların saklauga salırga cıena. X�b�r�eg� "Mayak" v�kile Evgeniy Rıjkov: "X�tt� teoretik yaktan karaganda da bernindi d� kurkını� yuk", - dip �ytk�n. Tik ul kombinattagı kaldıklarnı yaraksızlandırırga ak�a yuklıgın tanıgan.
           "A� kalgan atom-t�ş lobbisı is� �z ilen� kaldıklar kerterg� r�xs�t itk�n. Ul kabattan da "Mayak"ta eşk�rtel���k ", - dip yaza "Reyter".
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            Utız el elek (1973) Vetnamnan so�gı Amerika soldatı �z ilen� kaytıp kitte

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