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FW: SSRC Eurasia Program Dissertation Workshop

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      Subject: SSRC Eurasia Program Dissertation Workshop

      Dear Dr. Agi,

      I would greatly appreciate it if you could post the message
      pasted below to the Tatar-L listserv. Please let me know if there are
      any problems. Thank you in advance for your help.

      Best regards,
      Elissa Klein

      SSRC Dissertation Development Workshop
      on Central Asia and the Caucasus

      6-7 April 2003

      The Eurasia Program of the Social Science Research Council
      invites applications for the third and last dissertation workshop
      focusing specifically on the regions of Central Asia and the Caucasus to
      be held in April 2003. Graduate students in any social science
      discipline who are currently at any stage of the dissertation process
      (dissertation proposal, write-up, etc.) and whose dissertation relates
      in any way to Central Asia and/or the Caucasus are eligible to apply.
      Applications from other fields are welcome as long as they are grounded
      in social science theory and methodology.

      10 graduate students and 5 faculty participants will be chosen to attend
      the 2003 workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Participants will convene for
      two days of intensive and critical discussion of both the students'
      dissertation projects, as well as larger theoretical and methodological
      issues. The SSRC will cover all transportation, accommodation, and
      related expenses for participants.

      Region and topic specific or comparative projects addressing Central
      Asia and the Caucasus or any countries or themes within or across these
      two geographical regions are strongly encouraged (particularly ones
      which examine these areas in relation to the former Soviet Union, the
      Middle East, China, and/or other countries). The overall objectives of
      the workshop are to explore the state of Central Asian and Caucasian
      studies, encourage new approaches through multidisciplinary and
      comparative perspectives, and reflect on how new research on these areas
      is advancing understandings of the "field" (in terms of discipline
      and/or area studies). Participants may also be called upon to analyze
      the usefulness of regional designations such as Central Asia and the
      Caucasus both for their own research and the general understanding of
      the areas in question.

      Applicants should submit the following material by 18 December 2002 in
      order to be eligible.

      * A five page, double spaced summary of the dissertation project
      highlighting its relationship to the objectives of the workshop
      * One letter of academic recommendation from the applicant's
      * Curriculum Vitae.

      If selected, participants will be required to submit a 15-25 page
      dissertation chapter or writing sample and an experimental syllabus.
      Selected participants will receive detailed information as to the
      requirements for both the writing sample and syllabus, which will be due
      by February 20th, 2003. The 5 page application statements, writing
      samples, and syllabi will be circulated among all conference

      To be eligible, applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents,
      currently enrolled in an accredited Ph.D. program, and working at some
      stage on their dissertation projects. The deadline for the receipt of
      applications is December 18th, 2002. Decisions regarding final
      participants will be announced by January 20th, 2003.

      Please address all inquiries and correspondence, including applications

      Eurasia Program, Social Science Research
      810 Seventh Avenue, 31st Floor
      New York, NY 10019.
      Phone: (212) 377-2700, x459; Fax: (212)
      E-mail: eurasia@...; Web:

      Funding is provided by the United States Department of State, Program
      for Research and Training for Eastern Europe and the Independent States
      of the Former Soviet Union (Title VIII).
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